Are Brits at risk with cheaper surgery abroad?

Record number of Brits are now packing their bags and heading off to be nipped tucked sucked and plucked. The allure? Surgery at a snip of the price that you would pay for in the UK. According to new research from private healthcare search engine medical tourism  has doubled in the last two years.Hot spots include:

·      Turkey where bottom  lifts are up 145% in past year alone.

·      Czech Republic as demand for Rhinoplasty soars 304% – Brits can save £2,710 there compared to staying in the UK for treatments.

·      Costly UK fertility treatments force couples to visit clinics in mainland Europe – top choices are Spain, Greece and the Czech Republic.

However, anyone thinking of going abroad for treatment should do their homework and beware of Internet sites offering cut-price deals, as underground treatments are becoming a growing cause for concern. Surgery is not a holiday but a serious medical procedure. It is much harder to research a surgeon’s record or qualifications and the safety of the clinic in another country. And medical insurance may be difficult to get if the surgeon is not in the UK. Remember too, proper aftercare is also crucial, especially after a general anaesthetic. Likewise, follow up appointments and check ups are essential so that the surgeon or doctor can be alerted to any potential problems but that can prove difficult to arrange when you are back home.

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