If you wear a mask for more than a few hours, you might notice cracks at the side of the mouth when you take it off. As we age, tissue loss around the mouth can cause moisture build-up and this can get worse when wearing masks, causing irritation.

Take extra care of your skin on the lips and around the mouth. For very dry lips, exfoliate every few days – use a spare dry toothbrush with a dab of Vaseline and rub gently in a circular motion. Use a good lip balm every day too.

Try Avene Cicalfate Repair Cream, £7.50, which is formulated to help heal cracked skin while maintaining moisture levels.

If redness of cracks are particularly bad, see your doctor or chemist as an anti-fungal cream may help.

For a more high-tech cure, hyaluronic acid filler injections can give immediate relief as they fill in the grooves to help make the angles in the corners of the mouth much less deep. From £250.

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Botox has a long and well established safety record – the injection itself is safe, but the risks lie in how it’s given. So beware of Botox parties, people offering home visits, self-injecting and going to untrained staff in unregulated salons because you can’t guarantee you’ll get the result you want. Always seek treatment from a trained professional, and never buy or use Botox from unreliable sources, such as over the internet.

While it’s is well known for wrinkle smoothing and, more recently, solving excess sweat problems, the future is looking even brighter for Botox, with other uses for the superdrug on the way. Clinical trials are currently evaluating what other cosmetic and medical
problems Botox can treat, including depression, alopecia, scarring and psoriasis symptoms.

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Seen some celebs with a startled expression?

That surprised look isn’t normal, and happens when doctors over-inject.
Complications from too much Botox can include drooping eyelids, when
injections are too low on the brow, or a frozen forehead, from excess product in
the centre lines. The effects aren’t permanent, but it takes up to four months for it to
fade altogether.

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Traditionally, Botox is administered via a needle, but Juvapen is the newest way to get a jab of the wrinkle-smoother. In the shape of a pen, the instrument is a mini-motorised
syringe, which means injections are more accurate than ever before. The pen can also control the dose, so doctors can’t accidentally use too much. And because the needle is
smaller, it’s less painful, and you’re less likely to bruise, too.

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Although Botox is best known as an anti-wrinkle jab, in 2015, half of
its sales were for non-cosmetic uses, including excessive sweating, where
it blocks the nerves that supply sweat glands. It’s also good for controlling
incontinence and easing migraines.

Botox has also been found, in several small trials, to relieve
back pain for up to four months in about 60% of patients.


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An experienced practitioner will know how much Botox to inject, so you look natural. The
key is to use smaller amounts spread over the skin’s surface, commonly known as Babytox
or Microtox. This way, you’re relaxing muscles rather than paralysing them. Most doctors now prefer this approach, suggesting a top-up a few weeks after treatment, once they’ve seen how the initial injections are settling. This way, you’re much less likely to get a ‘frozen’ face.

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Most famous for its wrinkle- smoothing abilities, the cosmetic treatment was first approved back in 2002 to help eradicate frown lines between the brows. Since then, millions of men and women worldwide have benefitted from the youthful effects of the
injectable. But how can we make the most of Botox, and what’s next for the wonder drug?

On my blog this month, i’ll be sharing everything you need to know…



Short for Botulinum toxin, Botox works by weakening or paralysing certain muscles, giving the appearance of tighter, more youthful skin. When first cosmetically available, it was mainly used to temporarily erase and soften lines on the face.
However, it can also give a face-and-neck-lift effect, reduce a gummy smile, lift the tip
of a droopy nose, and even help control excess oil production.

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Shapeless Lips

As we get older, the edge of the lips becomes less shapely. Collagen and elastin, which give lips their pouty shape, break down over time, and lines around the lips settle in. Once these lines become etched into the skin, there’s less definition.

To recreate a youthful, heart-shaped outline, Botox can be injected along the edges of the upper and lower lip line, temporarily relaxing the muscles that can cause wrinkling. The procedure requires no anaesthesia and takes only 10 minutes.

If your lips are thin and look a bit meek, crooked teeth may also be to blame. When teeth aren’t properly aligned, your entire lower face, including your lips, appear to cave inward due to a lack of structural support. To help straighten a crooked smile, go see a dentist who can use a device called aligners to gradually move your teeth back into place. Every few weeks, your dentist will give you new aligners to wear, swapping them out as your smile begins to straighten. When your teeth are evenly aligned usually after a year in your lips will look more pronounced and symmetrical. Prices vary, but the treatment is not usually available on the NHS.

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Don’t Settle for Dry, Flakey Lips…

Your lips are more susceptible to sun damage than any other part of your body and lip gloss magnifies UV rays, making lips even more likely to burn.

Always wear a lip balm with SPF 30, daily. And if you find new freckles on the lips, get them checked out immediately.

At The Clinic
ZO Liprebuild
is a new advanced medical lip treatment which  contains advanced peptides and retinol to repair dry, cracking lips and protect lips from the environment.
The formula also works to improve overall shape and restore a rosy hue – £98
Call 0207 436 4441

On The High Street

Regular exfoliation will help boost blood circulation, remove dead skin and aids cell renewal so lips will look plumper, healthier and brighter. You can buy lip exfoliators from brands, such as Clarins (Extra-Firming Lip and Contour Gentle Exfoliator, £17.36, Boots).

At Home
For a home remedy, use a very soft bristled toothbrush dipped in a lip balm like Vaseline and gently exfoliate using small light circular movements with the toothbrush on the lips.  Or take a wet soft cloth and rub it gently over your lips in circular movements. It’s important to moisturise and hydrate your lips morning and night – honey and olive oil are great for lip nourishment.

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Thin Lips? Thank Me Later…

You can get fuller lips without the dreaded trout pout.

There are many different injectable options for temporarily boosting lips and the areas surrounding them but always use a non-permanent filler based on hyaluronic acid, found naturally in the body, so the product is very safe.

It will be broken down by the body’s natural processes over 4 to 8 months and can also be dissolved if the effect is not to your liking. If you use a permanent filler, then you could end up with a permanent problem like actress Leslie Ash. A small amount of filler injected into the v shape at either end of the lips can also restore the shape of the lips.

One treatment will last around 9months, from £350

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