New year and a new you? No problem 2017 is bringing a whole new raft of anti ageing innovations and treatments promising to sculpt and tighten, lift and plump quicker that you can say tick tock. This year will also see a surprising shift as rejuvenating not reversing becomes the way forward. Skin quality will be the new buzzword along with products and treatments that will foster good health and well being as opposed to those that simply make you look ten years younger. From cellulite smoothers to cellular healing we’re ringing in the New Year with a look at the new game-changing innovations, treatments and trends coming soon to a clinic near you.

Ageing Well Through Wellness
This year it’s all about Cellular Healing and Functional Medicine, in other words preventative medicine and focusing on your genes and anti ageing from the inside out. We’re all used to putting on creams to slow down ageing of the skin but the emphasis is now on slowing down the ageing of the internal organs and the skeleton to promote all round wellness.
Your genetic make up determines who you are and, combined with your lifestyle, can determine what can happen to you age wise. Genetic testing will become more popular at anti ageing clinics as with a simple blood test, doctors can now quickly and simply establish your individual biological ageing. Being aware of this can help identify what your age-related diseases are most likely to be, and help you to reverse the signs of ageing by de-coding your genes and prescribing you with the right supplements, exercise, diet and lifestyle for you, that is needed to rebuild a healthier new you and in some cases can be an alternative to drug based therapy. For more info call 0207 436 4441

The Super Skin Boosters
In 2017, we are going to see more innovative ways to get hyaluronic acid – a gel-like molecule which holds water, so it helps hydrate and maintain skin elasticity – into the skin. Leading the way is Profhilo, a super skin booster designed to hydrate your skin from the inside out, smoothing any crepeyness, increasing collagen and elastin production and promoting radiance. The treatment takes around ten –minutes and involves having five tiny injections at special points on each side of the face but instead of going deep into the tissue, the injections are placed underneath the surface of the skin. The hyaluronic acid then gradually spreads through the surrounding tissues over the following weeks. There is no pain, bruising or any danger of lumps or bumps. Treatment sessions are a month apart with at least two sessions necessary for the best results. Results last around six to nine months when you will see a radiant glow, a much improved skin tone and texture and healthy plump skin. Expect to pay around £500 per treatment which will be available at most clinics – for more info 0207 436 4441

The Superfast Facial with Benefits
Express treatments will continue to dominate this year with a trend for thirty minutes and under sessions. Perk is the world’s first hybrid facial and probably the fastest – promising to do exactly that – perk up your skin- in less than ten minutes. Using roller-flex technology to gently loosen dirt and oil remove surface layer dead skin cells, through gentle exfoliation while delivering vital antioxidants, the treatment is suitable for all skin types and focuses on lightly plumping lips, replenishing the eye area, and nourishing the face delivering immediate results and a healthy radiant glow. The best part? You receive the same serums used in your treatment, which you take home with you so you can continue the benefits at home. A regular Perk treatment every 30 day is recommended – from £90 a treatment – 0207 436 4441 for more info

Putting the Sparkle Back into Eyes
Eye treatments are set to have a big moment in 2017 with the emphasis of tightening eyelids, reducing bags and rejuvenating the delicate skin around the eyes. Many cosmetic doctors dislike injecting fillers to smooth the superficial lines around and under the eyes because the filler can sometimes create a blue cast -when the hyaluronic acid gel shows through skin. But a new injectable collagen called Cellifique debuting later this year can fill those tiny lines in a natural-looking way without causing discolouration. The filler is also good for plumping sunken tear troughs with results lasting around nine months. Expect to pay around £450 for treatment. Also look out for Bleph Banding the fifteen-minute eye bag reduction treatment using micro-fine PDO threads to lift excess skin under the eyes – for more info see

