Would you have a bacial, a bottom facial? Celebrity ‘belfies’ – that’s bottom selfies have also inspired a rise in beauty treatments for the bottom. It’s not as silly as it sounds. Our bottoms don’t get the care and attention they deserve, most of us neglecting this area from our skincare routine altogether. Combine this with sitting down – on average women spend a staggering 56 hours a week sitting down – tight underwear which can cause friction which traps sweat and causes spots and it’s no wonder your posterior needs a little pampering.

Top treatment is the Bacial (bottom facial) which involves the same cleansing and firming mask treatments usually used on the face and neck. The Posterior Peel is also great for spotty bots, as it breaks down dry and dead skin cells The treatment uses glycolic acid, a natural substance derived from sugar cane and comes in a variety of strengths to leave bottoms glowing and clear. A course of four once a week, recommended if you really want to be top of the bots.

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Scientific skincare brand Algenist has launched a make-up range using naturally occurring red, blue, green and golden algae to camouflage skin imperfections, while also delivering powerful anti-aging benefits and delivering radiance and luminosity.

Unlike any other skincare/makeup hybrid on the market today, the collection contains microalgae oil to keep skin 5 x more hydrated over a 24 hour period and alguronic acid to help rejuvenate for a more youthful appearance. The range includes Color Correcting Drops, Color Correcting Finishing Powder and Color Correcting Radiant Primer and prices range from £29 to £32. Available from Space.

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How to keep your surgery a secret….

Do you want to keep your cosmetic procedures a secret? The decision to tell all – or not to – is as personal as the decision to have it in the first place. If you want to keep people guessing regarding any cosmetic enhancements the answer is to be prepared so they stay in the dark. Here’s what to keep in mind so your secret stays a secret….

* If you’re planning to boost your bust by a couple of sizes, start wearing padding bras or bra boosters a couple of months ahead of the procedure so friends get used to your new shape.

* Nothing says ‘I’ve had work done’ more than a bruised, swollen face. If you’re having a surgical facelift,book at least two weeks off from work to give yourself time to recover and for swelling to subside. Any light bruising can be covered up with good camouflage or mineral make up.

* Keep people guessing about whether you’ve had a facelift by changing your make up or hairstyle. Cutting a fringe or changing your hair colour can instantly knock years off you so people will automatically assume your hairstyle is down to the new you…

* Keep your fridge stocked up before surgery so you don’t have to dash out to the shops and bump into anyone you know,especially when you’re still swathed in bandages or wearing compression garments. Even better shop online…

* If you’re having body contouring treatments – tell people you’ve started a diet and joined a gym a few weeks before your procedure.

* Botox, fillers and the new thread lifts can instantly refresh your face without any downtime or tell tale signs.

* Choose a good surgeon who will deliver natural results and make you like the best you can for the age you are – without drastically changing your appearance.

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Bottoms Up

Just like fashion trends there are body trends and this year the rear is definitely having its moment.
A curvy plump-cheeked fuller posterior is now the most wanted shape and it’s sparked one of the biggest trends in cosmetic procedures. Over the last six months we’ve seen a 100 per cent rise in requests for bottom enhancing procedures often referred to as ‘The Kimmy’, or ‘The Beyoncé Butt’ by women wanting the same curves and almost all of our patients who have enquired about the procedure have cited Kim as the women with the perfect posterior.
Officially, a great backside should be where the gluteal crease (where your bottom joins your thighs) doesn’t go further than two thirds of the way across the backs of your thighs but just as our breasts head south with age, our bottoms follow suit, often giving us a saggy, behind that’s often referred to as a ‘mum bum’. Losing weight or sitting on our backsides too much can also affect our bottoms leaving it as flat as a pancake – the exact opposite of a peachy butt which is now so much in fashion.

