Using your own blood to stimulate dormant hair follicles and encourage them to grow again is one of the hottest new developments. First, around three or four syringes of blood are taken from your arm and then treated in a new super-fast machine, called a centrifuge, which extracts more platelets from the blood than before.  


These platelets are then injected into the thinning hair areas on the scalp to release growth factors, stimulating cells to regenerate. The area is then stimulated again with a small derma roller, a barrel-like hand roller with hundreds of very fine needles which activates a wound/heal response to further boost hair follicles. Best results seen after three months when a top-up treatment may be needed. From £1800.



*The high levels of city pollution and humidity can affect your hair density as water particles enlarge when they are in contact with pollution making the hair flatter. Use a hair serum like John Frieda’s Frizz Ease (£6.99 Superdrug) before styling and avoid too much hairspray, as the damp winter air will make it coagulate.  


*Flipping hair to the opposite side achieves more fullness – spray with a root lifting spray first – try Redken Rootful O6 Root Lifting Spray (£13.95

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Need to shape up but want to do it fast?  Then cut down on carbs and sugar, limit the alcohol intake and book a course of TiteFX… a non-invasive fat-busting procedure.

This 45 minute treatment uses radio frequency and electroporation to destroy fat cells and can be used on the stomach, muffin tops and podgy thighs.  Best results are seen after six weekly treatments.  Costs from £200 a session.

Forma can also help. It is a painless skin-tightening treatment using radio frequency energy to help stimulate new collagen.  You will need to commit to at least six weekly hour-long treatments for the best results. From £150 a session.

And don’t forget, there’s no point spending cash on treatments only to continue with bad habits. Junk food and a lack of exercise will leave its mark.

Two of the belly’s enemies are sugar and carbs. Cut back.


A daily plank will strengthen the core.  Rest on your elbows, feet on tiptoes and hold for 30 seconds.


Bloating happens when your body holds on to too much water or bad bacteria, so consume natural diuretics such as cranberries, beets, cucumber, lettuce, green tea and carrots.

High levels of the hormone cortisol can cause fat to store on the stomach.  Meditating regularly for 15 minutes can help to reduce stress, lowering cortisol production.


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Can South Korea get any Cooler?

Well, congratulations to South Korean thriller, Parasite, which was crowned Best Film at the Oscars this week..making movie history as it was the first time that a foreign-language film has won the top accolade. It was apparently the outsider, the dark horse which quietly snuck up on its rivals and overtook them at the last minute. Great news all round as we all love a success story.

But in the beauty world, South Korea has been quietly producing some stunning game-changers too.  Remember those gel masques?

I’ve recently been trying hip young South Korean brand Too Cool for School..specifically their Caviar Lime Hydra Vitamin Drop Essence and Caviar Lime Hydra Eye Treatment….mainly because I wanted to see how the main ingredient, the aforementioned Caviar Lime, performed on my not-so-hip skin!

What is Caviar Lime, I hear you ask?  It is a jewel-like fruit grown in Australia.  The moisture spheres inside the fruit contain 9 types of Vitamin C, with the total amount up to 44 times more than blueberries.  It is also heavy in hyaluronic acid derivatives ..and that is a very good thing as HA is a super-moisturiser.  Used after cleansing, both night and morning,  the Vitamin Drop Essence is a super-hydrating, brightening and anti-ageing gel-formula which my normal-to-dry skin absorbed fast, but without leaving any slippery residue.  I topped that up with my usual moisturiser and I must admit that my skin looked fresh and dewy.

I have also been trying their Hydra Eye Treatment too.  This is in a cream form and is designed to moisturise and minimise fine lines…and a little goes a long way.  A small rice-grain sized amount is more than enough for the eye area with enough left over for smile lines too.  It is absorbed very quickly so I kept the tube in my handbag to top up any dryness during the day.

Both are cute-looking products with good vegan credentials, which I really liked, but actually, although they are designed mainly for the younger complexion, the products work well for normal to dry skins.   Available at

Prices are incredibly reasonable too….Hydra Eye Treatment is £21.24 for 30ml and the Hydra Vitamin Drop Essence is £25.49 for 40 ml.  How cool is that?

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There are many things that make us look older but sagging skin is one of the main bugbears of ageing, particularly when it affects the face.  

Non-surgical skin tightening procedures have been rapidly growing in popularity and are set to be one of the biggest trends as rejuvenating not reversing the signs of ageing becomes the way forward.