The New Non Surgical Lifts
Threads to lift facial skin have emerged as one of the hottest trends, and this year they will also be used on the body. New elasticated threads designed specifically to lift sagging knees, bottom, breasts and tummy will be the latest innovation. The threads have little cones that grab the tissue and also encourage the body to produce collagen so skin will become tighter and smoother. The 45-minute procedure is carried out with local anesthetic and results are immediate with around a week’s downtime as there may be a little swelling or bruising around the injection site. Results are expected to last around 18months. From £2k – for more info call 0207 436 4441

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Best Cleansing Device for Sensitive Skin
Try: Foreo Luna 2 for Sensitive Skin – £169 (
How: Promises a salon-style deep cleanse in two minutes. The snazzy handheld device uses T-sonic (transdermal) pulsations, which allows the silicone brush to gently, and deeply cleanse dirt and make up residue. Can be used daily with all standard cleansers, gels and creams. A single USB charge will give around 300 uses. The silicone ‘bristles’ are super hygienic and resist bacteria build-up to keep skin fresh and clean. Also comes with an anti-ageing Mode to direct lower-frequency pulsations to wrinkle-prone areas to help smoothen lines for firmer-looking skin.

Best Make Up Gadget
Try: StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer – £39.99 (
How: Forget washing make up brushes in the bathroom sink or swishing them under the tap. Go hi tech with this innovative make up brush cleaner which leaves brushes squeaky clean in around 30 seconds. Designed by Apprentice winner Tom Wash brushes StylPro uses a centrifugal spin technology and is suitable for most makeup brush brushes types and sizes. Really simple to use. You just attach any makeup brush using one of eight collars, before dunking it for 10 seconds, spinning for another 10 seconds and then drying for five to 10 seconds.

Best Make Up Bag Gizmo
Try: BeautyBlender Liner Designer £14 (
How: This nifty little silicone guide will help you draw the perfect eyeliner flick The innovative silicone guide has three edges so you can create a dramatic cat-eye or even a perfectly pencilled in lip line. This set comes with a 5x magnifying, suction compact mirror making it its ideal for on-the-go application. Easy to use, you simply hold the guide against the outer corner of your eye or lip and draw against the edge. Suitable for use with liquid, gel or pencil eyeliner or lip liner.

Best Dental Gadget
Try: Phillips Sonicare AirFloss £59.99 (
How: Uses Microburst technology to apply a quick burst of pressurised air and micro-water droplets to clean deep between teeth where a toothbrush can’t reach. Developed with dental professionals, and promising healthier gums in two weeks. Use with mouthwash or water for 30 seconds to remove plaque in hard-to-reach areas. Its guidance tip ensures correct placement when cleaning and it fits onto standard Sonicare chargers.

Best for Frizzy Hair
Try: Babyliss Brilliant Shine Ionic Brush £19.99 (
How:It may be small but this hairbrush packs a powerful punch when it comes to taming frizzy hair and unruly locks. Turn on the switch below the bristles before brushing and ions are released to instantly smooth strands leaving hair silky and more manageable. With zero static, the brush uses batteries, so it is easy use on the go.

Best for Body Sculpting &Cellulite
Try: Bliss FatGirl Slim Lean Machine £120 ( A spa powered body sculpting system. First rub in the caffeine based cream to treatment areas and then use the lean machine, which uses vacuum assisted massage action, to tone and firm the skin. The system should be used every day for around three minutes per area and combined with a healthy lifestyle to see improvements in cellulite and a firmer skin tone. Not recommended for use if you’re pregnant or using blood thinners or have any of the below condition Heart condition, diabetes, unexplained or systemic edema, unexplained calf pain, hypersensitive skin, varicose veins, swollen or inflamed areas, skin eruptions, open wounds or scars, rash, eczema or bruises.

Best For Restoring A Radiant Complexion
Try: LightStim LED £149 (
How: LightStim uses professional-grade LED light therapy to deliver light energy in a similar way plants absorb light energy from the sun. This stimulates the body’s natural process to regenerate cells, improve fine lines and wrinkles, reduce pore size and improve the skin’s moisture retention. Incredibly easy to use, simply apply the peptide serum which comes with the device, plug in and then just press the device against your skin for three minutes and repeat over all areas of the face. For best glow- inducing results, use for five days a week for eight weeks.

