By Lesley Reynolds  Khan


A bride’s beauty preparations used to be fairly straightforward. 

A new hair-do, professional make up combined with a strict diet and fitness regime and she was more or less  ready to say ‘I do’.

But a growing number of women  – influenced by celebrity weddings – are now by passing the beauty salon for an aesthetic clinic preferring hi tech cosmetic procedures  to dazzle their guests on their big day.

Dubbed bridalplasty, the trend for pre nup nips and tucks often means the bride is splashing out  more on her  top to toe makeover  than her trousseau.

And   forget “something old, something borrowed and something blue,” because more and more brides are opting for   something ‘new’ and going under the knife for new breasts, bums and tums in the pursuit of the ultimate wedding aesthetic.

In the last few years there has been a 40 cent rise in demand for bridal procedures and with the new wave of non-surgical, minimally invasive and ‘no downtime’ treatments like laser, Botox and dermal fillers, a cosmetic procedure has left its ‘taboo’ status far behind.

At my clinic, it’s not only brides seeking cosmetic work. It’s not surprising to see them with their husband to be, parents or in-laws and even with the best man and bridesmaids in tow, who are all taking their ‘beauty’ preparations just as seriously as the bride. More recently, and also jumping on the makeover bandwagon, is the father of the bride who wants to look just as good. 

And why not. Walking up the aisle is the biggest day of a girl’s life with all eyes – and iPhones – on her.

No wonder most women want to look like a supermodel and today’s selfie and social media obsession with Facebook   and Instagram puts them under more pressure than ever to look photo perfect.

Most blushing brides we treat see their makeover as an investment factoring in the cost of the procedures into their wedding budgets. They also see it as an opportunity to fix what they don’t like about their appearance. They have already won their future husband ‘s heart, so cosmetic surgery before the wedding is more something they do to improve their self-esteem.

And because some nips and tucks need weeks or sometimes months to recover they often plan their wedding day makeover up to a year in advance so there are no tell tale bruises or scars

Top of any bridal makeover is a skin care overhaul to ensure a radiant glow combined with a treatment plan to clear up any skin blemishes often caused by the stress of the wedding itself. 

Depending on skin concerns I usually recommend starting treatments three to six months in advance of the big day with regular gentle skin peels plus hi tech red light treatment to clear up blemishes.

Also on the makeover menu are weekly radio frequency treatments which will boost collagen and soften lines and I often recommend switching skincare to ‘super creams’, cosmeceutical brands which have higher strength ingredients which can tackle pigmentation, spots, dry skin and signs of ageing and other skin conditions.

Wrinkle smoothing injections are always in demand as one treatment will erase any fine lines. Gaining popularity rapidly, especially with more mature brides, is a hand lift, as all eyes are always on the ring.
Most brides also want to slip in their dress without spending hours at the gym so body contouring and fat reducing procedures to melt fat from trouble spots are in high demand as well as décolletage and back procedures.

For the mother of the bride most popular procedures include eye bag- removal and non-invasive procedures to tighten and contour the face.

 As for the groom, they too want a clear fresh complexion, along with a lithe figure and a six pack, so body sculpting is often top of their list and the father of the bride’s most wanted procedures are hair transplants to cover bald spots, wrinkle injections for crows feet and procedures to banish excessive perspiration- most probably due to the thought of paying for it all!




I’ve had the opportunity to work with brides and grooms of all ages, from 30s to 70s  and my number-one tip is to plan your rejuvenation with as much diligence as you plan the wedding.  Here are the top ten procedures.

*Radio frequency skin tightening treatments like Pelleve for the face, eyes and Viora Reaction for the body, can help the bride or mother of the bride of any age look refreshed and years younger. It’s spectacular for under eye puffiness as well as smoothing those fine lines and uses radio frequency waves to stimulate collagen production to smooth and tighten sagging skin. The treatment is pain free and the results are excellent, and there’s no downtime. One treatment gives instant results but a course of 6 treatments will give lasting effects. I recommend brides have four treatments two weeks apart leading up to their wedding day with the last treatment done the week of the wedding. Expect to pay £999 for a course of 6

* Intense pulse light photo rejuvenation (IPL) done a couple of months before the wedding can really help a rejuvenate a bride’s skin on her big day, It also helps get rid of brown blotchiness and red blood vessels – it costs from around £60

*A quicker fix closer to the big day for everyone including bridesmaids and the groom is microdermabrasion, a safe and simple way to buff away the appearance of skin imperfections. It involves spraying tiny crystals on the skin to blast away dead skin, which will get rid of dead skin cells, and help reduce fine lines, mild acne scars and age spots There’s no downtime and if you have it done a couple of days before the ceremony, skin will look plump and  glowy. 

