ASK LESLEY: ‘How do I tighten sagging jowls because I don’t want major surgery?’

 The major concern is that surgical facelifts can involve general anaesthesia as well as needing considerable time for recovery, so it is good news that cosmetic surgery procedures have devised some treatments which don’t need as much downtime.

The first one that comes to mind is Silhouette Soft Sutures.  These lift the lower part of the face quickly and painlessly and the results often mimic a surgical facelift. It takes around 1 hour, costs from £1000 but allow 3-5 days recovery time.

Another good procedure is Necktite, particularly if your jowls are heavy.  It is a radio-frequency liposuction procedure to remove excess fat.  It tightens the skin too and has been specifically designed for the delicate neck area.  Cost is from £3500 and you need approximately 7-10 days recovery time.  The full results are not visible until six months later.

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