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Switch on to latest hi-tech gadgets and gizmos to help boost your beauty and anti ageing routine this year.
From wrinkles smoothers to supersonic cleansing brushes, the latest dynamic devices use cutting edge technology usually found in salons and clinics to deliver professional results at home.
Easy and convenient, at home gadgets can work out a lot cheaper than having professional treatments and are also great for maintenance, so if you’ve already had professional laser hair removal, for instance, the DIY version can help you maintain the results.
Remember though you need a little patience and dedication when using these mini marvels as the energy used is usually, not as strong as in salon treatments for safety reasons.

Here’s our round up of our favourite hi tech tools;
(Do check gadget instructions carefully as some may be off limits if you are taking certain medications or have any particular health/ skin issues)

Best for A Face Lift
Try: Silk’n Face Tite – £129 (
How: The ultimate anti-ageing device comes with a special slider gel to help the device glide across the skin and uses three types of energy (LED light energy (red LED light), Bi-Polar radio frequency and Infrared radiation) to boost collagen production, lift and tighten saggy skin, improve skin texture and soften lines and wrinkles. The small handset is easy to use – just simply massage over the face twice a week for ten weeks (minimum of fifteen minutes).

Best Spot zapper
Try: Tria Acne Clearing Blue Light £195 (
How: Using blemish busting blue light therapy which penetrates deep within the skin to eliminate acne-causing bacteria at the source and help prevent future breakouts without aggravating the skin. Gentle enough to use every day – simply glide the tip of the handheld device over the affected areas for five minutes once daily or two and a half minutes twice daily. Recommended for mild or inflammatory acne only.

Best Facial Massager
Try: Ying Yu Jade Facial Roller-£28 (
How: No electric buzzing required for this hand held jade roller- just a little bit of elbow grease to master the art of rolling the device around the contours of your face. Like a workout for the skin, the healing properties of jade- a cleansing stone long used in Chinese medicine to help drain and detox the lymph system – combined with the deep massaging action can help transform skin as well as lift and tighten facial contours. Also good for eliminating puffiness and toning facial muscles. Store in the fridge and you can use on your temples to ease headaches and hangovers. Regular use can also help minimise spots around the chin and jawline caused by toxin build-up. Use twice a week or more for around fifteen minutes.

Best for Hair Removal
Try:Illuminage Touch Permanent Hair Removal- £299 (
How: Combines both IPL (intense pulsed light) and RF (radio frequency) to reduce 94 per cent of hair on the face and body on all skin colours in only one series of treatments (seven treatments in six weeks). Fast, a full body treatment can be done in 30 minutes and easy to use, you simply use a hand device to deliver targeted pulses of energy to treatment area.

Best Skin Exfoliator
Try: PMD Personal Microderm £135 (
How: Similar to a professional microdermabrasion treatment, the device uses spinning disc technology and aluminium crystals to exfoliate skin, removing dead skin cells and clearing oil and dirt from clogged pores leaving skin polished and clean so it can absorb skin products more effectively. Use once a week – test on the back of hands first to find the best level of pressure for your skin type.

Best for Skin Polishing and Cleansing
Try ReNew Lab’s Sonulase Age-Defying LightBrush – £180 (
How: The first ever three in one cleansing device uses an oscillating brush to deeply cleanse skin, anti-ageing Red Light therapy to kick start collagen and an automatic self cleansing UV Cleanlight (used to disinfect dental and surgical instruments), to fight off any lingering bacteria from the brush every time you use it. For best results use morning and evening and twice a week use the red light only to target wrinkled or saggy areas.

