From dehydration and increased sensitivities to wrinkles and redness, air pollution isn’t just damaging our health; it’s making us look years older, too. Here’s my pollution solution..

Deep Cleansing with The Laser and Light Facial
Pollution Matter – called PM  -is a damaging mix of chemical and dust particles, which are small enough to enter the skin.  A deep cleansing profession facial once a month will help zap the nasties. Forget the quick cleanse tone and polish and tap into the power of the new ‘extreme’ do-it-all facials that deliver targeted skin treatments with results that last up to three months. Try the 90 minute Laser and Light Facial, an 8 step facial which combines ingredients including stem cells and peptides with   microdermabrasion, glycolic peel, intense pulsed light  (IPL), red light therapy, radio frequency energy finishing with a topical rejuvenating mask and SPF protection. Skin will look smoother, more radiant and more nourished, and will improve over the following month as new collagen is formed. From £499 

Peel Away Stressed Skin
New research shows that pollutant particles also cause oxidative stress in the skin by forming free radicals, which in turn cause visible ageing, the same sort of wrinkles and age spots which are also caused by too much sun A chemical peel can help reveal fresher younger skin to as well as erasing fine lines and boosting collagen production. But forget the old style peels, now there’s a new patented technology called Easy TCA Pain Control which means deep peels used for pigmentation and scarring can be carried out safely and pain free.  We call them Glow Lightly peels and best results are seen after a course of four weekly treatments – from £180 a peel.

Fight Sagging with Ellanse
Along with increased sensitivities, pollution can contribute to facial sagging and a loss of firmness. But new volumising injectable filler called Ellanse can immediately correct wrinkles and plump out hollows while also stimulating the growth of new collagen. You’ll see an immediate plumping effect but best results will be seen after six weeks as new collages is form with results lasting up to two years. From £450



Anti-pollution skincare is one of skincare’s biggest trends so there’s plenty of choice when it comes to building an effective daily skincare regime to protect skin. Ideally, anti pollution skincare products should sit on top of the skin so they can effectively shield pollutants without the risk of clogging pores and should be used before applying makeup. Look for Rosina’s Lotions & Potions Kale & Pomegranate Exfoliating Face Mask to combat urban pollution. £25 rosinaslotionspotions.com

An ideal pollution-fighting regime would be an antioxidant-rich serum followed by a moisturiser and sunscreen and a thin layer of mineral make-up.

Look for ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin E and ferulic acid as these help to neutralize free-radical damage. Niacinamide (a form of vitamin B3) is another great ingredient that can restore and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier, while improving skin hydration and promoting skin surface exfoliation. Always use sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher .
Up your intake of pollution-fighting nutrients. These include antioxidants from any fruit and veg, but especially greens, berries, peppers, sweet potatoes, carrots and chilli’s. Nuts and seeds are great and so is live yoghurt, seaweed and flavonoids (red wine, tea, cacao, and red fruits like cherries, currants).

Effective cleansing is absolutely vital. This is not only to remove dirt, pollution particles, and make-up, but will help unblock pores.  Be gentle and don’t over scrub. Go old school by using a flannel and a creamy cleanser or try a  sonic cleanser, but be gentle as it can make skin very dry.

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Trinny in rubber mask. Victoria Beckham in foil mask. Does your skin need a post summer boost but your budget can’t quite stretch to a professional facial? Then, why not invest in a mask.

It’ s easy to write off beauty masks as an occasional indulgence or an expensive spa treat but not anymore. When it comes to red-hot skincare trends, facemasks are having a moment and the latest ones are hardworking, multi-tasking marvels which can deliver serious results in the comfort of your own home. What’s more you can pick up a good one for a fiver or less.

Over the last year sales of masks have trebled thanks to celebrities such as Trinny Woodhall and Victoria Beckham taking to social media to show off their masks.  

From rubber masks to the latest bubble masks, there’s a whole new world of face masks out there and no matter what problems you’re having with your skin, there’s one to help supercharge your skincare routine.

Whether your skin is tired or simply in need of some rejuvenation, a weekly mask can do wonders for your skin, brightening and hydrating to wrinkle-softening and pore shrinking, They are especially good to use at this tricky time of the year, post summer and ahead of winter, when skin needs some extra pampering and are a serious line of defence against the sudden drop in temperature.

