Can South Korea get any Cooler?

Well, congratulations to South Korean thriller, Parasite, which was crowned Best Film at the Oscars this week..making movie history as it was the first time that a foreign-language film has won the top accolade. It was apparently the outsider, the dark horse which quietly snuck up on its rivals and overtook them at the last minute. Great news all round as we all love a success story.

But in the beauty world, South Korea has been quietly producing some stunning game-changers too.  Remember those gel masques?

I’ve recently been trying hip young South Korean brand Too Cool for School..specifically their Caviar Lime Hydra Vitamin Drop Essence and Caviar Lime Hydra Eye Treatment….mainly because I wanted to see how the main ingredient, the aforementioned Caviar Lime, performed on my not-so-hip skin!

What is Caviar Lime, I hear you ask?  It is a jewel-like fruit grown in Australia.  The moisture spheres inside the fruit contain 9 types of Vitamin C, with the total amount up to 44 times more than blueberries.  It is also heavy in hyaluronic acid derivatives ..and that is a very good thing as HA is a super-moisturiser.  Used after cleansing, both night and morning,  the Vitamin Drop Essence is a super-hydrating, brightening and anti-ageing gel-formula which my normal-to-dry skin absorbed fast, but without leaving any slippery residue.  I topped that up with my usual moisturiser and I must admit that my skin looked fresh and dewy.

I have also been trying their Hydra Eye Treatment too.  This is in a cream form and is designed to moisturise and minimise fine lines…and a little goes a long way.  A small rice-grain sized amount is more than enough for the eye area with enough left over for smile lines too.  It is absorbed very quickly so I kept the tube in my handbag to top up any dryness during the day.

Both are cute-looking products with good vegan credentials, which I really liked, but actually, although they are designed mainly for the younger complexion, the products work well for normal to dry skins.   Available at

Prices are incredibly reasonable too….Hydra Eye Treatment is £21.24 for 30ml and the Hydra Vitamin Drop Essence is £25.49 for 40 ml.  How cool is that?

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