Cream Crackered? You Need A Festive Makeover!


Cream Crackered? You Need A Festive Makeover!

It’s nearly Christmas which can only mean one thing – you’re stressed or tired or both. From puffy eyes from looking at your bank balance to pillow creases after one late night too many, this time of year can wreak havoc on our looks. Here’s how to sort any seasonal spoilers with our revive and renew fast face and body fixers – plus a few emergency tips for good measure

Wrinkled Brows

Smooth worry wrinkles and a furrowed brow with the new Liquid Brow Lifter. Rather than relaxing muscles with Botox this alternative treatment uses hyaluronic acid filler which lifts and smooths brow lines in one 30 minute session.

Results will be seen immediately and will last 6 months.

From £400


For extra lift and definition reshape your brows with one of the new browbuilding treatments which attaches real hairs with special adhesive to fill sparse areas From £80

Dark Circles/ Puffy Bags

Puffy, baggy eyes after too many late boozy nights and office parties can be easily reduced with our BrightEyed Girls, a unique eye facial treatment which is tailored to your needs and can include radio frequency, a special massage and masks designed to refresh, refine and erase signs of ageing around the eyes . You’ll see results immediately which will last around a month.

From £60

*To plump the hollows that can cast shadows under the eyes, try Eyefill – Belotero hyaluronic acid injectable filler us used to add volume to sunken areas like the tear-trough groove. This can instanty create an optical illusion so light can bounce off the skin. Although topical anaesthetics make the procedure painless, be prepared for slight swelling and bruising for a few days. Results are instant and last three to six months. Cost: £450


Washing your face with hot water worsens puffiness and can accentuate dark circles. If you have allergies, or your eyes are itchy the histamines released by your immune system can cause swelling and leaky capillaries under the eyes. Try an antihistamine tablet. A caffeine eye gel or cream can also help shrink blood vessels or for an instant detox try a compress soaked in cool green tea to decongest bags under the eyes.

Pillow Creases

If there weren’t already enough things causing wrinkles while you’re awake now even sleeping can cause extra lines. Those creases you wake up with are caused by the skin crunching against a pillowcase. For an emergency treatment try Face Up which uses a special micro pulsating rotary head holder to exfoliate and massage leaving the skin refreshed and rejuvenated

Results will last up to a week, Costs £90. I also adore Obagi ELASTIderm Décolletage System, its fantastic for smoothing lines and wrinkles and evens out sun damage marks, pricey, but well worth £160


Try to sleep on your back. This also prevents creases form between your boobs. Change your pillowcase for a silk or satin one.

Skin Saver

When your tired, grey skin needs an instant jolt of energy try a Viora Reaction treatment, which is great for softening the look of tiredness lines, plumping up tired skin and putting a glow back into your complexion. Bipolar radio frequency energy is used to switch on the genes that produce collagen and improve elasticity, giving firmer skin. Collagen production continues for 3-6 weeks after the treatment, a course of 6 gives great results, but one will give an instant boost and glow. Costs £199 a treatment 0207 436 4441


Occasionally washing your face with egg yolk will help to stimulate your skin boosting cell turnover. The magic ingredient is vitamin A. After cleansing face apply the yolk all over your complexion with a cotton pad, avoiding the eye area. Leave on for five minutes then rinse off with warm water.

Stress Breakout

Spots have a habit of appearing at the worst possible time but for a quick fix try Spot Injections which can make them disappear within 48 hours. One treatment is normally all that’s needed.

From £50


For an emergency spot treatment dissolve a soluble aspirin in a little water and dab on top of spot to reduce the redness and inflammation.

Belly Bloat

The extravagance of the festive season can make tummies blow up like a balloon. TiteFX is a triple action treatment to destroy fat cells and help tighten and smooth the skin – it works by using radio frequency, heating and a high voltage pulse You’ll see results after one or two weekly treatments but a course of six recommended.
Cost from £150 a session
Milk Thistle supplement can help your body through all the endless parties. It helps with cleansing the liver, the organ which clears out toxins from the body, particularly alcohol!

This Week At The Clinic

Sylvia Blackhall, 48 from Blackheath London wanted a facelift. She had lost volume from her cheeks and under her eyes and thought that going under the knife would restore her confidence and make her look “younger and fresher.” It’s no secret aging brings on a world of change: Cheeks and chins thin, fat pads droop, eyes hollow. But as we explained, if aging is affecting the shape of your face due to volume loss, which happens in your 40’, you may be able to tweak what you don’t like without getting surgery. Today, most surgeons and cosmetic doctors prefer to restore contours rather than eliminating every line because that is what makes your face look younger. For example, when the temples sink inwards and lose structure, they can cause the face to be unbalanced but when they are “reinflated,” the entire face can look lifted. The same with the hollows under the eyes, a little filler to plump up the area can sometimes be all that’s needed to make you look younger and fresher. Restoring volume also helps to improve the dimension of your facial features, as well as symmetry. We suggested Sylvia had an injectable liquid facelift using a combination of dermal fillers, which can give your skin the kiss of life by creating a younger plumper look as well as addressing concerns, like wrinkles and volume loss. Sylvia agreed and two weeks later came back for the treatment. Some well-placed dermal filler lifted her cheek pads as well as eliminated her tear troughs and hollow temples. The procedure took just 40 minutes and gave a beautiful but subtle result with no downtime. Price £750

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