*Procedures like breast implants, face lifts and rhinoplasty (a nose job) that involve general anaesthetic along with surgery, will need several months of recovery time and should be carried out at least at six months ahead of the big day to give enough time for healing and more importantly for any scars to settle down.

*A liquid facelift can often be just as good as surgical procedure with almost zero down time, and at a fraction of the expense. Made up almost entirely of a substance which occurs totally naturally in the body, dermal fillers are injected into various portions of the face to plump, re-contour and lift sagging cheeks, sunken eyes, and literally fill out fine lines and wrinkles around the forehead, mouth and eyes. I usually recommend this is carried out two months ahead to avoid any bruising and for it to settle down with a ‘touch up’ three weeks before the big day.

*In the past, many brides-to-be would undergo strict regimens of crash dieting, and excessive exercising only to reach their big day, none the slimmer!  Although a healthy diet and lifestyle are essential there are now plenty of fat blasters for trouble spots  which are resistant to diet and exercise.  I usually recommend a minimally invasive procedure called   BodyTite six months ahead which can tackle love handles, tummy, back fat and beer bellies, thighs and ankles. Unlike traditional liposuction, this process is less invasive and involves inserting a small canulae under the skin to break down unwanted fat cells, the fat is gently sucked out. The knock-on effect of the treatment is an increased production of collagen that leaves skin tighter and results are permanent. From £2000

*For an instant lift, nothing works quicker and looks more natural than using a neurotoxin. When it’s done well it smoothes fine lines, can give a gentle lift to the jawline, erase worry and frown lines and opens up the eyes making you look bright eyed and fresh faced. I always suggest a treatment called Sprinkles, which uses just a fraction of the amount of the toxin- about 60 per cent of the usual dose – and it is injected all over the skin rather than targeting specific areas for a softer, more relaxed look which means you retain all facial movement, can show emotion and even raise brows effectively – essential for the wedding day photos! Actual treatment takes around ten minutes. You’ll notice a difference within a few days to a week. I recommend trying it out three months in advance with a top up 14-21 days before Cost from £199 and results will last long past the honeymoon period.

*Miradry is a new treatment which can banish the embarrassment of excessive underarm sweating. It uses microwave energy to destroy sweat glands and once destroyed the glands do not grow back. The painless procedure uses a hand held device which is placed against each armpit for around 30 minutes. Two treatments, spaced three months apart are required so it you suffer from excessive perspiration it’s best the start the treatment six months ahead. The treatment also reduces odour along with a reduction in underarm hair. From £2k.

For a quicker and less costly alternative we often inject a neurotoxin in the armpits which works by disabling the eccrine and apocrine glands to stop them producing and secreting sweat from the body. It will give guaranteed results and protection from embarrassing sweating within 2 days and results should last six to 12 months. It can also work on sweaty palms and feet. I recommend having it done at leastone month before the wedding.  From £499

*For more mature brides who are embarrassed by their ageing hands, a course of IPL using the latest system called Lumecca can lighten pigmentation marks. Up to four treatments may be needed, a month apart. To plump up hands, we use injectable filler but more popular is using your own fat, which is taken from your tummy or hips, treated in a special machine and injected into the backs of the hands. This will instantly camouflage veins and can make hands look ten years younger plus you lose an inch or two in the process.  We often combine this with Angel PRP therapy where your own blood is used to stimulate the regeneration of skin cells and collagen and to improve skin quality. The procedure can all be carried out minimum downtime and won’t take more than an hour or two. Laser will cost from £200 and filler will cost from around £450, lasts around 9 months.  Fat grafting plus PRP £1800, results are permanent.

*For the perfect finishing touch most brides want a smile makeover which involves anything from teeth whitening procedure to veneers. – Sometimes times lengthening your teeth can be all it takes to get a fabulous smile, Cosmetic gum procedures are the current trend – often known as tooth lipo- which can be carried out in a single procedure and this can give the teeth instant length.  When the two front teeth are slightly bigger and longer, like Cheryl Cole’s, this gives a younger sexier look to the mouth.  Giving you a slightly higher gum line through laser contouring creates this. Teeth contouring – when the edges of your front teeth are slightly curved  -can also improve your smile It’s an expensive process –professional teeth whitening can cost from £500 but can make all the different to that Facebook photo. See your dentist for more details and plan treatment at least six months ahead.



