A common problem affecting up to one in ten and usually caused by a toenail fungus, called onychomycosis.

Most types of infection are harmless but generally thrive on warm, dark moist conditions and may be caused by trauma to the nail, inflammation from an in growing toenail or untreated athlete’s foot.

Action: Good hygiene habits are essential so wash feet daily and always dry thoroughly. Most fungal nail infections can be treated at home. Ask your chemist for an antifungal cream to rub in or you could try rubbing in a small dollop of Vicks VaporRub to the affected areas daily but be patient as this method can take time. Always trim nails and file off any white spots before treating. For a hi tech laser option see, try Lunula Cold Laser treatment the latest advance treatment for fungal infections. The treatment takes twelve minutes and is painless as there is no heat involved. www.thelondonnaillaserclinic.co.uk

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