The number one foot problem is dry skin and cracked heels, made worse during summer by wearing flip flops or flatties which offer no foot support or cushion, causing a build up of layers of dead skin.

Action: The skin on the soles of our feet doesn’t have any oil glands, which is why feet easily become dried out and flaky. Use a foot file to slough off any hard skin that’s formed on your heels, the balls of your feet or the big toes. Foot files are easier to use than a pumice stone. but choose a stainless steel one, which is more effective and will last longer. File on dry skin as doing it on wet skin is not as effective.  Try Margaret Dabbs Professional Foot File £24 ( which has replaceable pads for hygiene and longevity.

You must moisturise daily to prevent cracked heels and dehydrated feet.  Use a heavy-duty foot moisturiser which can penetrate the skin’s barrier more effectively – try What Skin Needs Cracked Skin Cream £8.99 ( For an added treat, slather on an extra helping, put on a pair of thick socks and wear overnight.

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