Blast those Bingo Wings!

The fleshy arm has always been a trouble spot for women. Some women can be slim and toned but still sport a pair of bingo wings.  And even young women can have them, especially if they are overweight or have lost a lot of weight quickly.  But, mostly loose skin on the upper arms is a sign of ageing and sun damage, though gravity and hormone fluctuations will also affect the shape and tone of your arms.  Still, I can understand why you don’t want surgery. Not only is it a very painful op involving hundreds of stitches but also it leaves an unsightly scar running from the armpit to the elbow – which can be worse than the original problem.  In my opinion this really should be the last resort.

So what’s the alternative and how can you get firmer youthful arms without surgery or hiding them in sleeves? BodyTite can reduce and reshape upper arms. It’s a minimally invasive procedure using laser technology to suck out excess fat, and then shrink and tighten the skin. You’ll have to wear a compression garment for a few weeks after but you’ll see immediate results with best results after six months when new collagen has formed but the good thing is there’s no scarring. and as long as a sensible diet is maintained after treatment the results are permanent.

Alternatively, you could try a lunchtime treatment called Viora Reaction, which uses Radio Frequency to tone and tighten skin as well as stimulate production of collagen and is especially good for lax upper arm skin. Six weekly 60-minute sessions should do the trick.

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