How can I stop my skin from being so dull? I know it’s winter but thanks to the cold, I’m looking tired and blotchy?
Fran, London

This weather is not easy on the skin because one minute it is cold, then wet, then windy…and then, inexplicably it turns hot.  Not what we were expecting in late winter.  Well, I can suggest a couple of options to solve the problem.

At the Clinic:
Consider peeling away dull skin. Old-style chemical peels left skin red and sore for days before it flaked off, revealing newer skin. Who has the time for that? Yet peels are a great way to brighten the complexion, soften fine lines and pigmentation and reinvigorate the skin. The latest gentle peels filter into the skin and work their magic with minimal disruption on the surface.

Try a Glycolic acid peel, as it is great for freshening up dull, tired skin. This acid gently dissolves the glue-like substance that holds dead skin cells on the surface of your skin revealing a smoother, brighter complexion.  It comes in a variety of strengths and is suitable for all skin types – even sensitive. You’ll need a course of four to six peels a fortnight apart to get glowing skin, then a top-up once a month. There’s no downtime. From £60.

At Home:
Keep your moisturiser in the fridge to help reduce redness, as it’s soothing and calming. Try Eucerin AtoControl Acute Care Face Cream, £14, packed with omega fatty acids.  It’s ideal for dry, tight, and rough skin as it calms irritation and helps rebuilds barrier function, stopping irritants and allergens from causing itching and redness.

Make sure your foundation is not too pale and has a luminous glow.  Try Gosh Foundation Drops, £10.39, an ultra light texture that gives a flawless finish.

And watch your diet, cutting out alcohol and include lots of fresh fruit and veg that have anxioxidants, too. Try sleeping on your back only – sleeping on your front can mean rubbing your face against sheets and pillows with dust mites and even make up on them!

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