 Actress Lucy Speed and mother of the bride Sue Speed

Treatment Cost around  £ 3k???

Actress Lucy Speed ‘s biggest bridal challenge when she married actor Spencer Austin (2009) was beating adult acne, an embarrassing and exhausting skin condition which had plagued her since her early twenties 

Says Lucy, 38  “Most brides worry about their endless tasks and size of the guest list as their wedding day approaches My worry was the size of my spots which could sometimes be so enormous, painful and impossible to disguise under makeup. They could actually distort the shape of my face! ”

Six month ahead of the wedding I prescribed Lucy, 38, with an intensive skin care routine to follow morning and night using high strength products as well as regular monthly skin peels and microdermabrasions.  Say Lucy  ” I used to have monthly, followed by fortnightly and then as it was getting close to the wedding date weekly appointments. Sometimes I was busy but I stuck to the schedule. A month or so before the wedding day my complexion became entirely different. Smooth, even and spot free for the first time in 10 years. I remember looing forward to the dressing up and not just the ceremony. The week before the wedding I was given special attention to control my skin but the products had managed it perfectly. On the day I felt confident, radiant and knew my skin had never looked better. I am so glad I took my skin preparation seriously for the big day and my life going forward. “

Mother of the bride Sue Speed, 68 decided to have a deep Co2 laser procedure to resurface her complexion.  Sue had suffered with her skin as a teenager and was left with some scarring. She had very few wrinkles so I suggested a laser treatment which would to even out complexion and reduce the scarring. Says Sue “I’d never had any treatments before, not even a facial so all this was new to me.  But it was so worth it. I had the treatment around three months before the date and then regular checks. A week before I had a booster facial. I was thrilled with the results and at the wedding, everyone remarked on how smooth and luminous my skin looked.  I remember feeling so relaxed and calm on the day because at last I felt confident in my own skin and feeling like this on my daughter’s wedding day was a priceless gift.”

Danielle Lovegrove

Treatment Cost approx. £1500

City executive Danielle Lovegrove, 30 a Senior PMA UK Equities, from Bromley, Kent married Tony Rogers, 32 a Senior Analyst last August  (2014). Number one on her bridal makeover list was a flawless radiant complexion. She had suffered breakouts during her mid twenties, which had left some scarring. Danielle had her first consultation with me a year before her big day.  Says Danielle: “I immediately switched my skincare to a higher strength brand and had a special enzyme mask which decongests pores on a weekly basis.  I also had course of Glycolic peels and started using mineral make up which actually helps treat the skin. For the scarring Lesley recommended Smartxide Laser Treatment and I had a course of 3 over 3 months and the results were unbelievable. Post laser I continued to have monthly Glycolic Peels and a course of 3 PDP Light treatments to prevent further breakouts which continued right up until my wedding week. It made 100% difference and on the day as I just had so much more confidence. Everyone commented on how I glowed and looked flawless and natural and I still receive compliments on the condition of my skin now. “

Christie Ritchie and mum Jackie Goddard, age to come

Treatment cost £ 10k

I first met Christie when she came into the clinic with mum Jackie three months, ahead of her wedding to actor Shane Richie (July 2007)

Christie, like most brides, wanted a radiant complexion for her wedding and so I prescribed monthly glycolic peels.  and cosmeceutical skincare. She also wanted a little body contouring around the stomach and back area and decided to have BodyTite, a non invasive form of lipo which can melt excess fat and tighten the skin Mum Jackie needed a little extra work and so followed the same skin regime as Christie but also had Botox to soften the lines on her forehead and around the eyes, along with dermal filler to boost the volume in her cheeks a hand lift laser therapy and BodyTite to slim her tummy area.  

Says Jackie  ‘My favourite treatment was having the laser procedure around the eyes and mouth as it made such a difference.

Adds Christie “ We both went used to go in together every week and on my wedding day we both glowed.

“My wedding was (apart from having babies) the biggest day of my life and it was so important that I looked and felt my best. especially as the wedding was being covered by a glossy magazine  Most Mothers of the Bride want to look amazing , too especially  for their daughter’s ’big day s but  because of all the press attention the pressure was even higher . But on the day we both felt like a million dollars.

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