Technology has also vastly improved and now uses radio frequency (RF), ultrasound energy along with infrared light to tighten the skin below the surface. Most devices can also used on all areas of the face, including around the eyes and work by heating the dermis, so that new collagen growth is stimulated to help tighten skin from the inside out and restore it back to a more youthful position.

The perfect option for those who don’t want surgery or injectables most treatments are quick, painless with no downtime but require a course to see best results. Expect to pay around £150 per treatment.

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Junk food, alcohol, smoking and caffeine all have an impact on cellulite but did you know that according to the latest research there are a variety of foods that contain ingredients thought to help decrease the dimpled appearance of the skin thanks to their circulation-boosting properties  – add these to your shopping list:

Asparagus: Helps strengthen veins and capillaries and controls blood pressure. It’s also a good source of vitamins A, and B

Bananas: A good booster for blood vessels and great for assisting in healthy circulation, they’re also a good source of potassium, vitamin B6 and magnesium. Broccoli: Contains alpha lipoic acid, which helps prevent the hardening of collagen caused by sugar. It’s also a good source of selenium and calcium.

Citrus Fruits: All are excellent sources of vitamin C. Orange contain bioflavonoids, which can improve circulation and strengthen capillaries.

Oily fish: Salmon, sardines, tuna, trout and bass are all low in fat and high in cellulite-fighting proteins and minerals. Also good sources of essential fatty acids.

Pears: A good detoxifier, pears can help reduce the effects of pollutants in the body, assisting the lymphatic system. A good source of fiber and potassium, too.

Pineapple: Has an anti-inflammatory action in the body that can help fight fluid retention and aid in the healing of damaged collagen fibers. A good source of vitamin C as well.

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Fat or thin, short or tall, the dreaded cellulite is the bane of most women’s lives. Supermodels, athletes and pop icons …no one is immune.  In fact about 85 per cent of British women over 20 suffer the condition and there’s even evidence of it in paintings from as early as the 17th century.


What causes it?

No one knows for sure but age and lifestyle usually trigger cellulite in most women but it can also be hereditary so blame your mother! Often described as cottage cheese or orange peel, this lumpy, bumpy skin is most often seen on the thighs and hips but can also appear on the tops of the arms. It is actually bulging fat cells enveloped between layers of fibrous tissue. As these fat cells become larger, because of weight gain, hormonal changes or water retention, they squeeze the connective tissues causing the skin to pucker. The amount of fat in your body is, of course, an issue too and even the thickness of your skin can determine how visible one woman’s cellulite is next to another’s.


How to fight cellulite…

Most women think liposuction is the only permanent way to fix fat but traditional liposuction only removes excess fatty deposits from under the skin using suction and does not touch cellulite In fact, it can make it worse. A combination of laser, vacuum, massage and/or radio frequency devices may smooth out problem areas. but there are now  a number of new non-surgical methods to melt fat and tighten skin



What is it This new non-invasive treatment uses CORE technology, which incorporates radio-frequency energy with vacuum therapy to attack the irregular fat cells on the multiple layers of skin

How does it work The hand piece has four treatment modes that targets different tissue depths, from the superficial layers of the skin to the hypodermis. and subcutaneous fat cells.  The deep tissue heating breaks downs the fat while the vacuum therapy stimulates lymphatic drainage to reduce cellulite contour and tighten skin. The treatment takes around one hour and is suitable for hips thighs, abdomen and underarms.  Three to six sessions are required and patients see significant results after 2 or 3 treatment sessions while most individuals have continued improvement for approximately 6 months.  A single maintenance treatment is recommended every six months to maintain results.

Cost from £200 per treatment



What is it. An offshoot of the BodyTite procedure, and uses the same high energy RF technology.

How does it work A cannula is inserted under the skin which cuts the fibrous tissues that pull the skin into dimples, leveling out the bulges of fat. At the same time the RF energy warms the skin making it tighter and smoother. The procedure is carried out as a day case under local anesthesia. Support garments are worn for 4 weeks afterwards, Only one treatment necessary, results are seen immediately and   results are permanent.

Cost from £2500 02074364441


Check out my next blog post to read all about The Dimple Diet!

