Chin Wobble

Q:Is there a treatment that will smooth stubborn wobble under the chin?

It depends how much wobble you have – if it’s not too much Viora Reaction double chin treatment is great for skin tightening and contouring. The treatment uses radio frequency and vacuum therapy and while it is not painful, the treatment feels hot and you may experience redness for a few days after. A course of weekly treatments recommend.

Alternatively, Skintite, which is not aggressive as normal liposuction can suck out the fat. A 1mm cannula is inserted just under the surface of the skin through a tiny incision then a very small laser heats up fat cells, which burst, allowing the fat to be sucked out. The 1hour procedure also tightens the skin so you’re not left with any sag.

Call the clinic if you are interested to find out more 020 7436 4441

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