Ask Lesley – Q: My face is looking rather tired and drawn all the time, what can I do to look more refreshed without having to resort to a facelift?

Today there are many new techniques for facial rejuvenation – without using the scalpel. By using a skilful combination of non-surgical procedures we don’t have to change the structure of someone’s face, (which surgery can often do) but we can address other areas of the ageing face, for instance volume, skin tone and fine lines, which surgery cannot do.

Here at Harley Street Skin Reigate we have developed the No-Knife Facelift.. a stunning non-surgical ‘facelift’ offering a real alternative to the traditional surgical facelift. It guarantees great, natural-looking results that work with, and enhance, your features, leaving you looking like a completely refreshed and rejuvenated version of the old you. The procedure includes a combination of muscle relaxing injections to smooth out lines and balance the facial features, dermal fillers to enhance the cheeks, restore facial contours and replace lost volume in the tear trough areas beneath the eyes. If needed, we also gently restore volume in the lips, enhancing the shape, improve the complexion with laser resurfacing and address sagging jowls and smooth the jawline with PDO threads.

You will see a dramatic visible improvement from this combination of treatments, a bit like turning the clock back ten years! Lines, folds and wrinkles will be noticeably diminished, signs of sun damage and hyperpigmentation marks will lessen and the texture and tone of the skin will be drastically improved with a much fresher and younger appearance. Any signs of loose skin around the jawline and jowls will
be tightened up and the jawline will be more defined to give a much younger looking profile. There is very little downtime needed following PDO threads and most people can return to work 5-7 days after treatment. Laser resurfacing may need a week off work whilst the skin recovers. Both dermal fillers and muscle relaxing injections can result in minor bruising and some swelling but this can be covered with mineral make-up and will quickly disappear. The results will be visible for up to two years with top-ups of dermal fillers and muscle relaxing injections required twice or three times a year. Price for the combination treatment of PDO threads, filler, botox and laser from £2500.

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