Ask Lesley – How can I improve the look of my hands at home?

Q: My hands look thin, dry and old. I can’t afford expensive treatments – is there anything practical I can do at home to improve the look of them?

Most of us are so concerned about our facial wrinkles we forget about other parts of our body and it’s usually our hands which show signs of ageing first. Always protect your hands from the sun. Use a hand cream with a minimum SPF20 every day of the year and don’t waste it on the palms but concentrate using it on the backs of your hands. Also give your hands a weekly facial. Use an exfoliating scrub and apply your face-mask to the backs of your hands.

Pop on a pair of cotton gloves and leave on overnight for an extra moisture boost. Avoid washing your hands in very hot or cold water, as you will damage the skin and always use a milder soap that contains nourishing and moisturising oils to cleanse the skin. Wear protective gloves when doing housework or in the garden. Household products like bleach sprays and washing-up liquid can easily damage the skin’s natural PH balance.

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