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Summer is fast approaching and that means dusting off your bikini and baring your body .If you’re dreading the thought, fear not because the body shaping market is gearing up for the war against wobble – tightening and firming skin, zapping fat and body sculpting. Hi tech body shaping treatments have come on in leaps and bounds in the last few years with a number of new non-invasive technologies introduced. Start now and by the time the big getaway begins you’ll have one hot beach body.



To get fab abs you need to eat right, work out and spot-treat problem areas. Many women suffer from loose skin; belly bulge and flab on the lower abdomen especially after having children but these problem areas can all be tackled


Tite FX is a lunchtime body contouring treatment with no pain or downtime.  Radio Frequency and electroporation are used to destroy fat cells as well as boost collagen to tighten and improve skin tone.

How Long? Four to six weekly hourly treatments recommended. Results seen up to three months after final treatment from £999 for a course


ProShock is best for small pockets of fat which are diet resistant. It uses cryolipolysis – the next generation of fat freezing – and combines two technologies to break down fat and tighten skin. First, a small plate like device is placed directed onto the skin over the areas to be treated and then rapidly cooled. This crystallises the lipoids in the fat cells so they dissolve, and are then eliminated from the body naturally over the following weeks. Next, high-pressure acoustic waves are targeted over the treated areas to help tighten the skin.

How Long? Four to six treatments recommended ten days apart but you’ll see results after two and results carry on getting better.  Best results seen three months after final treatments  £1500 for a course


Med Contour is a non-surgical ultrasonic liposuction procedure to zap fat and tighten skin. It uses a hand held device which emits  low frequency ultrasound rays to break down fat cells which the body naturally eliminates

How Long? Each treatment takes around and six to 10 treatments recommended spaced 10 days apart Results can be seen immediately, with best results noticeable after 12-24 weeks. Around   £1500  for a course of ten


The bottom ages similarly to how the face ages. Fat naturally atrophies and the skin becomes loose making the butt head south but give a flat, saggy bottom a lift with The Brazilian Butt Lift. By creating an incision in the crease where the bottom and leg meet, your own fat is first gently suctioned out with liposuction (from a fatty area like the stomach or hips) before it is injected into the butt to smooth, elevate and shape the area. Using your own fat makes for a more natural-looking end result since it’s softer and more compatible with the body. Also, think of this procedure with double benefits:  You’ll add shape and eliminate unwanted fat pockets from elsewhere on the body as well.

How Long? Recovery will take around a week when you should wear body compress undergarment 24/7. Full recovery in a month. Best results seen after three months. £6,500 0207 436 4441


*Cellutite is a newly developed treatment using Radio frequency technology to target cellulite and podgy thighs. The tip of the instrument is like a tiny knife which is inserted just below the skin to target cellulite, cut through fibrous bands and melt away superficial fat. It also increases collagen production to give smoother, tighter skin. The procedure is performed under a local anaesthetic.

How Long? Results are seen after one treatment, but improvements continue to show for up to 6 months after the procedure as new collagen is formed. Results are permanent.  A one off treatment cost from £2500 0207 436 4441


*Using leading body contouring technology, BodyTite, you can slim and firm flabby upper arms. Using local anaesthetic, a thin cannula is channelled into the fat tissue to melt and dislodge it and it is then gently sucked out. Much gentler with more accurate body shaping in less time than traditional liposuction, with the added bonus of skin tightening

How Long? Back to work in one to two days, support garments to be worn for two weeks. Final results seen by 6 months From £2000


If you have stubborn spots that seem forever-resistant to any exercise or diet regime you throw at them, non invasive  fat removal could be for you as they can help eliminate that last annoying inch or two, tighten skin and improve the tone. But remember…

*Some treatments are slow going and can  take up to three months or even longer before you see final results so you have to be patient and be in it for the long haul. Regular treatments are essential .

*Some  body contouring treatments can only treat one body section at a time, with anything from four to eight sessions required – so to reduce a waistline, you’d need to treat each love handle, and then the upper abdomen, in weekly one-hour sessions.

*Be wary of so called ‘miracle’ lunchtime treatments which promise losing 12 inches in three session. Impossible!

*There can be  variable in how the body breaks up and disposes of  the fat so results can be vary from one patient to the next. For some it may take longer to see results than others.

* There ‘s no point spending your hard earned cash on treatments only to continue with bad habits. A hectic lifestyle, food on the run, and a simple lack of time to commit to exercise will leave its mark Most treatments still require you to follow a healthy eating and exercise plan to maintain or improve the results

*Drink plenty of water after treatments to help eliminate and flush out fat cells.

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