Q & A: I’m working from home and have developed a bad case of ‘tech’ neck – loose skin around the chin with lots of wrinkles on my neck – how can I treat this? – Natalie, Bristol

Skin is often neglected in this area. Use a good neck cream every day, which is designed to help the skin produce more collagen and elastin in order to maintain its firmness. Because the skin here is thinner, look for rich creams for more moisture. After cleansing, apply in an upward motion, all the way up the jawline.

Prai Neck Rescue Kit, £25, contains key ingredients in a rich formula; retinol to reduce wrinkles, hyaluronic acid to help plump and Squalane to lock in moisture. Prevention is also key, and the best way is UV protection. The majority don’t apply beyond our jawline, even though the neck is exposed.

Remember your posture. Sitting at a computer, or looking at your mobile, can result in neck and shoulders becoming tense and hunched. Ensure your computer and desk are at the correct height, and take regular screen breaks.

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