Can I just use a moisturiser with a high SPF on my face as I find sunscreen too thick?

While moisturisers with an SPF will protect the skin and are better than nothing you would have to use it as a sunscreen, i.e. apply it every couple of hours to get full protection and then it will only protect where you put it.  The latest crop of facial sun care products are also a world away from the old style greasy, pore clogging SPFs and include mists and luxe tinted protection creams. Monroe of London’s Moisturiser SPF50 £30 is my absolute favourite.
Am I safe if I use a once a day or a waterproof sunscreen?
Personally we don’t believe in daylong protection creams. Perspiration face-wiping, swimming, all mean it just won’t stay on. Also, there’s no such thing as waterproof sunscreen and you should always reapply once you leave the water, or if you’ve been perspiring.
Does the sun clears up spots?
That old chestnut! UV rays have a short term antibacterial effect so they may reduce red angry spots temporarily but any sun exposure thickens the skin’s outer layers  and also clogs pores so result in even worse breakouts further down the line. Never put your face in the sun unprotected.
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