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STAY SAFE – Cosmetic Procedures


New standards for doctors carrying out cosmetic procedures designed to help drive up standards in the cosmetic surgery have come into force. The new guidelines cover all procedures from breast augmentation to Botox and are there to protect patients. The RCS will also launch a new certification scheme, allowing patients to more easily search for a surgeon who has the necessary skill and experience to perform the procedure they are considering. In the meantime, stay safe and know the rules – or for full details visit the GMC website.

  1. Do not have any cosmetic treatments which are on a special offer, like two for one  or  are discounted if you have multiple treatments. There should be no  inducements whatsoever.
  2. You must have a minimum two-week cooling off period before undergoing any surgery so you do not feel rushed or pressured.
  3. When you go for a consultation make sure you are well informed on all details of the procedure, including risks and downtime and are given written information about any procedures.
  4. Always  ask about  aftercare, continuity of care must be provided so patients know whom to contact if they experience any complications and full details of any medicines or implants being used must be made readily available.
  5. Details of all UK doctors, including any specialisms they have, are published on the GMC’s online List of Registered Medical Practitioners
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Ask Lesley – Why do I always get red bumps after hair removal?

I always get red bumps after waxing and hair removal. What causes them and what’s the solution?

These little bumps are often ingrown hairs. To banish then without irritation use a solution like Skin Doctors Ingrow Go Lotion (£11.39 nightly to help free and prevent the ingrown hairs. The solution contains salicylic acid; glycerin and glycolic acid to clean out and purify the affected pore, reducing red spots and exfoliating the dead skin making the ingrown hairs pop out easily. It’s perfect for legs, under arms and the bikini line. Best tip is to use for several days before waxing to lift ingrown hairs or wait at least 12 hours after waxing before applying.

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Last year, it was reported that Michael Schumacher, the Formula One legend, was being treated with stem cell therapy in a Paris hospital. If true, then this offers hope that his devastating head injury can be helped. We wish him well.
As regular readers know, I am fascinated with stem I have been working with them for a long time….albeit the ones found in fruit! My Restorative Miracle Serum is a hybrid of science and nature, blending growth factor stimulators and hexapeptides together with stem cells from a cocktail of fruits.  Works brilliantly if I say so myself.
So what are stem cells?
They are cells that can differentiate – or change – into other types of cell….opening the possibility of replacing damaged cells with healthy ones.  Scientists have been looking into their use for over 50 years now,  most successfully so far in cases of cancers of the blood or bone marrow.  And more recently, skin stem cells have been used to grow skin grafts for patients with life-threatening burns.
But it is their flexibility which offers hope for lots of illnesses and conditions such as heart disease and MS…  finding ways of ensuring that the cells go to the area of damage and signal the body to regenerate.   Interestingly stem cells are also being explored for neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s too…so watch this space.
How do you get stem cells?
Actually, the most exciting element of this is at the moment, your own body provides them…so you are literally healing yourself.  Most clinics, including ours, take a sample of adipose fat …as this is abundant in stem cells…spin it in a centrifuge, and then inject the cells back into the area to be treated, and we have had some really good results.  It works well for joints such as knees, elbows or ankles offering reduced pain and improved mobility.
However, advances are being made all the time so the possibilities for stem cell therapy going forward are unlimited.
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Ask Lesley – Do I have to stay out of the sun after Sclerotherapy?

I’m thinking of having sclerotherapy to treat the spider veins on my thighs and legs but do I have to stay out of the sun after treatment? Also I always seem to get swollen legs in the summer or after flying – any tips?

You normally have to wear compression tights for up to three weeks after treatment ,every day,  so yes you can go out in the sun as long as you have your compression garments on – and that can be very  uncomfortable.  Our advice is to wait until the Autumn to have this procedure and in the meantime use a good cover up cream or a fake tan  such as Calze Spray On Tights  (£16 disguise leg veins. As for swollen legs, try and eat a clean diet that is low or free from inflammatory foods such as salt and alcohol which can lead to water retention. Foods rich in omega 3 oils such as salmon are a natural anti –inflammatory and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Keep legs elevated when sitting, don’t sit with crossed legs   and soak feet in cool water to depuff ankles. Legology Exfo-Lite Stimulating Salts for Legs (£43 for five sachets. is a two salt scrub combining sea salt with detoxifying Himalayan pink salts  which help stimulate the lymph for deep draining to  help contour, lighten and energise legs. Apply to dry skin before a shower or bath.

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