If you are considering boosting your bottom it’s also important to have realistic expectations about the outcome as you cannot achieve a big butt overnight – the safest treatments will not add inches only curves and fullness and will help elevate a droopy butt.
The safest and our preferred bottom augmentation procedure is popularly referred to as the “Brazilian butt lift and uses your own fat.
Who is it best for? Ideal for those who want more shape and fullness. You should be in good overall health and have good skin tone. These treatments aren’t for skinny women, as there has to be a decent amount of fat to use.
Your body’s spare fat, usually taken from around the tum, hips and thighs, is treated and then injected into your buttocks to give them a curvier shape. You’ll need a local anaesthetic and sedation. You may need a top up treatment annually as not all the fat will stay. The benefits of fat transfer using your own fat as filler also means no allergic reaction and a more natural result.
Downtime Up to 2/3 weeks to recover, and expect bruising and minor swelling. Sitting down is a little sore for around a week exercise best avoided for six weeks. You will have to wear compression garments for at least three weeks?

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The Changing Face of Beauty

If it feels good – do it! Or so says a new study by pharmaceutical giants Allergan. According to their latest research women today choose beauty products and cosmetic procedures to improve how they feel, rather than simply how they look. A key finding in the global survey found that “beauty is no longer driven solely by a desire to look younger, because women nowadays want to control how they look as a way to change how they feel as an individual .”
The shift in attitude is also reflected in another major study by personal care brand Dove. Results from their most recent research,one of the most comprehensive,shows that low body confidence is a global issue and that women around the world want a new beauty definition.
But on a more positive note,the Dove statistics also found that 77per cent of women think it’s important to be themselves and not mimic others while an even higher percentage don’t want to adhere to someone else’s idea of beauty and think that all women are beautiful in some way.
My advice ‘Be the best you can for the age you are.”

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Ask Lesley – Q: I’ve been dieting and have managed to lose three stone but despite trying I cannot get rid of my spare tyre

Congratulations on achieving a great weight loss and, to reassure you, you’re certainly not alone when it comes to a problem tummy area. In fact, a recent survey found that nearly half of women hate their stomachs more than any other part of their body. But the good news is there are plenty of things you can do to trim, tone and tighten up that spare tyre.

Over the last few years, technology has expanded rapidly and paved the way for much improved and safer versions for body contouring and includes radio frequency and fat freezing methods to help break up excess fat along with lasers to tighten skin. These methods are also the most effective way to spot reduce and change the shape of your body, with little discomfort and minimal downtime.

ProShock, for instance, is a new procedure which is best for small pockets of fat which are diet resistant. It uses cryolipolysis – the next genera- tion of fat freezing – and combines two technologies to break down fat and tighten skin. First, a small plate like device is placed directed onto the skin over the area to be treated and then rapidly cooled. This crystallises the lipoids in the fat cells so they dissolve, and are then eliminated from the body naturally over the following weeks. Next, high-pressure acoustic waves are targeted over the treated areas to help tighten the skin. Four to six treatments recommended ten days apart but you’ll starting seeing results after two to three treatments with best results seen over the following months. A course of three treatments costs £750.

For more stubborn fat pockets, which are resistant to diet and exercise I recommend BodyTite. It is a form of energy-assisted liposuction that works by applying radiofrequency energy at the time of fat removal. The radiofrequency energy heats the tissues, which helps by creating a significant tightening effect on the skin. The process of fat removal is less aggressive than standard liposuction. The treatment takes slightly longer but creates less swelling and bruising and can be done under local anesthetic. Studies also show that BodyTite tightens the skin up to 30-60 per cent more than traditional liposuction. After the treatment, a compression garment needs to be worn for at least four week and you’ll see best results over the following six months – just in time for the party season. From £2000 depending on the size of the treatment area.

With both treatments the results can be long lasting as long as you lead
a healthy lifestyle, keep your weight steady and exercise.

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Back on Track – We’re having a ball!


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Ask Lesley – Does the area around your eyes always look dark and tired no matter what you do? Want to look brighter and more awake?

Dark skin under the eyes is a common problem and has many causes, including a build up of pigment, hereditary discolouration and blood vessels showing through the skin.

