I suffer from spider veins and I think they are getting worse. What is your advice?
Sue, Devon
Fifty percent of all women will have these veins by the age 50.  Similar to varicose veins, but much thinner in diameter, they can pop up all over the body including the face and can be red, blue or purple and often develop in clusters, like little spider’s webs, hence the name. If the broken veins are relatively light, a self-tanner or mineral make up will be enough to camouflage them but if you want more serious coverage a good concealer perfectly matched to your skin tone will hide them – try Vichy Dermablend which gives the most complete, natural looking coverage for face and body imperfections. It’s waterproof, smudge-resistant and stays put for up to eight hours .  Try their trial kit £4.99 to get a good colour match first and always apply in daylight. 

As for creams, Medik8 Red Alert Redness Calming Serum  (£29

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Contains Teprenone an anti –redness ingredient that can help decrease the redness or try Remescar Spider Veins £29.95 which forms a long protective shield over and around the affected area to help the healing process. Include plenty of vitamin C and substances called bioflavonoids in your daily diet, as these strengthen the walls of blood vessels. The best sources of both are dark red berries, such as cherries and blackcurrants – tinned is fine – and citrus fruits, especially grapefruit. Avoid very hot to cold water temperatures. Blood vessels contract when exposed to extreme conditions and this can cause permanent broken capillaries.

But if it’s a clinic treatment you are after then try Photo Rejuvenation (IPL).
IPL rejuvenation targets broken capillaries, causing the veins of the walls to collapse and eventually disappear. It also helps tighten skin and makes it less blotchy by boosting collagen. A small hand piece emits as an intense flash of light that releases energy into the skin.  One treatment will instantly improve skin tone and leave a soft glow but for longer lasting results try a course of three to six treatments, spaced a month apart. Don’t forget it is vital that you use SPF 50 after the treatment to protect the new skin. From £60 – £100 a session.
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