Containing skin-loving ingredients, like hyaluronic acid and anti-ageing retinol they work by boosting t cell turnover, collagen and elastin production and because they are left on your skin for longer, will push ingredients further into the skin than your normal face cream.

But with so many different ones being launched how do you decide which is best for you? Here’s our guide to the newest masks on the market and how to use them – just make sure you invest in one.

Masks Demystified;

Sheet Masks

Originating from Asia, sheet masks, also called cheat sheets, are versatile, can treat most skin issues, and have instant skin-boosting benefits. They are also popular because of their single-dose application and are ideal to take with you when you’re travelling as they take up no space at all.  Made from a cloth or paper with cut outs for your nose mouth and eyes   and saturated in serum based ingredients they are usually left on for 10-20 minutes, Try:

Origins Lavender Soothing Sheet Mask, £5 origins.co.uk Suitable for most skin types, this Lavender infused cloth facial mask with pure flower extracts and bamboo will help boost hydration, soften the appearance of fine lines and give tired skin a boost. Smooth the cloth over face avoiding eyes and lips and relax for 10 to 15 minutes.

Multi Tasking masks

These cleaver new masks do it all by acting as a cleanser, exfoliator, as well as a hydrating treatment. Apply to cleansed skin, leave on for ten to fifteen minutes and then rinse off. Try:

Rosina’s Kale and Pomegranate Enzyme Exfoliating Mask  £20 rosinaslotionspotions.com A multi-tasking mask that can be used daily as a cleanser to remove pollution and dead skin cell build or as a once a week skin booster. Contains pomegranate enzymes to gently exfoliate your skin while the organic, vitamin-rich kale will make even the most dehydrated skin feel suppler.  To use as a mask apply a generous layer to the skin twice a week, avoiding the delicate eye area, and allow it to penetrate for about 3-5 minutes then rinse off and apply moisturiser.

Bubble Masks

The latest trend, bubble masks are essentially deep cleansing masks and often come in clay creams and sheet formulas. They use a special oxygenation process hence the bubbling effect and after applying to your face they begin to foam up with huge bubbles to help decongest and detoxify the skin tackling blocked pores and excess oil. Apply to cleansed skin and leave on skin for 10 minutes before rinsing off. Apply moisturiser afterwards or even better, double mask and use a collagen or moisturising mask to give skin added moisture surge. Try:

BeautyPro’s Detoxifying Foaming and Cleansing Sheet Mask with Activated Charcoal (£4.95 from ww.beautypro.com) a deep cleansing mask that is smooth when applied, but as soon as the ingredients hit the skin and become exposed to air they begin to create a bubbly froth.

The bubbling action also creates a micro massaging motion helping to wiggle pores open and allowing the detoxifying charcoal and exfoliating fruit extracts get to work on every layer. The addition of rose water, lavender and chamomile will also rehydrate skin so you’re not left with that taut, stretched sensation once you wipe away the bubbles.

Rubber masks

While rubber masks have been popular in Asia for the last couple of years, they have only recently been launched in the UK. TV presenter Trinny Woodhall recently credited a rubber mask for boosting and tightening her complexion but they are not a quick fix as most take around 30 minutes or longer to work their magic. They are generally made from a powder formula that is mixed with water to create a paste.  When applied to cleansed skin the mixture dries into a rubbery consistency and can then be easily peeled off after the allotted time.

Rubber masks are particularly good for sensitive skin types, as they tend to be less irritating as the mask hardens on the skin. Try Crystal Clear Facelift In A Box (£14.99 from www.crystalclear.co.uk) Good for anti ageing and softening lines and wrinkles, this hydrating and lifting rubber mask, contains Algae Gel Active, de-toxifying Diatomaceous Earth and Wheat Protein and amino acids for moisturising and toning. The mask dries in 30 minutes and leaves skin lifted and firm. Good to use before a special occasion when you need that extra lift.

Jelly Masks

The latest Jelly masks are similar to other creamy facemasks but have slightly more wobble to them.  Simply scoop out a piece of the jelly consistency, massage it into your skin until it turns into a cream, and allow the formula to do its magic for around 10 minutes. Then rinse off. Try Ultrabland Jelly Face Mask (£7.95 from Lush) based on an ancient Greek formula for cold cream, and made with almond oil, rose water, beeswax and honey, this cleansing mask removes all traces of dirt and makeup, without stripping away your skin’s natural defences.

