Banish the oily Summer skin

As much as we love the hot days, ice creams and BBQ’s, the one thing most women hate about Summer is oily skin. Even those that usually have dry or normal skin tend to have a shiny, oily complexion..which isn’t exactly the Summer “glow” we all desire.

So here are a few tips to save your skin this Summer;

  • Switch up the skincare regime: It’s great to have a steady regime you use all of the time, but sometime it’s necessary to switch up for the different seasons of the year. Try using a lighter moisturiser during the Summer, and dab it into the areas that most need it – such as the cheeks. Do not remove it from your regime as your skin will become oily regardless.
  • Use a primer: Most people find that the skin looks oily as make-up melts during the Summer, and this is exactly why I’m always going on about the importance of using a skin primer. It will not only ensure your make-up stays on for longer, but also minimises the appearance of pores and evens out skin tone before the application of foundation.
  • Exfoliation: If you don’t already, get exfoliating! Try it twice a week during Summer…but don’t overdo do it. If your skin become a little dry and feels tight, go back to once a week.
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