Dark shadows and eye bags happen to the best of us – even stars like Jennifer Saunders who suffered a major make up fail when she overdid the under eye concealer at a glitzy event. Although Jennifer may have used a light diffusing powder which reacted under flashlight, when it comes to the eye area there are far easier ways to fake brighter eyes without risking the white eyed look. Here are a few quick tricks to solve the panda problem next time Jennifer…
*Perk up your peepers and instantly camouflage those under eye dark shadows with a brightening serum. Pixi Eye Zone Brightening Serum (£14 is a unique illuminating eye gel which reduces the appearance of fine lines, adds a youthful radiance, and reduces puffiness.
* Try a spot of Yo-Tox. Place the first two fingers of each hand on either side of your nose about an inch down from the center of your eyes. Keep a light pressure, close your eyes, and turn your eyes upwards in your head to gaze at the third-eye point – between your eyebrows. Stay for 5-10 seconds and repeat as needed to help reduce puffiness and stimulate the drainage of fluid from the eye area.
* To prevent any discolouration from the flash first apply an SPF blended with foundation all over the complexion. Then, use a liquid concealer to make the hollow area beneath the bags look less deep. Use a concealer that matches skin tone so you’ve got an even base. Then apply a second, slightly lighter shade of concealer over the top to brighten. For a flawless finish use an HD powder .Try Make Up For Ever’s Ultra HD Pressed Powder (£26.00 from Debenhams) which sets makeup and subtly mattifies the skin to leave a natural luminous finish without a trace of colour.
*For persistent dark circles caused by hollows and shadows a touch of filler under the eyes can work magic. From £250
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