Foil Masks

Victoria Beckham is a fan of these ‘space -age’ looking foil-backed sheet masks. The foil top layer has a protective barrier underneath, a cellulose sheet, soaked in ingredients and the idea is that the foil will stop the ingredients evaporating and will have a warming effect on the skin for faster absorption. Try: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Powerfoil Mask, (£16.50 John Lewis branches) – comes in two parts, a section for the upper face and another to fit around the lower face and contains double dose of moisture boosting hyaluronic acid to leave skin hydrated and brighter.



*Most masks contain ingredients in a higher concentrated dose, which will be sitting on your skin for a while so if you suffer with sensitive skin or have on-going skin issues, like rosacea, do a spot test with your mask before you apply to your face.  Apply a small amount of the formula to the area just inside your elbow, which is similar to the skin on your face. Keep it on for the same amount of time that you would be using and see if there’s a reaction.

* If you are looking for a mask to hydrate dry, thirsty skin choose a mask containing hyaluronic acid. For skin brightening look for ingredients like Vitamin C, for pore refining or breakouts, Pomegranate or charcoal in a clay-based mask will work their magic, while a peel off mask is good for exfoliation.

*Steaming your face beforehand will open up the pores making the mask work harder and to boost the efficacy of your facemask even further try a mask primer.

*Be generous when applying a creamy mask  – if wearing a sheet mask lie down to stop it slipping off – this will also help blood circulation and will direct oxygen to your face.

*Use a clean flannel soaked in warm water to remove all traces and finish with a light dab of moisturiser. If using a sheet mask do not wash off any residue, massage excess into the skin with the tips of your fingers *If you’re using a clay mask don’t wait for it to dry out completely as this can draw moisturise from this skin and cause irritation.

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Liposuction? Old hat. Wrinkle fillers? So yesterday.

Nowadays, it nipple tucks and chin jobs that are regularly replacing tummy tucks and boob jobs.
In the world of anti ageing, there’s always something new that makes its mark and the demand for non-surgical procedures has soared over the last year driven by celebrity trends.
News of Kylie Jenner having lip fillers caused a surge of enquiries in some clinics, with one London practice reporting a 70% rise in lip filler enquiries in the 24-hours following the news. And fuelled, by photos of pertly perfect celebrities wearing barely there dresses and see thru tops, nipple surgery is now one of the fastest growing procedures.
According to Lesley Reynolds, from London’s Harley Street Skin Clinic, the number of young women enquiring about nipple procedures has quadrupled over the last six months.
Says Lesley:
“We call it the Naked Dress phenomenon and it’s been driven by stars like Kim Kardashian and Rhianna who are often photographed wearing next to nothing.
In fact, no one bats an eyelid when a celebrity wears a see thru dress or is practically naked on the red carpet, but it has sparked an enormous rise in enquiries from young women wanting to emulate their style and the body to do it.
We’ve even had women coming in with photographs of Kim Kardashian’s nipples wanting theirs to look exactly the same shape and colour or wanting their nipples to protrude more so they will show through when they wear a flimsy top.”

  And the recent ITV hit show Love Island had the same effect.
“Demand for bottom shaping treatments, especially for a bottom like Jessica Shears and for belly button makeovers – again from young women in their twenties and thirties – shot up when it was on air. We find women pore over the tiniest of detail. From the dimples in a star’s lower back when wearing a backless gown to a star’s flawless and pore-less complexion – nothing escapes their scrutiny.”
But it’s not only young women fuelling the demand for cosmetic procedures.

“This year seventy is the new 50, and there is nothing stopping today’s active seniors from looking as young as they feel and act. More and more women and men in 70s and even 80’s are undergoing cosmetic treatments like The Hitch Lift which corrects ageing eyes, as well as  chin procedures both without surgery to maintain a youthful appearance.
As less invasive techniques continue to evolve, coupled with people living better and longer, there is really no maximum age for cosmetic procedures anymore.”
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As the colder weather moves in it’s time to get skincare savvy and give your skincare routine a re-think. We all know that taking the right mix of vitamins is crucial for long term health but as we grow older they can also play a vital role in fighting the signs of ageing. Research shows that the body is only capable of delivering a small percentage of vitamins ingested to the skin and even then there’s no way you can direct them to tackle problem areas – like pigmentation or wrinkles. The answer is to apply vitamins topically to deliver potent nutrients exactly where you need it – from smoothing wrinkles, calming redness to erasing dark circles. A number of cosmetic companies first introduced vitamins into their skin creams in the 1930s. The two most common vitamins used then were A and D, but since then the list has grown considerably with the studies showing that using the right mix of topical vitamins whether in cream, oil or serum form will help keep your skin supple and glowing. Follow our user’s guide to the top vitamin ingredients.

