It’s very easy to say reduce stress but we all know it’s not as easy as that but do try and look at your lifestyle – some of the most effective stress banishers can easily be slotted into your daily life.

* Sleep More -stress is the main cause of insomnia – try and unwind before hitting the sheets and sleep more.

*Enjoy Exercise – do something you enjoy for at lease 30 minutes a day – it will help release endorphins, which can banish anxiety, as well as boost circulation to the skin.

*Eat Well – a good balanced diet with plenty of water and try to cut down on sugar. Include more stress reducing foods high in Vitamin C – like oranges, and kiwi– a German study found that this vitamin helps reduce stress and return blood pressure to normal levels after a stressful situation and also boosts the immune system. Tuck into apricots which are rich in magnesium -a natural muscle relaxant.

*Be Kind to Yourself – learn to unwind and do something for yourself, read a book, some deep breathing exercises or have a pamper session with friends.

*Say No More Often – set yourself limits and realistic goals so you’re not trying to do everything for everyone. Don’t try and be perfect in everything you do.

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