So..the weather is getting colder and we are going to have dig out the trusty black opaques again.  In one way it is a relief because it means that our feet are no longer on show…not for another 6 months at least, or until the summer comes round again..but on the other hand it does mean hello to hard skin, calluses, corns and gnarly old toenails.

Actually it did use to be that way for me, but a couple of years ago I was so shocked at the state of my feet that I vowed never to let it happen again, so I pre-booked in a series of pedicures just to keep my feet in good shape over winter, and began using a foot cream every night.  I always use a hand cream just before going to bed, so how hard can it be to take a couple more minutes and touch up those tootsies I thought…and that’s what I did.  And boy has it made a difference.

The foot cream I have been using is from L’Occitane and it works beautifully.  Lots of Shea Butter to help nourish the skin and keep cracked heels in check, but the smell is divine….it is an absolutely wonderful Lavender fragrance too…well, L’Occitane IS from Provence and they know a bit about Lavender!    Plus it’s a really good cream to use before bed because Lavender is one of those tried-and-tested remedies to help aid a good night’s sleep.

So,  a nice soothing rest and Twinkle Toes the next morning.  Bit of a win-win really.

It’s not expensive either and is widely available..for instance Amazon has a 30ml tube for £8.00 at the time of writing.

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