Vitamin A The Wrinkle Fighter

What it does Anyone who wants younger looking skin should use this anti ageing powerhouse. When applied to the skin, vitamin A can boost collagen and is the fastest solution for wrinkle reduction, often showing first results in less than two months. This superstar ingredient will also fade pigmentation and help keep skin healthy and clear,

How to use Retinol, retinoid acid and retinyl palmitate are all forms of Vitamin A in various forms and strengths– the strongest, retinoic acid, is only available on prescription, while over the counter products usually contain retinoids/ retinyl linoleate (a synthetic form of Vitamin A). All forms are potent and effective but side effects include redness and itchy skin so if you are new to Vitamin A try over the counter products first because the retinol they contain is slowly converted to retinoic acid, the active ingredient in prescription creams, but in smaller amounts. All forms are best used as a night cream mostly, because sunlight makes most forms of vitamin A

Find it in For prescription creams see your dermatologist or call 0207 436 4441

Over the counter products: Indeed Labs retinol reface retinol skin resurfacer £13.33 (boots.com) or

La Riche-Posay Redermic ® Anti-Wrinkle Treatment £22.12 (boots.com

Vitamin B Counteracts Redness and Boosts Hydration

What it does A great winter skin ingredient when skin needs a moisture boost and protection from redness. There are various forms of Vitamin B but all can do wonders for the skin, but the most popular form is Niacinamide which has anti-inflammatory properties.

*Vitamins B1 & B2 aid cellular energy production and enhances activity of other B vitamins.

*Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) improves skin barrier function and ceramide production to boost hydration, stimulate production of collagen and fibroblasts and reduce hyperpigmentation. It is also a milder alternative to exfoliators like glycolic and helps skin become more even-toned

*Vitamin B5 helps tissue repair. Protects skin against sunburn and aids hydration.
Vitamin B6 particularly known for anti-inflammatory properties

How to use Apply morning and night on all areas of the face, neck and body but avoid eye area. If any irritation occurs stop using the product for one or two days and then try using every other day. If irritation continues, stop using

Find it in

Olay Regenerist 3 Point Super Serum £20.99

Oskia Bedtime Beauty Boost £74 (oskiaskincare.com)

SkinCeuticals Metacell Renewal B3 £98 skinceuticals.co.uk

Vitamin C The Free Radical Fighter and Brightener

What it does There are many different types including ascorbic acid L-ascorbic acid and magnesium ascorbyl phosphate but whatever form this favourite antioxidant has proven ability to stimulate collagen production, smooth rough patches and fade brown spots Also helps mop up the free radicals that trigger wrinkling and sagging and other signs of ageing

How to use Apply in morning and evening to face, neck and décolleté before sunscreen – an anti ageing powerhouse if used with vitamin A

Find it in Institut Estherderm Intensif Vitamin C Serum, a unique powder to serum formula, £27 followed by Intensif Vitamin C Cream, £64 from www.feeliunique.com

Vitamin D

What it does Not one of the most popular ingredients but is easily absorbed by the skin and oftencalled the ‘sunshine vitamin because of its key role in cell metabolism and turnover. Also improves skin texture and smoothness, frequently used in in creams for problems like psoriasis and rosacea.
How to use – good for all over the complexion and can be used morning and night or for skin issues as prescribed by a skin doctor

Find it in Super Facialist Salicylic Acid Anti Blemish Clay Mask £6.66 boots.com

Vitamin E – The Repairer and Dry Skin Defender

What it does Vitamin E – often known as Tocopherol, is an antioxidant which is good for fighting free-radical damage and strengthening the skin’s moisture barrier. Recent research has also proved it has powerful anti-inflammatory action and wound healing properties which is why it is also incorporated into many products that help minimise scars, burns and stretch marks as well as one of the key components of sunscreens and nail products

