1. Eat oily fish. The Omega 3 fats contained in oily fish such as salmon and mackerel can help boost skin condition and promote healthy hair and nails, so try to eat one or preferable two portions each week.

2. Get of the sofa. If you’ve never been one for exercise, now is definitely the time to start. Absolutely nothing beats regular cardio workouts to keep you fit and toned and your body looking younger. Swimming, cycling or jogging three times a week will do the trick.

3. But don’t become a gym junkie. Some women in their 30s go too far and become addicted to exercise in a bid to stay young. Overdoing it actually has the opposite effect, leaving you skinny and stealing much-needed volume from your face and cheeks. Working out for between 30 and 45 minutes three times a week is plenty.

4. Lose that baby weight. The key for new mothers is to stick to a healthy, gradual weight-loss plan that aims to shift the weight slowly, but keep it off for good.


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