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FestiveFixes Gift Guide

Forget perfume or a posh candle, according to a new survey an anti ageing fix or a nip and tuck gift voucher is the new must have Xmas present. The popularity of age defying treatments like wrinkle zapping Botox, face- lifting fillers and skin-smoothing laser are predicted to be number one on many women’s pressie list. And because most cosmetic makeover treatments require a course or a combination of procedures they can make the perfect Xmas package. Even better results will last longer than most gifts. So if you are stuck for gift ideas or want to give your other half a hint, leave this page open…

The Ultimate 2015 Youth-0ver

Called The Four In One Lift, this is the latest and ultimate non-surgical face fix using a combination of treatments which will rejuvenate the entire face and mimic a face lift. The procedure is minimally invasive and combines

*Muscle relaxing injections to smooth lines and balance features

*Dermal fillers to enhance cheeks restore facial contours and replace lost volume.

*Fractora Firm a radio frequency treatment to tighten jowls

*PRP Therapy which will brighten and tighten dull ageing skin

The course of four treatments can be timed to suit the patient or carried out in one session – £1200

Stocking Thrillers

The ultimate leg – make over package which combines Fractora Firm, a pain free resurfacing and skin rejuvenation treatment which uses radio frequency technology to help promote collagen and skin tightening to tighten cellulite, loose skin and those annoying ninkles – knee wrinkles – without any downtime or pain. The hand piece looks a bit like a hairbrush with fine needles which is placed on the skin and RF energy is passed through the needles to heat up the skin.. As the finishing touch a course of Sclerotherapy will then zap age spots and spider veins. Most people need a around six treatments spaced around a month apart to see results giving them perfect legs for summer.

Stocking Thriller package – £2200 incudes Fractora Firm course of 6 – £1200, 6 treatments Sclerotherapy £1000

The Complexion Perfection package

If acne has left its mark a course of Co2 laser treatments can smooth scarring and rejuvenate skin. The laser targets areas of the skin from a small wand like devices that is passed over the areas to be treated which damages the outer layers of the epidermis which flakes away as the skin heals. The laser’s fractional dot technology is quick add precise and can treat the entire face in around half an hour. The laser also heats the dermis which stimulates new collagen production so is excellent for acne scars and also leaving skin smoother and firmer. The package also includes special acne skin treatment programme.

Co2Laser Course of 3 treatments spaced four to six weeks’ apart- from £1200 plus optional skin care package and consultation

Happy New Ear

Ears age just like any other part of the face or body, mainly through the natural ageing process and constant exposure to the sun. Also, as collagen and elasticity decreases we lose volume in our earlobes and as the fat disappears they become elongated and saggy with fine wrinkling on the surface. Women who wear heavy earrings are particularly at risk because the weight pulls the ear downwards and stretches the skin even further and can leave extra large pierced holes. But ear reshaping can make pierced holes smaller and give the ears a lift. Two treatments usually required, the first uses laser to reshape the lobes and when they are healed, around three months later, a second session can plump the lobes using a filler. Diamond studs an optional extra!

Ear shaping two treatments – from £900

The Pick me up facial package

The laser facial has also been on the increase and Lumecca, is the newest IPL rejuvenation system which gives a boost to collagen whilst targeting broken capillaries, age spots and sun damage. Great for giving dull winter skin a radiant glow. Four sessions will restore a more youthful appearance. An add on Botox treatment at the end of the course will then zap lines leaving you look years younger.

Pick Me Up Facial Package £800 plus Botox £999

The Perfect Cleavage Fix

To give a little lift or put some volume back into the breasts this package combines two treatments. First part involves fat transfer system-where fat is taken from the tummy or hips, treated in a special machine and then mixed with your own platelets, it’s injected into the cleavage and décolleté This boosts the skin leaving it younger and fresher. The Angel PRP therapy that is used, uses your own blood to stimulate the regeneration of skin cells and boost collagen to improve skin quality. The treatments can be carried out under local anesthetic and results can last up to three years.

Cleavage Fix – From £2800,

Perfect Peepers

Virtually painless too and even better there’s no downtime involved, Pellevé delivers radio frequency energy to the skin via a special hand-held device. This stimulates collagen production and instantly refreshes baggy and saggy eyes. Most people see results immediately after one treatment but a course of six a fortnight apart will make sure eyes stay brighter and tighter for longer.

Pelleve Eyes – Course of 6 £1000

Fab Abs

Most women complain about the size of their stomachs –especially after Christmas so a toned tum is usually high on the wish list. Viora Reaction combines radio frequency energy and vacuum therapy to stimulate lymphatic draining, help shift fat and tighten saggy skin around the tum. feels like a warm massage and there`s no downtime. A course of weekly treatments recommended for best results

Viora Reaction for a tighter tummy skin, weekly sessions, 6 sessions cost £999

No More Worry Lines

Fancy spending 2015 looking line free and rested then a course of Sprinkles will do the trick. Sprinkles or baby Botox as we call it has taken over. Very few people want the frozen overdone look, and although Sprinkles is administered in the same way as Botox, a fraction of the amount is used, giving a fresh relaxed look.

Botox Sprinkles four sessions once every three months – from £199


Most people love receiving a gift card for their favourite shop or restaurant. So why not a cosmetic fix? For many women receiving a gift voucher for a package of cosmetic treatments may be their ultimate present. But beware because for some it may not .If you are asking for this as a gift, great but if you planning to buy someone a cosmetic fix for Christmas, make sure it’s someone you know well and who enjoys having treatments as you don’t want to offend them Do make sure you research the treatments thoroughly before booking, as for some people, certain procedures may not be suitable.

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