Sometimes dark circles can actually be shadows.  As facial skin sags and loses volume the area above the cheek hollows out, causing a shadow. The easiest treatment is to brighten the area.  Try an eye cream which contains an illuminator and top with a dab of concealer. Choose a concealer with a light creamy texture so it doesn’t settle in lines.  Try Medik8 Dark Circles, £34 (, a cover-up concealer which targets causes of dark circles, evens out skin tone and illuminates.

For a more permanent solution PRP is a great way to treat dark circles.  Blood is drawn from the arm and the growth factors are separated.  They are then injected into the area to stimulate new skin cells and collagen.  Results are natural-looking and expect up to five days’ recovery time.  From £400 per treatment.  Results last six to twelve months with one top-up required.
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Nothing adds ten years like bad hair!

Women get comfortable with their hairstyle and because something worked well when they were younger they think that it will look good all their life.  Not true. Just think of Linda Evangelista who has made a (successful) career out of changing her hair length and colour all the time.  Just when we got used to one look, she changed it..a true chameleon.
The sight of the first grey hair is just the beginning – and don’t forget that this happens in early to mid-30’s for most women – but don’t panic, just get a few lowlights or highlights which blend in with your natural shade.  But if you do go grey fast, then a permanent colour may be the answer.  Some women go grey gracefully and look fantastic …Helen Mirren for instance who still looks sexy even when she lets her hair go its natural silvery grey…but for mere mortals grey can be incredibly ageing.
Tip: If you have a grey roots emergency and you’re a brunette, use a little black or brown mascara to cover them up.  Don’t overload the brush though and old mascaras that have dried out slightly work best, so don’t throw them out!
Fringes can hide a multitude of sins, such as forehead wrinkles and frown lines, just experiment with the length and style .  Feathering works for some, or a side-swept fringe works for other.
Tip:  Try lightening your eyebrows a little.  If you feel confident you can gently apply a little facial hair bleach, making sure to keep out of your eyes, but if not then most beauty salons can do this for you.
Nothing screams youth and vitality more than super-shiny hair.  As we get older hair becomes drier and loses its lustre.  Try taking a supplement containing Omega 3,6and 9 fatty acids which are great for hair health.  And every now and then take a little time and put a deep conditioning mask onto your hair and let it do it’s work.  Olaplex is a new condition which works wonders and is easily available on line.
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Ask Lesley – Q: I have noticed that my face is dropping! I am becoming very jowly and I am slowly turning into my mother. How can I put a stop to this?

As we live longer and healthier lives most of us want to look as young as we feel and now you can – without going under the knife.

Thread lifts – dubbed the new Botox – are currently the fastest growing treatment and are perfect if you want an instant lift but don’t want the pain, downtime or scarring associated with invasive facial surgery.

We have introduced a number of different facial threading lifting treatments at Reigate and one of the most popular procedures is the Silhouette Soft Suture Lift.

It’s a one-off non-invasive treatment which takes around 30 minutes and offers instant and subtle results with very little downtime. It’s ideal for those with little loose skin, who have lost volume in their cheeks, a sagging jawline, and heavy brow – or for those who have had a facelift, which is starting to droop.

It’s a simple, procedure. Using local anaesthetic, tiny incisions are made near the hairline and soft sutures are inserted to lift sagging skin back into place. You may experience some mild swelling redness or bruising but this will disappear usually within a week, Mineral make up will cover any bruising. The threads dissolve over a period of months, and in doing so stimulate your own collagen, giving a firmer younger looking skin as a bonus! You’ll see an immediate natural, rested and rejuvenated appearance – facial features will look refreshed and lifted and improve over time, as collagen is kick-started. Results last up to around one year and the cost is from £999, depending on the areas treated.

Another procedure that may be suitable for you is The Cinderella Face Lift. This innovative procedure uses a combination of different sized PDO threads at various points on the face and is combined with Botox and dermal filler to restore volume to sagging cheeks, smooth lines, tighten drooping brows, and give a gentle lift to the jawline. Hailed as the non-surgical alternative to a mini face-lift, the 60-minute procedure will give immediate, natural results. There may be a little bruising which is easily covered up with make up and a little swelling so allow downtime of around 7 to 10 days. Results will last around a year and the cost is £2500.



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