Liposuction? Old hat. Wrinkle fillers? So yesterday.

In the world of anti ageing, we Brits are constantly on the lookout for the latest wonder treatment that promises to keep us looking our best from top to toe.  

And this year could be the most exciting yet, with new technology ushering in a new wave of procedures.  Face tightening treatments will be a rising trend along with chins chiselling and using the body’s own fat and stem cells to renew and rejuvenate.


The cosmetic industry has come a long way in the last couple of years, as the science behind surgical and non-invasive procedures has dramatically improved with less down time and more natural results now the norm. There’s also much less stigma about undergoing cosmetic work thanks to the rising trend of celebrities being more open about their tweaks and regularly posting them on social media.

Here’s a couple of the hottest cosmetic treatments and skincare trends that are tipped to take the next 12 months by storm.


The Age of Fat Grafting

Every tissue in your body is constantly repairing itself.  and the body’s adipose tissue (fat) is well known for its healing potential. The use of fat was even documented during World War I to aid in the healing of soldiers’ battle wounds and since then there’s been much research into using fat to regenerate damaged tissues. This year fat grafting (autologous fat transplantation procedures) will be big news as more patients use their body’s own fat as a natural alternative to fillers to restore lost volume under the eyes, plump thin lips as well as reshaping, breasts, sagging bottoms, ageing hands and even the calves.


The benefits of fat transfer where’ spare’ fat is harvested from one area of your own body by liposuction  and transferred to another by injections include a lower cost than man made fillers, no allergic reaction and a more natural result. The procedure is performed using local anesthesia with little bruising or discomfort and little recovery time The only downside is how much fat stays in the body so most patients will need a top up treatment after three months and then annually as not all the fat will stay.

Cost from £2500 depending on treatment area. 0207 436 4441 for more details



Stem Cell Skin Rejuvenation

Stem cells are special ‘master’ cells that can turn into any type of cell the body needs and research shows that when transplanted stem cells can help repair or regenerate damaged tissue.

Predicted to be the biggest anti ageing trend this year, stem cells can help rejuvenate improve ageing skin, and are also being used to give men bigger penises and enlarge women’s breasts and bottoms.

During the treatment, a doctor takes fat from fatty areas like the stomach or inner thigh by liposuction. It is then treated and the stem cells extracted and then mixed with the treated fat it and injected back into the treatment area. There are many stem cells in fat and by transferring this fat plumps and restores a gentle lift to sagging areas .

From £5k …phone 0207 436 4441 for more details.

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A lack of sleep can make the skin look tired and grey. Everyone knows that 8 hours a night would be ideal, but sometimes this might not be possible.  Sleep studies have shown that for every hour of sleep you miss in one night you should try and make up for it by sleeping for an extra half of what you missed on the following night.  For example, if you only managed 4 hours one night, the next night you should aim for the recommended eight hours plus the 2 hours extra to make up for the night before. 


You’ve heard it before, but it is important to always take your make up off before bed, however much you have had to drink as your skin will pay for it a day or two later if you don’t.  Even if you don’t manage your usual cleanse, tone and moisturise regime, leave a packet of cleansing wipes beside your bed to quickly sweep away your make up as you pull on your pj’s and fall into bed. Skin tone and luminosity are a key factor in a woman’s attractiveness and restoring a glow can make an incredible difference.


Fractora is an advanced Radio Frequency treatment that targets uneven skin tone to restore a tighter firmer younger looking complexion. During the 60-minute procedure a small hand piece is placed against the skin which emits radiofrequency energy. This heats the skin and stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen. Depending on skin condition, one to four treatments may be necessary.

Visible results can be seen immediately and will continue up to six months after treatment as new collagen is formed.

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Pretty nearly all of you who follow my posts know that I love reinventing the wheel.

Most of my childhood was spent devising skincare products with my mother, tweaking the recipe to include new ingredients and dropping those which were no longer of use. The habit has stayed with me all my life and I have huge fun creating skincare collections for the clinic. Most of these have been in response to requests from patients who have not been able to find something suitable to help their condition…acne for instance, which has become something of a mission for me. If you need help in this area then check out my Clean Skin Technology Advanced Skincare.

