Losing it! Week 4

Week Four

Back to Angela to get the results of the tests and it seems that my gut is shot to hell. Well that is how it sounded when she ran through the (very long) list of problems.

The blood tests showed I was quite healthy, a little arthritis, the urine and stool tests said I was fine, but the saliva DNA test showed I was a candidate for high blood pressure and a heart attack…not such good news!

I also needed more of some vitamins and minerals than other people and that I needed to eat 500 calories less a day than the average for my height and weight.  I had an intolerance to lactose, gluten and couldn’t digest carbohydrates very well.

Another saliva test also showed my cortisol levels were very high, , hence I have a ‘fat pack’ under my breasts and on my upper abdomen.

But the good thing was I didn’t have the ‘fat gene’, so actually by adjusting my diet, exercise and food intake I could lose weight, but most importantly, have a better standard of life.

Best if let Angela explain:


“I suggested that Lesley cut out dairy as this is known to influence oestrogen levels, as well as Gluten which can damage the gut wall, and finally to remove yeast from her diet.

I designed a dietary program for her which excludes all these.

I proposed a special anti-microbial supplement which starts the job of killing the bad bugs in the gut. We also started the job of replacing the beneficial bacteria with lactobacillus GG at bedtime . Both of these cannot be bought over the counter…they are on prescription only.

She also took a specialist compound which helps to send the spent oestrogens down the correct pathway in the liver, to help the detoxification of oestrogen. Again this is prescription only.

And because her hormones needed to be balanced I suggested that Lesley ate brassicas every day…things like broccoli for instance, plus she began taking Flax Seed Meal as it is Gluten-free, low carb and has more fibre, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids than most grains.

Lesley’s cortisol levels were off the scale too…not surprising when you consider the day-to-day workload so, to combat her stress and possible adrenal fatigue, she began taking a supplement to support her adrenals.

She also took Beta TCP to stimulate the flow and aid detoxification…with the added benefit that this also helps to remove excess Uric Acid which is responsible for episodes of gout! “

So…I cleared out the fridge.   Was ruthless!

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Lesley Loves – My Favourite Hairspray

Old friends are the best.  They are reliable, always there in an emergency and support you whenever you need it, whatever the crisis.
Some beauty products are like that too..and for me, ghd Final Fix Hairspray is one.  Reliable.  Sorts hair emergencies in a trice and simply stays put until I brush it out. Gentle fragrance too..no chemical smell to fight with your perfume.  And I love the fact that it is not pricy…costs around £8.50 for a big can which lasts a long time.
It’s my BFF!
 Available at johnlewis.com
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Lesley Loves the no!no!

What is it with Mother Nature?  All I ever wanted was a full, lustrous head of hair …glossy and swishing around my shoulders…and to be fair, most of the time she supplied it, but healthy hair growth came at a price because body hair grew too, so waxing and shaving became a regular feature of my beauty routine.    I am reasonably lucky because I am blonde (well mostly!) so body hair was fine and controllable, but then along came the menopause  and the game changed because hairs started sprouting in all sorts of different places. My chin for instance.  And my upper lip…mind you mine were not as bad as a friend of mine whose lip hair almost qualified for Movember!
For a while I resorted to plucking the stray hairs, but because the texture of these hairs had become very wiry…yet another joy of the menopause….I found myself on constant whisker alert so when I was sent a nifty little gadget to try I was intrigued.  Could it beat my current hair removal system?
Reader….it does.  It’s the no!no! and I tested it pretty rigorously and it came up trumps.  Really good on facial hair as well as underarms and leg hair….and if you want to whisk off any growth on the arms themselves then this works beautifully too.  It doesn’t all come off in one go though, so be prepared to go over the area a few times until you get the result you want.
It’s easy to use…just plug in and go. Needs a little time for the battery to charge but once it is up and running all you need to do is gently roll the gadget over the area to be treated.  It does make clicking sounds and there will be a slight smell of burning but that is just the Thermicon Technology at work. There was a little warming on the skin but nothing painful at all.   Results were good….so good in fact that I lent it to a dark-haired friend who also reported that it worked well for her.

