Lip procedures are back in demand and using one of the new fillers specially designed for lips will give a soft and natural result. Most of these fillers, which are made from hyaluronic acid, are a temporary option lasting anywhere from two-to-six months. But the latest news on dermal fillers is going to change that. Juvéderm Ultra XC just launched in the US and heading this way is designed to last for up to one year. Watch this space…




It’s estimated that around 60 per cent of us are not getting a decent nights sleep and according to new survey from Garnier more women worried about looking tired than wrinkles. But ironically sleep deprivation enhances the production of glycotoxins that will prematurely age skin.  So what’s the answer? Try slipping under the sheets at 10pm, the best time for vitality, perfect skin and good health because it follows the natural patterns of the sun rising and setting. As for getting up forget the traditional alarm clock as recent studies have shown that wake-up lights that gradually turn on and get brighter during the last 30 minutes of sleep can stimulate production of hormones that help us get up and go. In the meantime the beauty must have for faking a good night’s sleep is a good night cream.



Losing strength as we get older is part of the ageing process but help could be on the way thanks to the rejuvenating power of apples A chemical in apple peel could reverse muscle wastage in older people after just two months of treatment, scientists claim. They hope the discovery could lead to therapies for the elderly that help them keep more active for longer. Muscle wastage in old age is caused by the chemical ATF4, which starves muscles of essential proteins, leading to a loss of mass and strength. But ursolic acid, found in apple peel, and tomatidine, which comes from green tomatoes, can reduce ATF4 activity, scientists from the University of Iowa found.


There are plenty of beauty gadgets to choose from but the new Foreo Illuminating Iris Eye massager takes them  to the next level.  This breakthrough product mimics the traditional method of manual finger tapping used in professional facials to and is designed to reduce the signs of ageing around the eyes including puffy eyes, dark circles, crow’s feet and fine lines. Ergonomically designed to fit perfectly with the shape and skin around the dermal layer of the eye, the Iris boosts micro-blood circulation and oxygenates the skin and can be used with your favourite creams and serums to improve absorption or on its own as a soothing and rejuvenating eye massage to relieve tired and twitchy eyes. Quick and easy to use- it takes just one minute every morning -the device uses alternating T-Sonic technology, a gentle tapping sensation and has a built in timer and an 8 speed setting so that it can treat the delicate skin without damage. To use just apply your eye cream or serum and use the gadget for 30 seconds on each eye. (Foreo Illuminating Eye Massager £99



There’s an interesting connection between your confidence and your chance of developing skin cancer. Disliking your appearance could make you more vulnerable to skin cancer, according to research in the journal Health Psychology. From a national health study, the researchers selected 1,535 men and women who reported a history of sunburn and a low likelihood of using sunscreen, both of which are associated with an increased risk of skin cancer. They asked the participants about another risk factor—how much time they spent outdoors in the summer—as well as how attractive they considered themselves to be (very, moderately, slightly, or not at all). People who gave their looks the poorest ratings tended to report the greatest number of hours in the sun, the study found. The researchers did not assess how much of that time was spent sunbathing intentionally or simply working or exercising outside. But they suggest that this group may be inclined to get a suntan because they believe it improves their looks.People who negatively perceive their appearance have been found in separate studies to be more likely than others to engage in risky behaviours, such as smoking, having unprotected sex, and being sedentary, the researchers add. Ultimately, people who feel dissatisfied with their looks may wind up having a “low regard for keeping their bodies safe and healthy,” they explain.



A new topical eye cream set to launch in 2018, may help fight fat under the eyes and reduce bags and bulging. Dubbed XAF5 Ointment, and currently being developed by Topokine Therapeutics, the proprietary active ingredient penetrates into the fat to shrink the size of the fat cells .The smaller the fat cells, the less bagging there is. Results can be seen in about five weeks.

XAF5 Ointment (which is currently still in clinical trials) would be the first prescription-strength topical medication of its kind, and one day, may be able to replace the need for surgery.



It’s been hailed the wonder drug because Botulinum toxin has so many medical and cosmetic uses. Applied in carefully controlled doses to the face, it can smooth out wrinkles and banish frown lines. But doctors are now finding a wide range of other uses for botulinum, such as treating paralysis after a stroke, migraine headaches, and back pain, writer’s cramp and muscle spasms. We look at the latest advances using Botox


*Facial Muscles – research shows promise in treating facial muscles that control biting action, thus treating symptoms like jaw fatigue, headaches and ear neck and other pain.

*Migraine new studies show that Botulinum injections may reduce the frequency and severity of migraines

*Weak Bladder injected in the wall of the bladder can help with incontinence

*Blepharospasm causes spasms in and around the eyelids. This results in frequent blinking and closing of the eyes that you can’t control. Because of these symptoms, it can be hard to see. Treatment with BOTOX® can reduce muscle spasms. This reduces blinking, which may help restore the ability to see.

Strabismus, also called crossed eyes

Crossed eyes happen when certain muscles tighten around the eye. This tightening pulls the eyeball to the side. BOTOX® treatment can relax the affected muscles. Then the eyeball can return to its normal position.

*Severe underarm sweating the newest and most popular ways to prevent excessive sweating. When injected under the arms, in the palms of the hand or the soles of the feet this temporary solution blocks the body’s chemical signal that stimulates the sweat glands and inhibits their production

*Hand Tremors Australian researchers report that a shot of Botox® can ease hand tremors and improve writing ability among people with multiple sclerosis (MS)-related hand and arm tremors, which affect up to two-thirds of people with MS. In the study, the treatment eased tremors and improved patients’ writing ability. Right now, there’s no good way to treat MS arm tremor.

*Knee arthritisBotulinum injections may decrease the pain of knee osteoarthritis and potentially prevent or delay knee replacement surgery. Researchers from Minneapolis found that injecting Botox® directly into the knee joint relieved pain and improved function among people with severe knee osteoarthritis after one month.

*Premature ejaculation is a common condition among men aged 18 to 40 and latest research suggest botulinum may help control the muscle spasms that cause this condition, The theory is that the muscles involved in ejaculation may be over-active and injections may act as a muscle relaxant

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