Beach Bum Ready

Just as our breasts head south with age, our bottoms follow suit, giving us a saggy, flat behind that’s sometimes referred to as a ‘mum bum’.

Ways to fix it? Why don’t you try a few of my tips;

Work those butt cheeks!

Buttock clenches are the easiest way to firm up those muscles, and you can do it just about anywhere! If you want to take it a step further, try lunges and squats too.. You’ll start to see a difference if you do these three exercises for five minutes each day.

Exercise is the best way to tone that bottom, so beware of crash diets! Drastic diets are the enemy because you lose muscle as well as fat, we need strong muscles to keep good shape. Don’t starve your body because it will reach for lean tissue and muscle for its energy- then you’ll lose all your shape.


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