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Give your lips shape and volume

After your 40s, the loss of collagen and lack of elasticity can leave the top lip without any border. Lips also become deflated and wrinkled, while collagen and elastin which gives lips their fullness breaks down. But you can easily and quickly restore their shape and boost volume.
* Restylane Silk is one of the latest fillers especially designed for lips as it has smaller particles than other fillers and integrates without forming any bumps. By injecting the filler along the border of the lip it can restore lip shape and borders without enlarging the lips and bonus lipstick will no longer bleed. From £350 0207436 4441

*For temporary plumpness try the Cinderella lip treatment at the clinic. A dental block is given and then Saline – water containing salt – is injected into the lip line giving the lips a natural outline and a fuller pout – no danger of a trout pout as the effect will only last up to four days – expect to pay around £100 contact as above.

*You don’t have to have injections to boost volume- Lip plumpers and glosses can help create temporary bee-stung fullness. Hot from the USA is cult Luscious Lips Lip Plumper available in all colours (£45 which stimulates new collagen and instantly improves lip fullness. A dab of cinnamon, clove or peppermint oils will also swell lips temporarily. Dab on every couple of hours to keep up the results.

*Fake a better shape with make up. A lip primer is the best way to stop lips bleeding and will also make lips look fuller and lipstick last longer. Try NYX Cosmetics Lip Primer (£6 and then outline lips with a browny-nude lip pencil just outside the lip line, smudge your lip liner gently in with your fingertip so there are no harsh lines and fill your lips with a colour.

*Semi permanent makeup adds more definition, making the lips look plumper without the use of injections. The one-hour treatment begins by numbing the lips with lidocaine before the lip line and area directly above it are injected with pigment that’s customized for your lip and skin tone. Post-treatment, your lips may be red and swollen, and it will probably scab for a few days. However, the results can last from one to three years, depending on how fast the injected pigment is absorbed. Results should last up to two years – from £800. Contact 0207 436 4441 for more details

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Problem Barcode Lips

You may have religiously avoided the sun or never smoked a day in your life, but perioral lines or vertical lip lines, called barcode lines, are the first signs of aging and can appear as early as your late 20’s. Talking, eating, puckering your lips or doing any of the everyday mouth movements will also accelerate the development of these lines. So how to treat.

Don’t waste your money on line-filling creams, the only way to banish lines’ or deeper grooves above the lips – the perioral area – is by a laser procedure which will quickly and safely rejuvenate and resurface damaged skin A single treatment will take around 4/5 days to heal and totally rejuvenate the mouth area. Sun protection must be worn every day after treatment Results last up to 3 years. Cost from £450. Contact 0207 436 4441

* Alternatively, Botox injected along the edges of the upper and lower lip line, will temporarily relaxing the muscles that cause wrinkling. The procedure requires no anesthesia and takes only 10 minutes but it is important to go to an experienced doctor when treating this area. From £200 0207 436 4441

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MWAAAH…Time to Get your lips mistletoe ready

The countdown to party season has begun so time to get your lips mistletoe ready.
Most women want a sexy pout but sadly as we get older our lips lose their pillowy plumpness and the tissue around them loses their volume, too. Then there is the problem we hear most at the clinic – barcode lips – the 21st century expression for smoker’s lines, the wiggly grooves which run from the top lip right up to the nose. The good news is that there is loads you can do to turn back the clock on your smile in time for kissmas. Here’s how to get luscious looking lips – fast. Now where’s that mistletoe…

Problem Dry, Chapped Lips
Your lips are like a sponge. When exposed to moisture, they absorb water and plump up, but when dehydrated they dry out and shrink, especially during cold, windy winter month. The lips have no oil glands (oil is like a barrier for skin, helping to protect it) so they can easily become cracked and chapped – here’s how to soften them up.

