Andrea Mclean’s skincare secrets!

Loose Women’s Andrea Mclean revealed her favourite skin care secret in yesterdays Sunday Mirror- the Harley Street Skin Liner Eraser!

The Line Eraser is a highly effective anti-ageing serum containing the powerful neuropeptide Hexapeptide 8 which is known as ‘Botox in a Bottle’… Why? Because it mimics the way muscle-relaxing injections work and reduces the appearance of frown lines and wrinkles without the needle!

It also contains anti-ageing Retinyl Palmitate to increase skin cell turnover, so with regular use, skin will appear plumper and fresher and fine lines will be visibly reduced. These clever anti-ageing ingredients fight premature ageing by inhibiting muscle contractions that can deepen wrinkles so the earlier you start using it- the better! So while it gently resurfaces your skin, it will leave you with the fresh, glowing, frown-free complexion you’ve been longing for!

Quote code LEJ14 at the checkout when you order online to receive 50% off before 31/07/14.

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