Do you wake up on a Monday morning.. or any morning for that matter with bags under your eyes? Whether it’s due to weekend partying, or just late nights staring at a computer screen.. dark circles instantly add on years to our age and the panda look isn’t flattering on anyone! Here are a few DIY beauty tips to make them go away!

1- Feed the problem

Thin slices of cold cucumber or raw potato placed over closed eyes work at reducing puffiness from too much partying!

2-Get cold comfort

Wrap an ice cube in a cotton handkerchief and gently press it underneath your eyes to reduce puffiness.

3-Buy more pillows!

When you lie down to sleep, the water in your body levels out and settles underneath your eyes which causes puffiness. If you sleep on your back and raise your head by propping it on a couple of pillows – fluid is drained away and reduces puffiness.

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