But it’s everyday skincare which really interests me because we all need basics…but basics which actually work and don’t just sit on the top layer of the skin. And I hate heavy creams which feel greasy and which take ages to sink in. I just do not have the time to sit and wait …I want to use a product and for it to get to work immediately, leaving my skin ready to go to the next level. Yes, I am impatient, but so are most women who have to juggle busy lives.

But back to the skincare. I couldn’t find what I wanted so I devised some products which were intended for personal use. I called it my 24/7 Daily Maintenance Regime and at first I had three very simple products..a Cleanser which takes off all makeup, dirt and oil really fast, without drying out my skin, followed by a Serum which I saturated with a cocktail of goodies to plump and condition, finally a lightweight Moisturiser which sinks in the skin really quickly, but which is a powerhouse of anti-ageing ingredients.

Sounds easy you say? Well, yes, up to a point because I do have knowledge of ingredients from over the years, but because this collection was for me, I played around with each one to make sure that it satisfied all MY needs…therefore there was a whole lot of testing on myself until I found exactly the right formulation for me. My poor husband had to endure the sight of me wandering around with several different creams on my face to see which one was absorbed fastest..I even timed the process! His comments and suggestions were valid though and I took them on board.

Finally I was happy with the formulations and my capsule collection was born and my skin has never looked so good. So good that I kept being asked what I was using so I gave some away and now I sell it online and in the Clinic. Should you want to try for yourself then here’s the link .

Now to another bugbear. Body lotions which are not fit for purpose because the skin on our body needs TLC too. Either there are no active ingredients, or it takes far too long to be absorbed because, as I said before, who has the time to hang around? Shower, moisturise, dress and out the door…that’s my life anyway.

So….it was back to being a guinea pig and the result is my Regenerating Body Moisture. Phone 020 7436 4441

It’s super-absorbent, super-moisturising, gently-exfoliating and has as many high-tech ingredients as I could find. It’s great for menopausal skin, and if like me, you are trying to lose some weight, it really helps to smooth and give skin back some ‘springiness’.

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When it comes to turning back the clock, I’m usually all for going the non-surgical route but sometimes surgery will always be the best option.

But the good news is that going under the knife nowadays is nothing like it used to be. Once upon a time it was all about lifting, stretching and tightening loose skin (remember the dreaded wind tunnel look) whereas now it’s all about looking refreshed and revitalized with a look so natural you couldn’t tell whether anything had been done at all. New surgical techniques also mean most procedures can now be carried out using local anaesthetic and light sedation.

Here are three of the best procedures:

Lower face and neck lift (Platysmaplasty)
Thanks to excellent skincare and regular procedures most women can keep their faces looking lineless, and plump but when it comes to a jowly jawline, the neck is very hard to rejuvenate and can reveal your true age. The neck ages similarly to the face. In the late 30s and early 40s, fine lines appear, texture becomes uneven or splotchy, and in the 40s, gravity kicks in, resulting in loose skin under the chin, slackness and sag. The best procedure to address these problems is a lower face-lift. Carried out using local anaesthetic and light sedation, tiny incisions are made behind and in front of the ears and he skin is separated from the underlying tissues. The skin is then lifted into its new position, the muscles and tissues are tightened and any excess fat and tissue is trimmed off. After the procedure, a twenty-four hour rest is required with around two weeks recovery time for swelling to subside though recovery is less than what it would be with a full facelift. The procedure does leave scarring which is hidden in the crease behind the ears and which fades over time. Results will last up to ten years depending on lifestyle. Expect to pay around £6,000

The Eye Tightener (Blepharoplasty)
Eye bags are common and you can sometimes develop them in your early 30s. The result: puffiness under the eyes, along with loose skin that can occur on both the upper and lower eyelids. I would always recommend getting eye bags removed sooner rather than later – they can put 10 or 15 years on your face and, once they’ve settled in, they’re not going anywhere! A surgical blepharoplasty is the best way to tighten loose skin and remove excess fat and the results can be as good as facelift. The op can be performed on upper or lower lids or both It’s a relatively minor op, but it usually takes a couple of weeks to recover and for the swelling and bruising to go down Expect to pay from £3,000

