Barcode Lips

Sounds fun doesn’t it?  Cool and hip and probably a hot new treatment from Kardashianland?
Well no actually,  doctors call them perioral lip wrinkles and they can be caused by age, genetics, sun-exposure, and repetitive muscle movements because the mouth is a busy spot and there is repeated contraction of the upper lip muscles when we talk, eat, drink and kiss…and the skin becomes thinner due to the loss of collagen and slowdown in natural fibroblast cell activity. Obviously, smoking is a bad thing, but so is drinking through a straw!
And it is no laughing matter for those patients who have this problem.  I know, because I see a lot of people who want to get rid of these deep, vertical upper lip lines.

Tip:  I have found that using your eye serum can help too because whatever is good for the eye is also good to use on the lips and mouth,  Use one containing peptides as this will help stimulate the production of collagen, an essential ingredient for plum, firm skin.  Try No.7 Protect & Perfect Advanced Eye Cream, £18.  It uses Matrixyl 3000 Plus, No. 7’s most concentrated peptide technology to target lines and wrinkles.  I love it.

We recently treated Linda Nolan who had  the same problem.  Linda was very conscious of the deep vertical lines above her lips  and, as she told us, no amount of make up can hide these. We used system a new laser called Smartxide Dot Laser to treat her , a CO2 laser which can target small areas. It uses a small wand-like device which is passed over the treatment area. The high laser energy damages the outer layers of the epidermis which then flakes away as the skin heals leaving skin firmer and smoother. Depending on the depth of the lines, around two to three treatments are usually needed a month apart and will set you back around £300 per session. Results will last for many years too, depending on lifestyle habits.

Hyaluronic dermal fillers can work wonders on these lines, as can a gentle touch of Botox injected along the edges of the lip line to relax the muscles that cause wrinkling.  Choose your practitioner carefully though!

Come and talk to me if you have this problem and let’s zap that barcode!  020 7436 4441
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