Christmas Present Ideas!

Each Christmas… I don’t know about you, but for me it seems there is always somebody who you really don’t know what to buy for! A new pair of GHD’s or the latest i-Pad might be great… but I like to think outside the box and give a gift with a difference.

So, after extensive thinking, several google searches and an epic fail on Black Friday… I had a light-bulb moment. We take so much care in what we put onto our skin and take pride in our appearance by doing so (and so we should) SO, we should all take just as much care in what we put INTO our bodies too, i.e; WHAT WE EAT. It’s very important to eat as healthily as we can and as seasonally as we can. It’s easy to eat well when you go out for dinner, but you should all try to do it at home too. And that’s when I came up with the idea cookery lessons! Not just any old cookery lessons though… I’m not talking about making beans on toast or boiling some pasta- I’m talking about REALLY cooking. The type of cooking that makes your guests at your dinner party wonder if you’ve hired a chef. The type of cooking that has you comparing a dish in a restaurant with your own. The type of cooking that impresses your Mother-In-Law… now theres a thought!

I’ve discovered Laurent, a wonderful French cook who will come and teach you how to cook your favourite dishes at home! Laurent has got me out of trouble a couple of times and being able to learn in the comfort of your own kitchen is a real luxury- then you could host a dinner party in the evening with the pre prepped dishes that you made yourself… sort of!

You can book a One-to-One cooking lesson with Laurent and either cook for a sit down dinner for 2 or a buffet for 20. The prices really are very reasonable (about £200 for 2 hours with ingredients included) Laurent doesn’t have a website yet (so really is the best kept secret) so either call or email for more information: 07824705978, … You won’t regret it!

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