*Stop licking lips as this damages the protective barrier, which can dry out the lips, (saliva contains digestive enzymes that can break down this barrier). Keep a tube of lip balm handy at all times – try Lanolips 101 which contains pure lanolin (£10.99 from Waitrose). Need an emergency treatment then try a slick of honey or olive oil, great for lip hydration. For special night out try one of the new lip treatments like Bardou Booster Lip (£15 packed with hyaluronic acid and honey to deliver an instant shot of nourishment and increase moisture levels. Slick it on, leave for two minutes before applying lipstick and lips will look glossy, hydrated and fuller.

*Exfoliate lips at least once or twice a week which will boost blood circulation, remove dead skin and aid cell renewal. If lips are very sensitive and flaky, smooth on some Vaseline first and use a dry toothbrush to gently brush back and forth Matte lipsticks can be extremely drying so use them sparingly when your lips are extremely chapped. Use a lipstick which doubles as a balm instead– try Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm which delivers a hint of colour and 8 hours of moisture (£5.99

* The lack of iron, Vitamin B and fatty acids in your body can play a role in lip cracking and scaling. Vitamin A is also necessary for skin repair and is specially recommended to protect against chapped lips. Be sure to take a multivitamin/mineral supplement every day to protect against deficiencies that may be causing your chapped lips.

Also, drink more water to keep the body, skin and lips hydrated.
*Peeling lips could be a sign of an allergic reaction to a lipstick, toothpaste, food, beverage, or medication. Related symptoms include itching and a persistent rash. A mild over the counter topical hydrocortisone cream can help decrease the irritation and can also help very chapped lips.

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Don’t let a Lady Moustache spoil a sexy pout. Threading is the quickest and most effective way to deal with that dark shadow above your lips – hairs are twisted between two pieces of thread and then pulled out. The treatment isn’t totally painless, but it’s quick. It can leave a temporary red patch above the lips which will go down within 24 hours. Expect to pay around £10- £20 and you will find most threading bars within shopping centres or beauty salons.

*For the most flattering natural lip colour choose a shade slightly stronger than the colour of your lips and top with lip-gloss.

*Brighten yellowing teeth with a quick lick of paint. Tint Instant White Teeth Paint (£15 is a peroxide free brush on tooth paint, rather like nail polish for teeth. It works on all types of teeth including veneers, caps and crowns you simply brush on in two even coats. It dries in 60 seconds and will last for 12 hours.

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Sleep deprived skin
Just one night of insufficient sleep leave its mark on your skin and body. According to a study losing a couple of hours sleep for even a couple of nights can actually increase the appearance of wrinkles. The study also found that a lack of sleep helps pile on the pounds as it increased hunger levels by 33 percent and food cravings by 60 per cent. Sleep is a time for the skin and body to heal, renew and eliminate toxins and without enough deep sleep this repair process is slowed right down. So how can you cope over the festive season without being a party pooper? Sleep studies have shown that for every hour of sleep you miss in one night you should try and make up for it by sleeping for an extra half of what you missed on the following night. For example, if you only managed 4 hours one night, the next night you should aim for the recommended eight hours plus the 2 hours extra to make up for the night before. To give your skin the best chance of recovering from the effects of sleep deprivation, cheat with one of the new sleep in a bottle night creams which will lift and firm the skin, leaving it looking plump and rejuvenated in the morning Try Cult51 Night Cream (£49.99 – clinically proven to deliver 51 anti ageing benefits and contains a potent cocktail of active ingredients to do the hard work on your skin while you sleep. And remember no matter how tired you are – always take off make up and cleanse skin or the lethal combination of stale make up, alcohol and lack of sleep will lead to breakouts.

