Do you want to get rid of your bingo wings?  Of course you do…all us ladies do…so here are some tips.

1. Exercise works.  Yes I know everyone says that but it is true.  Swimming is brilliant so keep that going.   And tricep dips definitely do the trick..the science bit here is that the biceps provide a third of muscle mass whilst the triceps have massive two thirds…so it is worth persevering.  You can build back a lot of lost muscle and arm volume.
2. Exercise cannot help with skin laxity though, so you will need a cosmetic treatment for that.    For instance I have had brilliant results from Reaction which tightens ‘crepy’ skin
3 Buy a thighmaster.  Yes, you heard it correctly.  The fitness gadget promoted heavily in the 80’s is back, but now it is not just for thighs because it can be used to enhance (by that they mean add torture) to your general exercise routine.  For instance it is good for a Glute Bridge, as well as a Squat Hold, and obviously it is terrific for the notoriously difficult inner thigh…
…but you can also use it for the triceps.
Sit on a firm chair or bench and rest the gadget on the top of your thigh and hold in place with one hand.  Use the other hand to press down, keeping your elbow close to your body.  Do lots of repetitions and goodbye bingo wings.  That’s it.  And you are sitting down.  Now that is my kind of exercise.
I bought the Body Sculpture Thigh and Arm Toner  RRP £9.99
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