The no!no! is expensive but if body hair is a problem for you then this is a good alternative to other treatments.  It’s available at boots.com and amazon.co.uk
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Losing It! – Week 3

I met Angela Beecroft.

Never heard of her? Well, we should all have her on speed-dial because she is the queen of the microbiome. Balancing the gut is her speciality and it is fair to say that she is balancing mine!

I went in the door complaining about bloating, wind, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, hot flushes, history of fibroids, weight gain, stress , joint pain, occasional episodes of gout and brain fog in general.

I came out with the diagnosis that my gut issues were likely to be caused by an imbalance of the microbiome (which is the 2 kilos of bacteria that inhabit the gastrointestinal tract)

To put it simply the microbiome is now thought to “run the show” basically the ecosystem of beneficial bacteria constantly communicate with the immune system, the brain (producing a huge amount of brain chemicals) and assist with the detoxification of hormones in the gut. So having a gut in great shape and a gut wall which is healthy leads to good health.

Angela told me “ I suspected that stress and long term prescribed medication had destroyed much of your good bacteria which had allowed the opportunistic growth of pathogenic bacteria and yeast.   The job of the beneficial bacteria is to inhibit the growth of bugs which we all encounter on a daily basis in every mouthful of food.   Most of the potentially harmful bugs are destroyed by the stomach acid, but a hardy few make it through, then the beneficial bacterial inhibit the growth of the pathogens and yeast, too little beneficial bacteria can’t inhibit the colonisation of harmful bacteria and the opportunistic growth of yeast so that’s how a major imbalance occurs. It’s a vicious circle.”

I was being bugged!
As soon as too many bugs have grown in the gut then symptoms such as wind and bloating occur as the bugs generate lots of toxic gasses which may also cause fatigue, brain fog, scrambled brain chemistry which in some people can lead to anxiety and low mood. Some of the toxins actually affect the liver detoxification pathways causing an individual to be extremely fatigued.

All my symptoms.

The bugs then damage the delicate gut wall by burrowing through allowing food proteins and pathogens into the blood stream, this as you can imagine causes the immune system to go onto red alert causing inflammation anywhere the individual is genetically programmed for such as joint pain, skin issues etc.

Yup..me again!

Angela explained that the imbalance in my gut was likely to be causing my abdominal discomfort, wind & bloating & fatigue because

there is an enzyme in the liver which is responsible for the detoxification of hormones.   In many individuals this enzyme malfunctions which over stimulates hormone tissue, leading to high oestrogen levels.   High oestrogen levels are responsible for fibroids, weight gain, hot flushes and the debilitating symptoms of the menopause….she suspected that I had issues with high oestrogen levels and low progesterone levels.

This problem is magnified by high stress levels as Cortisol the stress hormone, steals the DHEA which is the building blocks for hormone production during the menopause. This leads further to low progesterone levels leading to more unpleasant menopausal symptoms.

Angela organised blood tests, urine tests, stool tests (stop pulling a face…this is good for diagnostics!) and a saliva DNA test …all painless and quick.

Now to wait for the results.

And if you want to try Angela for yourself her details are:

01748 829860


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Losing it! Week 2

Week One was the equivalent of going to Alcoholics Anonymous and standing up to admit the problem. I have now admitted it and feel rather relieved.


Once the euphoria of accepting that I had a problem wore off (resisting a biscuit on the way!) I had to sit down and work out where to go next.

There are lots of diets/books/regimes out there and I think I have tried them all.

Cabbage soup diet..tick.
Paleo…tick. 5/2…tick.
Plus most of the other weird and wonderful ideas from around the world. Nothing worked. Yes, I have lost a few pounds but the weight crept back on once I returned to normal. I need to find another answer…a permanent one.

First port of call was my husband Aamer, who, being the kind man that he is, has never ever mentioned my weight gain to me.

My question was… Why does ageing make you fat?