The Micro Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)
Not all bodies are the same, which is why tummy tucks (abdominoplasty) is not a one-type-fits-all procedure. How much loose skin there is dictates which procedure you’ll benefit most from. When there isn’t too much, a micro tuck, which focuses on the lower tummy, can tighten the abdomen and is less traumatic that a full on tummy tuck with a much faster recovery rate. The procedure differs from a traditional tuck in that the incision is very short, rather than a hip-to-hip incision and is best for women who are in excellent shape but have a small amount of excess skin. Any excess skin and fat from below your belly button is removed. Your belly button is not removed from surrounding skin, but you are likely to be left with minimal scarring on the abdomen above the pubic area that will fade over time. Depending on the procedure, you will need downtime of at least two weeks. There will be some bruising and swelling following the treatment but this will fade. Remember a tuck is not a treatment for weight control or a substitute for regular exercise!

When you go for a consultation make sure you know everything about the procedure – ask the following:

1. How do you prepare for the surgery
2. What will happen during the surgery
3. Any risks and side effects
4. The recovery period
5. The aftercare policy
6. What happens should anything go wrong (any costs should revision or repair work be required)


*Always do your homework and always find a surgeon with the proper experience of the procedure you are planning to undergo – book consultations with three or four surgeons so you can make sure you feel comfortable.
*Never rush into surgery – give yourself at least six to eight weeks after a consultation to decide if you want to go ahead.
*Avoid surgery if you have recently experienced major life events such as moving house, losing a loved one, the break-up of a relationship or you’ve just had a baby.
* A recommendation from someone who has undergone the treatment is always best – ask to see before and after photos and ask what results you can expect.
* The General Medical Council have a leaflet outlining what you need to know before undergoing any cosmetic procedures – go to gmc-uk.org or make sure the surgeon is a member of The British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons, British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, or visit the Web site at www.baaps.org.uk.

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Nothing adds ten years like bad hair!

It is not fair! Not only does the ageing process affect our skin, but hair suffers too. Where did those grey hairs come from? And that frizz? And don’t even mention thinning hair…well, actually let’s definitely mention thinning hair because that can be the most ageing of all.

The sight of the first grey hair is just the beginning – and don’t forget that this happens in early to mid-30’s for most women, but don’t panic…remember that grey is the new blonde!

Going grey gracefully can look fantastic …Helen Mirren for instance who still looks sexy even when she lets her hair go its natural silvery grey…we bet she has her hairdresser on speed dial! Other grey role models are out there too. Think Kristen McMenamy who went grey in her late 30’s. Or Carmen Dell’ Orefice who at 85 is still gracing front covers! Maye Musk has white, cropped hair….and is more in demand as a model than ever.

So, is there hope for us mere mortals? The answer is a resounding Yes! The first step is to find a REALLY good hairdresser …ideally someone who is at the forefront of any hair and makeup trends, because in order to keep looking younger you need to change it up every now and then. A tweak here and there is enough to make sure that you turn heads when you walk in the room.

Fringes can hide a multitude of sins, such as forehead wrinkles and frown lines, just experiment with the length and style . Feathering works for some, or a side-swept fringe for others. It is so easy get comfortable with a hairstyle and because something worked well when we were younger we think that it will look good all our life. Not true. Just think of Linda Evangelista who has made a very successful career out of changing her hair length and colour all the time. Just when we got used to one look, she changed it…a true chameleon.


And absolutely nothing screams youth and vitality more than super-shiny hair. As we get older hair becomes drier and loses its lustre. Try taking a supplement containing Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids which are great for hair health. And every now and then take a little time and put a deep conditioning mask onto your hair and let it do the hard work. Olaplex is a new conditioner which works wonders and is easily available on line.

  • If you have a grey roots emergency and you’re a brunette, use a little black or brown mascara to cover them up. Don’t overload the brush though and old mascaras that have dried out slightly work best, so don’t throw them out!
  • Try lightening your eyebrows a little. If you feel confident you can gently apply a little facial hair bleach, making sure to keep out of your eyes, but if not then most beauty salons can do this for you.
  • Ageing is part of growing up…not necessarily growing older…and as we are firm believers in only talking to the experts, we asked Cristiano Basciu, Artistic Director, Richard Ward Hair & Metrospa for his tips on holding back time.

Hair texture changes as we get older… it gets drier and frizzier. How can a cut deal with that?