Partied out Peepers
The skin around the eyes is the first to show signs of wear and tear and too much partying can leave them bloodshot and puffy, Caffeinated tea, which contains natural tannins, is a mild diuretic and long used by grandmothers and runway models for reducing eye puffiness. Soak two tea bags in warm water, then chill the bags for a few minutes in the refrigerator. Place one tea bag on each eye for five minutes, and your eyes will feel fresh and look brighter. Relieve under eye bags by gently massaging the area: this helps disperse the fluid. Use your index finger to massage in a circular direction from the brow, right round the eye until you reach the same point. Do this eye-circuit at least 6 times. An ice cube gently rubbed under and around eyes can also tighten skin and get rid of excess baggage. Wrap cube in cling film if you suffer with broken veins. Use an eye brightener to disperse redness and to relieve dry, itchy eyes – try Optrex Brightening Eye Drops (£3.29 boots or any chemist).
Dark circles can often be due to an allergic reduction and an antihistamine will help clear them up. Treatment wise, Pelleve, is a radio frequency treatment which instantly softens lines and refreshes tired, baggy eyes. A special hand held device is lightly massaged around the eyes which gives an instant lift. The treatment is followed by an eye masks designed to refresh, refine and erase signs of ageing around the eyes. You’ll see results immediately which will last for two to four weeks. From £250 contact 0207 436 4441

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Bracing yourself for the December onslaught? As the Christmas party season approaches and you’re faced with an endless list of invitations and things to do feeling tired and frazzled is natural – looking it though, is a different matter.
An endless round of late night parties, cocktails and rich food can wreak havoc on your looks. From puffy eyes after one too many to pasty grey skin from a lack of sleep, you’re going to need more than a packet of Paracetemol to survive the festive fun. Here’s how to banish those post party blues and revive yourself from top to toe with our fast festive rescue plan and party pep ups.

Hangover Face
Overdoing the alcohol can leave skin tired and dehydrated and can rob your body of Vitamin A which is crucial for cell renewal, and often the reason why look skin looks so dull the morning after. Meanwhile, alcohol inhibits the release of ADH, the antidiuretic hormone that maintains the body’s water equilibrium, causing vital sodium, potassium, and other minerals to leak from the blood vessels and upper layers of skin into subcutaneous tissue—hence looking bloated and puffy. To depuff and wake up skin a quick exfoliation will work wonders; just rub a damp, cool flannel over your face in circular motions to remove dead skin cells. Washing your face with an egg yolk will also help to stimulate your skin boosting cell turnover. The magic ingredient is vitamin A. After cleansing or exfoliating your face apply the yolk all over your complexion with a cotton pad, avoiding the eye area. Leave on for five minutes then rinse off with warm water. Alcohol also drains the body and skin of moisture, so replenish levels by using a serum containing Hyaluronic Acid under your moisturiser as it helps the skin retain water (it can hold up to 1,000 times its own weight in water) but do leave it to sink in for at least ten minutes before adding moisturiser or foundation. Try Super Facialist Neroli Firming Intense Facial Serum (£16.99) which helps fight the signs of skin fatigue and dullness =

Another tip for brightening up morning-after skin is to follow this with a simple face massage the face using your fingers. Apply moisturiser in firm circular motions to help stimulate blood flow and give your skin a rosy glow. Alcohol also dilates blood vessels, which is why flushed cheeks might last hours after your last sip. Cold temperatures can help reduce blood vessels showing on the surface of the skin so keep a pot of moisturiser in the fridge, which will help calm redness or try splashing cold water on your face which will also help or try SkinCeuticals Redness Neutralizer (£75) a light gel-cream clinically proven to help reduce visible skin redness by decreasing the skin’s temperature and reinforcing the skins barrier function to protect it further (

If you feel your skin needs some extra help there’s nothing better after a few too many parties than relaxing and letting the experts take over. A professional facial will revitalise tired skin, and address any other skin concerns. If you have a few days spare before the next big ‘do’ try the LA Facial which lifts and tightens facial contours, smoothes lines and breathes new life into dull tired skin. The one hour treatments uses a combination of radio frequency and heat technology to stimulate collagen and you’ll see great results around a week later which will last well into the new year, just enough time to tide you over until the next round of parties. From £350 call O3335775570 or go to for more details.

More rescue tips coming soon…!

