Brexit and the Menopausal Woman

As we get closer to Brexit the debate about potential shortage of food and medicines continues to rage.  And rage is a really pertinent word when applied to menopausal women who have been up in arms due to lack of their chosen HRT products.  A lot of women sail through the menopause without any symptoms whatsoever, but for some, HRT has literally been a lifesaver…it has definitely saved many a marriage, because there is nothing quite like a menopausal woman and her fluctuating moods!

Hopefully, the government will have everything under control soon, but in the meantime, if you are looking for some extra help, try CBD drops.  CBD is not designed to take over from HRT, but it helps to calm everything down….and it definitely helps with sleep, because let’s face it, if we all slept like a baby each night, everything looks a whole lot better.

When I needed it, CBD stepped up and helped me…and it could do the same for you.  I tried MariPharm and it worked, so we now stock it in the Clinic.  Call us on 020 7 436 4441.

I also like bio-identical hormones which are a natural way of tackling the menopause…but using the power of plants.  We handle this in the Clinic too, so again, give us a call and come and talk it all through.

And breathe.

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