Firstly, accept that your hair is changing with your hormones and embrace it. A good cut can make all the difference – it can make hair easier to manage, easier to style and help it to look its best every day, rather than just after a salon visit.

A good cut takes into account your face shape, lifestyle (i.e. will it require much maintenance?), and hair type. It should make your life easier, not add unnecessary time to your routine in the morning!

If your hair is dry, combat this with the right combination of products. Nourishing, hydrating shampoos and conditioners (I personally love Kerastase Bain Satin shampoo and Lait Vital conditioner), oils (like Moroccanoil) and masques (my favourite is Kerastase Masquintense) will noticeably improve the condition of your hair if used regularly. Masques are especially important – aim to do a masque once a week for at least 20 minutes, to re-hydrate and restore lost moisture.

Hormones affect our hair too??

As our hormones change with age, this has a direct effect on our hair. Follicles receive less blood supply and hair can get thinner; this means it’s more susceptible to damage and dehydration. While I am not a medical professional, I do think it’s advisable to have your hormone levels checked at least once a year to ensure that there is nothing going on health-wise that is affecting your overall appearance.

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Well, it has been a whole three months and I am rather proud of myself. My weight is now 10 stone 2lbs so I have lost 2 stone …

I am sleeping better and the hot sweats have stopped.

One of the best things for me was being able to wear a fabulous dress for my son’s wedding and feeling really good. Before I was dreading the thought of clothes shopping.

The inflammation in my big toes has subsided and I can wear higher heels, something I thought I would never do again, I’m not taking the strong anti-inflammatories any more and it’s like being released. I can walk for miles now and wear fashionable shoes again.

Because I have rebuilt my Adrenal system I don’t feel anxious all the time….I’m relaxed and happy.

Best of all is the way I have completely changed what I eat, as well as my approach to food. As I have mentioned before, I do/did have a very sweet tooth and this addiction to refined carbohydrates was a big part of my health and weight problems. By cutting them out as much as possible, or looking for alternatives before simply reaching for the same old treats has made a huge difference …both inside and out.

I trained myself to think of the foods that I can’t digest well as poison and by reminding myself of this each time it makes me stop and think……and choose something else.

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Now this is going to be a long post because the power of a good facial often gets overlooked in the age of Botox and injectables, or is seen as an indulgent treat, but booking in for one of the latest innovative procedures, can be seriously good for your skin’s health so if you are interested in improving the quality of your skin and increasing luminosity then read on!

An experienced facialist will be able to address a particular skin problem, like acne or rosacea as well as educate a patient about the condition of their skin and the products suitable for home use.
But forget any thoughts of pampering. Thanks to revolutionary developments, the latest ‘super facials’ are all about delivering results and use a high-tech approach to sort out even the most troublesome of complexions -think LED lights, micro-needling, glycolic peels and oxygen therapy- to improve blood flow and muscle tone, reduce puffiness and miraculously reveal cheekbones. The results can often mimic a facelift and with the right care and regular treatments your complexion can reach levels of radiance you never thought possible.

But with an overwhelming choice, booking a facial can be a daunting process. How do you know which facial is right for you? If you want your next facial to do more than leave a dent in your bank balance here’s what you need to know, along with details of some of the latest transforming facials available from clinics around the country.


*Regular facials can help prevent serious skin conditions. Think of having one like a trip to your dental hygienist, in that it helps to keep your skin healthy and toxin-free.

*Never go through a facial menu list, picking the one you like the sound of. Do your research and before you book a treatment ask the therapist what the procedure involves, the ingredients she will be using, what the benefits will be and whether the treatment is right for your skin type.

*No two faces are the same. A good facialist will always identify your skin’s concerns and what it needs and will adjust the treatment and products to suit your skin type.

*Skin loves routine. You will see more benefits from facials if you stick to regular treatments every four weeks to six weeks to help train your skin and identify any problems.

*It’s important to maintain the benefits of a good facial with a home care routine. Cleanse twice a day. Exfoliate at least once a week and gently steam your skin in the shower or over a bowl of hot water. When you open the pores, it allows for skin product to be absorbed deeper into the skin.

*A sign of a good treatment is good skin. Unless you’ve opted for something like a Vampire facial or a Dermaroller, which can cause redness for a few days, most facials should leave your skin glowing and plump.