How to use – use on face and body once or twice a day or as recommended by product

Find it in Lanolips 101 Fruities ideal for lips and dry patches £7.99 from feelunique.com

Boots Vitamin E moisture cream £2.59

Embryolisse Artist Secret Radiant Eye Beauty Cooling Stick £20.59 – a make up artist’s secret weapon for instantly smoothing and brightening the eye area

Vitamin K The Dark Circle Diminisher and Eye Brightener

What it does The least know vitamin but very effective for evening skin tone, reducing discolouration and dark circles. It works by controlling blood clotting, thus strengthening damaged and broken capillaries so you will mostly find it in eye creams.

How to use In one study daily use of a vitamin K eye cream significantly lightened circles after four months of use – try using twice a day am and pm or as directed

Find it in

Stratum C Menopause Vitality Eye Serum £54 dermacaredirect.co.uk

Reset your beauty clock

The clocks go back this Sunday which means an extra hour of beauty sleep so make the most of it Skin cells turn over more quickly when you sleep and If you don’t get enough sleep, your skin won’t renew itself and will start looking dull—especially as you age, when cell turnover is slowing down. Skin temperature also rises when you sleep, allowing topical treatments to penetrate the skin more effectively than they do during the day. Using an effective night cream will support your skin during this process. and the latest generation have been developed for all skin types working hard while you sleep to target everything from fine lines and wrinkles to sun damage and dehydration. Try Jojoba Night Cream £34.99 (hollandandbarrett.co.uk) which contains marine collagen and CoQ10 to encourage overnight skin renewal or James Read Sleep Mask Tan £20 (marksandspencer.com) if you want to wake up glowing.

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Nipples and Tuck

Nipples are the unexpected surgery trend this year with everything from nipple lift surgery to areola reduction in demand.  We can improve nipples that are the wrong shape, or wrong size or change the colour and size of the areola.
Nipple Lift: The procedure involves creating several small flaps around the nipple to push it up and out to give the nipple more definition or to even out asymmetrical nipples. The nipple can be raised around 1.5cm -2cm above its existing level to enhance the appearance and make the breast look more pert”. Cost from £2,500
Areola Reduction:  An average areola- the pigmented area around the nipple- measures around 4.5 cm in diameter but pregnancy can stretch the entire breast and areola. When breasts shrink after pregnancy, the areola may not return to its previous size. Weight gain and breast sagging can also cause an increase the size.  Areola reduction surgery is a relatively simple procedure and involves removing skin around the areola. The outer circumference of the existing large areola is marked, and the circumference of the desired smaller areola is marked and the skin between these two circles is removed and stitches are placed.  This quick snip can usually be done under local anaesthesia, and requires minimal downtime. The surgery can leave a small scar that fades over time. From £2,000
Nipple Colour The colour of the areola can range from pale to blend with fair breast skin to dark brown, depending on the rest of your colouring. Nipples can also darken during pregnancy, and some may stay that way after giving birth. If you’re unhappy with the colour, the area can medically be tattooed to enhance the shade or to make the outline more even. An initial consultation will determine the exact colour match for your skin type and a test patch will be carried out before treatment. A retouch is essential between 4-12 weeks after your initial treatment. This enables the fine tuning of colour density and making sure the pigments are retained uniformly. From £750 Results can last up to three years.
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Nothing adds 10 years like bad hair!

Women get comfortable with their hairstyle and because something worked well when they were younger they think that it will look good all their life. Not true. Just think of Linda Evangelista who has made a (successful) career out of changing her hair length and colour all the time. Just when we got used to one look, she changed it..a true chameleon.

The sight of the first grey hair is just the beginning – and don’t forget that this happens in early to mid-30’s for most women – but don’t panic, just get a few lowlights or highlights which blend in with your natural shade. But if you do go grey fast, then a permanent colour may be the answer. Some women go grey gracefully and look fantastic …Helen Mirren for instance who still looks sexy even when she lets her hair go its natural silvery grey…but for mere mortals grey can be incredibly ageing.

Tip: If you have a grey roots emergency and you’re a brunette, use a little black or brown mascara to cover them up. Don’t overload the brush though and old mascaras that have dried out slightly work best, so don’t throw them out!

