Ask Lesley – Does the area around your eyes always look dark and tired no matter what you do? Want to look brighter and more awake?

Dark skin under the eyes is a common problem and has many causes, including a build up of pigment, hereditary discolouration and blood vessels showing through the skin.

Sometimes dark circles can actually be shadows.  As facial skin sags and loses volume the area above the cheek hollows out, causing a shadow. The easiest treatment is to brighten the area.  Try an eye cream which contains an illuminator and top with a dab of concealer. Choose a concealer with a light creamy texture so it doesn’t settle in lines.  Try Medik8 Dark Circles, £34 (, a cover-up concealer which targets causes of dark circles, evens out skin tone and illuminates.

For a more permanent solution PRP is a great way to treat dark circles.  Blood is drawn from the arm and the growth factors are separated.  They are then injected into the area to stimulate new skin cells and collagen.  Results are natural-looking and expect up to five days’ recovery time.  From £400 per treatment.  Results last six to twelve months with one top-up required.
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