Bottoms Up

Just like fashion trends there are body trends and this year the rear is definitely having its moment.
A curvy plump-cheeked fuller posterior is now the most wanted shape and it’s sparked one of the biggest trends in cosmetic procedures. Over the last six months we’ve seen a 100 per cent rise in requests for bottom enhancing procedures often referred to as ‘The Kimmy’, or ‘The Beyoncé Butt’ by women wanting the same curves and almost all of our patients who have enquired about the procedure have cited Kim as the women with the perfect posterior.
Officially, a great backside should be where the gluteal crease (where your bottom joins your thighs) doesn’t go further than two thirds of the way across the backs of your thighs but just as our breasts head south with age, our bottoms follow suit, often giving us a saggy, behind that’s often referred to as a ‘mum bum’. Losing weight or sitting on our backsides too much can also affect our bottoms leaving it as flat as a pancake – the exact opposite of a peachy butt which is now so much in fashion.

If you are considering boosting your bottom it’s also important to have realistic expectations about the outcome as you cannot achieve a big butt overnight – the safest treatments will not add inches only curves and fullness and will help elevate a droopy butt.
The safest and our preferred bottom augmentation procedure is popularly referred to as the “Brazilian butt lift and uses your own fat.
Who is it best for? Ideal for those who want more shape and fullness. You should be in good overall health and have good skin tone. These treatments aren’t for skinny women, as there has to be a decent amount of fat to use.
Your body’s spare fat, usually taken from around the tum, hips and thighs, is treated and then injected into your buttocks to give them a curvier shape. You’ll need a local anaesthetic and sedation. You may need a top up treatment annually as not all the fat will stay. The benefits of fat transfer using your own fat as filler also means no allergic reaction and a more natural result.
Downtime Up to 2/3 weeks to recover, and expect bruising and minor swelling. Sitting down is a little sore for around a week exercise best avoided for six weeks. You will have to wear compression garments for at least three weeks?

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