Fringes can hide a multitude of sins, such as forehead wrinkles and frown lines, just experiment with the length and style . Feathering works for some, or a side-swept fringe works for other.

Tip: Try lightening your eyebrows a little. If you feel confident you can gently apply a little facial hair bleach, making sure to keep out of your eyes, but if not then most beauty salons can do this for you.

Nothing screams youth and vitality more than super-shiny hair. As we get older hair becomes drier and loses its lustre. Try taking a supplement containing Omega 3,6and 9 fatty acids which are great for hair health. And every now and then take a little time and put a deep conditioning mask onto your hair and let it do it’s work. Olaplex is a new condition which works wonders and is easily available on line.

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As temperatures drop so does your skin’s moisture. Here’s how to fight back and recharge a dull complexion.
Boost Radiance with Photo Rejuvenation (IPL)
Lumecca, the newest IPL rejuvenation system boosts collagen, targets broken capillaries and sun damage, and will also help clear age spots and improve skin tone. A small hand piece emits as an intense flash of light which releases energy into the skin. One treatment, which is quick and relatively pain-free will instantly improve skin tone but for longer lasting results and a serious red carpet glow try a course of three to six treatments, spaced at least ten days apart (It is vital that you use SPF 30 after the treatment to protect the new skin.)
From £60 – £100 a session

Supercharge your Skin with a HydraFacial
This hard working facial is all about results, and delivers immediate, visible results and lasting anti ageing benefits with no downtime. The treatment combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration, red light therapy and antioxidant protection all in one session and is clinically proven to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, acne prone skin and brown spots. The whole experience lasts around 75 minutes. One treatment will give your skin a serious boost leaving the complexion instantly brighter, tighter and glowing. Cost from £125

Get Glowing with a Peel
A Glycolic acid peel is great for freshening up dull, tired skin. This acid occurs naturally in sugar cane and gently dissolves the glue-like substance that holds dead skin cells on the surface of your skin revealing a smoother, brighter complexion. It comes in a variety of strengths and is suitable for all skin types – even sensitive. You’ll need a course of four to six peels a fortnight apart to get glowing then a top-up once a month. There’s no downtime. From £60

And Don’t Forget….
Skin changes during the winter months and can easily become dry, flaky and sensitive due to central heating and frequent changes in temperature, i.e. going from warm rooms to chilly winds.
*Look for ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, and Urea in your moisturiser as these are humectants which bind moisture to the skin.
*Add another layer like a serum to your daily skincare regime to give your skin the extra support it needs.
*Use a weekly mask at home to help hydrate and improve texture of the skin- Try Rosina Rosina’s Kale and Pomegranate Enzyme Exfoliating Mask (£20 rosinaslotionspotions.com) a multi-tasker and an all in one cleanser, mask and a facial designed for daily use to remove pollution and dead skin cell build up.
*Boosters are a new addition to skin care and are designed to be added to your current regime to tackle specific skin concerns. Try Hylamide Glow Radiance £20 boots.com) a pick me up booster for tired, dull skin. This fast acting serum also contains melanin peptides to encourage a natural golden sun-kissed glow and will help even out skin tone – to use simply add a couple of drops to your normal moisturiser.
*Try a moisturiser with light reflecting particles – try Olay Essentials Complete Care Multi Radiance Fluid SPF15 (£9.99 www.olay.co.uk)
* If you are on a tight budget make your own radiance mask. Honey and lemon have natural properties that work to brighten and give a natural glow to the skin. Simply mix one tablespoon of lemon juice with one tablespoon of honey and dab gently over damp skin face. Leave on your face for 15-20 minutes, and then wash your face with cold water. Use once a week.

