Would you have a bacial, a bottom facial? Celebrity ‘belfies’ – that’s bottom selfies have also inspired a rise in beauty treatments for the bottom. It’s not as silly as it sounds. Our bottoms don’t get the care and attention they deserve, most of us neglecting this area from our skincare routine altogether. Combine this with sitting down – on average women spend a staggering 56 hours a week sitting down – tight underwear which can cause friction which traps sweat and causes spots and it’s no wonder your posterior needs a little pampering.

Top treatment is the Bacial (bottom facial) which involves the same cleansing and firming mask treatments usually used on the face and neck. The Posterior Peel is also great for spotty bots, as it breaks down dry and dead skin cells The treatment uses glycolic acid, a natural substance derived from sugar cane and comes in a variety of strengths to leave bottoms glowing and clear. A course of four once a week, recommended if you really want to be top of the bots.

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