Using everything from hi tech ingredients through to electric currents and light therapy these facials will deliver serious results lasting longer than a few days. I have tried them all so I speak from experience!

Microdermabrasion Facial
Best for: all skin types, particularly oily/prone to breakouts
Results: Helps clear clogged pores to restore radiance
The fastest way to get a healthy, youthful glow is to buff away the layers of dead skin that have accumulated from age and sun exposure. In microdermabrasion, a pressurized jet scours the skin with micronised crystals (usually aluminium oxide) and then vacuums the dead cells away. Always make sure the facialist uses a device that is appropriate for your skin type and allow a day for downtime as your cheeks may be a little rosy. From £60.

Best for: all skin types, especially dull dehydrated skin
Results: Restores moisture for dewy, plumped up skin
This award-winning facial, is loved by A-listers like Beyoncé and Kate Winslet and for good reason as it uses every trick in the book to deliver an immediate radiance boost . Combining cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration, light therapy and antioxidant protection all in one session Post treatment, you’ll notice a dramatic improvement in hydration as well as lessened hyperpigmentation, oil and congestion around your trouble spots.
From £120 – to find details of your nearest clinic go to www.hydrafacial.co.uk

Glycolic Acid Peel
Best for: all skin types and tired stressed skin
Results: Brighter, more even tone
One of the most popular facial treatments as it delivers a serious brightening complexion boost before a special event. Using a natural substance derived from sugar cane, this peel comes in a variety of strengths and once applied to the skin, helps peel away a layer of damaged skin to reveal a brighter, healthier layer. When the skin begins to heal, increased cell growth produces new healthier skin layers, softening lines and restoring radiance. A course of six, once a week is usually recommended for maximum results. There may be some light redness for few days while the dead skin peels away From £80 0207 436 4441

H20 Glow using Oxygen Therapy
Best for: all skin types in need of a rosy glow
Results: Softens lines and wrinkles, revives dull, damaged skinThis 60-minute treatment delivers a concentrated boost of freezing cold oxygen to the skin through a special hand piece. At the same time, the micro roller creates hundreds of tiny channels in the skin to allow a hyaluronic acid based skin infusion to reach deep down into the epidermis, encouraging the production of collagen and elastin.
Together the intensity of the freezing oxygen pressure and the cocktail of essential ingredients will improve elasticity and firmness of the skin, visibly plumping out lines and wrinkles , leaving your skin glowing.
From £75 go to crystalclear.co.uk for your nearest salon

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)
Best for: all skin types and to improve dullness
Results :Revitalises skin seen after six weeks
Forget pampering , this facial – also known as a Vampire Facial – is more hard-core and is uncomfortable, rather than painful. It uses your own blood, which is taken from your arm, then spun in a centrifuge to concentrate the plasma . A microneedling device is then used to create microscopic holes all over the skin before applying the blood solution. This helps boost cellular regeneration and collagen production using the body’s natural healing system. But, you won’t see results immediately and your face will look red for a few days later. Around six weeks later you’ll see smoother, firmer and revitalised skin. Expect to pay from £600. 0207 436 4441

Caci Synergy Purifying Facial
Best for: Ageing, dull skin
Results: Lifted and tighter contours
CACI has been around for more than 20 years, but now they’ve added LED light therapy to the mix to help deliver faster, better results. The Synergy Purifying facial targets blemishes, age spots and pigmentation. It combines anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory red and blue LED light therapy to help heal the skin and trigger tissue repair. Tiny electrical impulses are applied to the facial muscles to strengthen and tighten, providing a boost to flagging, sagging tissue. The addition of LED light further stimulates the production of collagen. From £75 caci-interntional.co.uk

Laser Facial
Best for: Improving skin texture and reducing pigmentation
Results: Brighter, luminous skin
No need to find a clinic or salon for this laser facial – simply use Tria’s Age Defying Laser and achieve salon style results at home. This clever gadget is one of the most effective home-use anti ageing tools and is backed by leading dermatologists. It uses non-ablative, fractional laser, the same laser technology available in clinics and salons. Simply place the tool on one cheek, and glide it over the skin. Targeted beams of light work beneath the skin’s surface to help boost collagen and elastin and reduce the signs of ageing. Use for four to ten minutes every night for eight weeks. £450 triabeauty.co.uk

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Weight down to 10 stone 6lbs.