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Alternative Skin Boosters

What makes you look younger? Three things – hydration elasticity and firmness . If dermal fillers aren’t for you try these alternatives that work to plump, boost and lift.
At Home
* Boost cell turnover and make exfoliation part of your regular skin care routine to help even out skin tone, keep pores from clogging and to avoid dryness.
* Taking care of your skin is the number one way to not only look good, but also age gracefully. Up your skin care routine and always include a serum before using a moisturiser. Look for products contacting, peptides, retinol and Vitamin C, known to boost collagen synthesis.  Try Medik 8’s C-Tetra antioxidant serum has been found to increase collagen production (£28 effortlessskin.com)
*Try topical skin plumpers – Filorga Nutri-filler Lips gives lips am immediate plumping boost as well as targeting wrinkles (£26 marksandspencer.com). For an overnight plumping effect try Eucerin Hylaron Night Filler Cream packed with hyaluronic acid (£25 boots.com)
* Remember to feed your skin from the inside too – collagen which gives skin firmness and support is made from amino acids that are found in protein-rich food such as eggs, meat, fish, nuts and seeds. Vitamin C is also essential for the synthesis of collagen and is a powerful antioxidant while purple foods that contain anthcyanins – blueberries, blackcurrants and prunes, for example – support collagen production. Dark green vegetables such as spinach, kale and asparagus also help strengthen the body’s ability to manufacture collagen.
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When you’ve had your fill

Here’s what you need to know to stay safe along with alternative treatments and skincare to plump and boost.
And remember – anti ageing and cosmetic procedures aren’t about desperately trying to look 20 something for ever, but looking great for the age you are – which Courtney Cox is now clearly embracing.

The popularity of dermal fillers has grown so rapidly that it is estimated there are now over 160 fillers available in the UK market alone, some of which promise temporary effects and others permanent.
The most widely used and the safest fillers are made from Hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance in the body and rarely causes any reactions, such as the market leaders Restylane, Voluma, Juvederm, Hydrafill and Belotero  – and the results will usually last up to one year.  These are always our fillers of choice as they look natural and are easily reversible with an injection of enzyme called hyaluronidase, which will instantly dissolve the filler, so you can get you back to where you used to be in a matter of hours. A reversal procedure can cost anywhere from £300 for a small lump or two, to £500 for an extensive problem like overfilled cheeks and lips but you usually need only one treatment.
However, filler reversal is usually only effective for HA fillers, and will not work on Radiesse, Artefill, or Silicone. If you are not happy with those types of dermal fillers, the only option is to wait until they dissolve naturally (Radiesse), or to have them surgically removed (Artefill and Silicone).

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It’s no secret that many celebrities find ageing under the glare of the media spotlight quite a challenge. And for actress Courtney Cox, dealing with the Hollywood pressure to look forever young has, she’s confessed, been a constant struggle.
But after years of regularly injecting her face with dermal fillers to maintain the plump features of youth, the 53-year-old actress is now filler-free and has spoken out about the pressure to undergo cosmetic procedures.
The former Friends star told New Beauty magazine: ” I was trying so hard to keep up, and that actually made things worse. I’ve had all my fillers dissolved. And now I’m as natural as I can be. I feel better because I look like myself. I think that I now look more like the person that I was. I hope I do.”
The actress says she now plans to age naturally. ”Things are going to change. Everything’s going to drop. I was trying to make it not drop, but that made me look fake,” she admitted when speaking about past injections.
The main problem with fillers is they can easily become addictive and as Courtney admitted, before she knew it, her injections were “layered and layered and layered ” over time. “You have no idea because it’s gradual until you go, ‘Oh sh*t, this doesn’t look right,'” she said.
Undoubtedly, dermal fillers are a quick and easy way of disguising the signs of ageing and done well the result can be subtle, pretty and rejuvenating but the main danger is thinking you can keep having endless syringes of fillers to make everything look the same as it did ten years ago. It won’t. The skin’s elasticity isn’t the same, and won’t hold fat in the same way. As we age, the face changes shape. It loses volume, deflates and sags. And what looks good at 20 might look very strange at 50, especially when the aim is to restore volume in the face. Fillers can certainly replace some of the lost structure, volumising and supporting the tissues to some degree, but, when too much is used in certain areas  – like the area between the eyes and cheeks and the temples- it can cause the angles of the face to become distorted.
Practitioners must know exactly where and precisely how much filler to use to keep the natural contour of the face.  If you use too much you create a very unnatural look and just a millimetre can make the difference between a great result and a bad one. It takes surprisingly little extra volume to create the strange chipmunky face that is so common among Hollywood stars and, when taken to extremes, results in a flat, mask-like effect that looks barely human.
The key to successful treatments should always be a natural result that is not obvious and the correct technique for injecting fillers is very delicate.
But the good news is that most dermal fillers procedures are temporary and can easily be dissolved if you don’t like the effect or have been over plumped and this can be carried out quickly and easily at any time after having treatment.
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