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For almost every surgical procedure, there is a non-invasive option which means, no downtime, minimal discomfort and a fraction of the cost of cosmetic surgery, most importantly, it also means no general anaesthetic and a much speedier recovery as most of these procedures, are carried out in the doctor’s clinic. The results we are seeing from non invasive treatments are revolutionary. But remember quick fixes will not generally last as long as a surgical option and sometimes surgery is the only option for the result you desire. Always see an expert for advice to address your specific needs so always have a consultation before undergoing any treatments.

60 Minute Fast Fat Burner

Treatment – IV Infusion – Fast Hike Vitdrips’ have been dubbed the new Muscle Relaxing Injections. The latest infusions are more effective than taking vitamins orally as they enter the bloodstream immediately. This impressive blend will help you with your diet! It speeds up your metabolism, which means you will burn calories much faster – making exercise more effective. One a month recommended but you’ll rev up your metabolism straightaway. From £200

30 Minute Full Face Lift

Treatment- Silhouette Soft Suture Lift. This non-invasive procedure can lift sagging cheeks jowls and brows without pain and hardly any downtime. Using local anaesthetic, tiny incisions are made near the hairline and soft sutures are inserted to lift sagging skin back into place. There may be a little bruising which can be covered with make up. Instant results From £999 Results last up to one year. 0207 436 4441

Twenty Minute High Speed Hand Lift

Treatment – Restylane injections Bony. Wrinkled hands can be plumped up instantly using filler injections in the backs of the hands. The treatment will also disguise veins, making the hands look instantly younger. From £250 0207 436 4441

Ten Minute Wrinkle Softener

Treatment – Sprinkles Microinjections of Botulinum toxin will freshen the skin and give the face a gentle lift at the same time. You’ll see the results in two to three days which will last for four to six months. From £300

Twenty Minute Eye Brightener & Tightener

Treatment – Pelleve. Time, 20 minutes. Pelleve is the ideal skin smoother for the delicate skin under the eyes. It uses radio frequency waves to stimulate collagen production to smooth and tighten sagging skin The treatment is pain free and the results are excellent, and there’s no downtime. One treatment gives instant results but a course of 6 treatments will give lasting effects with one maintenance treatment every 6/12 months. From £150 per treatment.

Fifty Minute Fast Facial

Treatment – Bespoke Red Carpet Facial. Time, 50 minutes. Ideal for a quick fix before a big night. A mix of targeted serums mixed for your skin type including hyaluronic acid and collagen protein serums are applied to the skin and driven into the skin with a blast of ultrasound waves to deeply hydrate smooth away fine lines, and give a dewy glow. Results are instant and the glow will last for up to three days. From £150

Sixty Minute Bingo Wing Banisher

Treatment – BodyTite. A minimally invasive procedure using laser technology to suck out excess fat, and then shrink and tighten the skin. You’ll have to wear a compression garment for a few weeks after but you’ll see immediate results, with best results after six months but the good thing is there’s no scarring and as long as a sensible diet is maintained after treatment the results are permanent – cost is from £

Twenty Minute Neckline Revamp

Treatment – Smartxide Laser. Topical anesthetic is applied to the skin. The treatment feels like a mild pinprick sensation as the laser is directed over the skin causing a rapid tightening of the skin and stimulating collagen production. Immediately after treatment, some redness which may last up to seven days. Improvement in texture, colour and tightness of the skin can be expected within a fortnight. Results last up to three years. From £600

Forty Minute Tummy Trimmer

Treatment – Pro Shock. Best for small pockets of fat which are diet resistant. It uses cryolipolysis – the next generation of fat freezing – and combines two technologies to break down fat and tighten skin. A small plate like device is placed directed onto the skin over the areas to be treated and then rapidly cooled. This crystallises the lipoids in the fat cells so they dissolve, and are then eliminated from the body naturally over the following weeks. Next, high-pressure acoustic waves are targeted over the treated areas to help tighten the skin.

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