So, just a couple of pounds down, which I am rather irritated about, but as my husband points out, I have done really well so far, and it is far better to lose weight slowly as it has a much better chance of staying off.

I think I have managed to cure my sugar cravings too…mind you that bit was incredibly hard as the temptation to take just one biscuit, or a small teaspoon of sugar in my coffee took a lot of resisting. I did have help though because my husband usually makes me a cup of coffee in the mornings …just to kickstart me…and he sneakily kept reducing the amount of sugar, until one morning, he asked how the coffee was. “Lovely”…I replied vaguely…..”Good” he crowed…”there was NO sugar in that!”. I didn’t know whether to swat him or kiss him…think I did both.

It doesn’t mean that I completely go without a sugary treat though as long it is just a small one, and just occasionally. “A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.” is my mantra.

Exercise is going well too as Despina is as despotic as ever, but it is working. My arms are more toned, and I can Plank for longer than I ever thought possible so my core stability has vastly improved and this shows in my much-flatter tum.

In fact, I think I am in love with the Plank…if you only do one thing then it should be the Plank…all of us should do a few every day then posture in general, and the core would be strong.

Finally, I think I can see a waist now…who would have thought that when I started this new programme??

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My son’s wedding is looming so I have finally bitten the bullet and gone shopping. There are some terrific clothes out there, particularly when you have dropped a couple of dress sizes and everything fits!

I wasn’t particularly happy with my arms though so I have doubled my efforts with exercise

Floor Press – Upper body exercise that strengthens the chest, shoulders and arms. The use of the floor eliminates the risk of potential strain of the shoulder joint. Grab two dumbbells and lie flat on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on floor. Have your elbows bent in a 90-degree position with the back of your arms (triceps) resting on the floor, dumbbells above your chest. Whilst exhaling and bracing your core, press the dumbbell upwards. Pause and squeeze or a second and then in a controlled motion, bring them back down to the staring position.

My weight is now down to 10 stone 8 lbs which feels rather good. Am v pleased with myself…as Bridget Jones would say!

I am feeling rather pale though and would like to get a bit of my glow back. The best way is a light suntan as it does cover a multitude of sins, but because I know how bad the sun is for the skin that is clearly out of the question, so I take the Faking It option.

Mind you, fake tans are so darned good these days that it really is difficult to tell fake from real. I did a bit of research and tested out a new one… TanCream tancream.co.uk which is not just a fake tan, but one with an SPF too, which, as all my regular readers will know is something I recommend everyone wears 24/7. In this instance, the SPF is 50 so it more than does the trick. The colour is pretty good too and I get a lot of compliments about how well I look. Job done I think.

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Ask Lesley – How do I get rid of my double chin?

I am often asked about the best way of getting rid of a double chin, or loose skin on the neck, and up to now the answer has been a surgical lift.  Why couldn’t someone come up with a non-invasive way of doing this I have said before…after all technology is advancing all the time so surely there has to be a way?
Well, it seems that someone was listening because I have now tested a new treatment which is pain free, non-invasive with no downtime.  It is called the Instalift and it combines laser and ultrasound to dissolve and tighten the chin and neck area.  The claim was that results could be seen after one treatment…so I tried it out and was astounded at the result.  There was a definite difference…in fact I liked it so much that we are now offering the treatment in Clinic.  Each session takes 30 minute and a course of 4 are recommended for even more impressive results.  Book yours on 020 7436 4441
The science bit?  A specially designed ‘cup’ which encases the entire chin area is held in place and the laser starts to get to work.  It very gently begins to warm up and as it does, fat cells absorb energy from the lasers and heat up, then they release their contents – water, glycerol and free fatty acids.  The released fat is naturally excreted from the body through lymphatic drainage, giving results that get better over time.  Then ultrasound  delivers waves into the deeper layers of the skin, stimulating collagen and elastin production, to reduce wrinkles, smoothing the jawline and neck, and banishing jowls.
Before (Left) –  After (Right)
That’s it.  I love it so much that I have booked another 3 sessions.  No double chin for me!
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