My husband is a GP, as well as a cosmetic doctor, so he has a wealth of knowledge at his fingertips. He was intrigued by my symptoms and said he would research the ageing process in general, plus find out why different cultures aged differently and get back to me.

A couple of days passed and he proposed DNA testing, telomere testing and other tests to find out how you age and what could stop it, reverse it or at least stabilise it.

The science started to make sense and I can’t wait to have the tests.

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June Giveaway

For the chance to win this beautiful Rosina’s Lotions & Potions hamper worth over £50, tweet @LesleyReynolds_ telling me what your go-to skincare product is and why.

Good luck x


  • Winner announced on 1 July 2018
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I bet you didn’t know this: as you age your ears start to droop and you can get flat saggy lobes. The problem is often worse if you’ve worn chandelier earrings your whole life. It’s not a good look when you want to put your hair up or tuck it behind your ears. The good news is, you can have a filler injected to plump them up again. It can be a painful place to inject so a topical anaesthetic is applied to the lobe for about 40 minutes beforehand, then a small amount of filler is injected to replace volume. Earrings can be worn the very next day and it lasts about a year!

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My husband is looking at me sternly and rolling his eyes because he has heard all the excuses before….but I have made my mind up….today I am going to do something about losing weight for good!


How did this happen? One minute I was slim and full of beans… and when I next looked, there was – this beached whale. Aaarghhh!

I definitely blame the menopause, because in my early 50’s I started to lose my waist, feel very lethargic and was a little down with life in general. Until then, my weight had never been a problem. I was a healthy 8st 12b and mostly stayed around that… 9st 4lbs was my heaviest and I could lose 4-6lbs relatively easily over a couple of weeks.

Then the weight just started to pile on, and before I knew where I was I weighed 12sts.2lbs. And however much I tried, I just could not shift it.

It was excruciating to even think about weighing myself.  I’ve avoided it for several years, but I know I am going to have to do something as even walking up the stairs makes me breathless, getting into a London black cab is an ordeal, hauling myself out of the bath is not possible, so my once longed-for soaking in bubbles is a thing of the past as I opt for easy walk-in showers. Probably worst of all is my work, as at the end of the day it is about glamour and looking good!

I certainly don’t look good.

I can’t bear to see myself naked and keep locking the bathroom door to avoid my husband walking in…. quite frankly, I hate myself.

Plus, I have a beach holiday in Mexico coming up. Who booked this? Why did I agree when I know that I am not going to put a swimsuit on or go in the pool?  I‘ve managed to avoid beach holidays for nearly ten years so which masochistic part of me agreed to this?

Today I am going to research the very best way to lose weight and keep it off because I have no intention of going through this again…..watch this space!

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How do I know my skin type?

Cleanse your face thoroughly, and then wait for around 30 -60minutes before putting anything else on your skin. How does it feel? If it feels tight or flaky, your complexion is dry, if you’re oily only across the forehead, down the nose, and on the chin, you’ve got combination skin; and if you need to blot your whole face with a tissue, you’re oily. If your face feels irritated or slightly itchy, you   most probably have sensitive skin. Repeat the test four times a year, because your skin often changes seasonally. Once you know your skin type it is important to use the right products including cleanser toner moisturiser and night cream.

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Quick Fix – Laser Facial 

Using Lumecca, the newest IPL rejuvenation system, instantly Improves skin tone and give skin a red carpet glow boosting collagen whilst also targeting broken capillaries and sun damage. The 40-minute procedure uses a hand held device which’ fires’ intense pulsed light hand at the complexion. You’ll see instant results after one treatment but for longer lasting results try a course of three to six treatments, spaced at least ten days apart. (It is vital that you use SPF 30 after the treatment to protect the new skin.)
Cost From £120

DIY FIX Massage can work wonders on dull skin so spend more time really working in serum and moisturiser. Use a primer to hide imperfections – then add a glow with Max Factor Skin Luminizer Foundation £11.99 boots.com which instantly creates a healthy looking glow.

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