Breast Reduction

If you have a small frame, excessively large breasts can be a burden making you self conscious as well as giving you back ache, neck problems, poor posture and skin irritation. Breast reduction surgery- mammoplasty – can help all of these problems and have a remarkable impact on the quality of your life .The traditional method to achieve this involves an anchor shape incision which goes around the areola, down the centre of the breast and in the crease line immediately under the breast. Excess tissue will be removed and the remaining tissue moulded to a new shape but the technique will vary depending on your individual requirements. Most surgeons will also have to reposition your nipple as well as reduce the size of the areola to match the proportion of the new breast.

The operation can take up to three hours under a general anesthetic and you will also need at least one night’s stay in hospital. You will have to wear a special surgical bra day and night for at least six weeks after surgery and need at least two weeks rest at home, with no driving or exercise for at least three weeks after the procedure and no heavy lifting, which includes shopping! You’ll find it difficult to raise your arms for the first couple of weeks so may need some help. After the op expect bruising and swelling which can take up to six weeks to settle. However, results are often dramatic and many patients say that surgery has transformed their lives for the better so don’t be put off.

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