DIY fixes for forehead wrinkles!

Forehead wrinkles are very ageing. They can make you look as though you have the cares of the world on your shoulders. And those ‘number 11’ lines between your eyes, which are brought on by repetitive frowning, make you appear mean and angry. It’s the area many women are most bothered about- certainly among the women who come to our clinic. And it seems we’ll resort to all kinds of DIY methods to make them less obvious.

I remember my mum telling me that years ago women used to put sellotape across their foreheads before getting into bed i the hope that it would smooth their wrinkles overnight. Not sure that approach would do much for your love life, though! Luckily, these days we have a few more options. Here are some ideas for a younger look.


Paper over the cracks- Try Frownies. These brown paper facial patches are legendary in the beauty business. They aim to retrain your muscles so you stop frowning (using the same principle as the sellotape trick)

Stop squinting- If you squint a lot to read or watch telly, pay a visit to your optician. You could need glasses, or a change of prescription if you already have some. Repetitive squinting will only deepen those forehead furrows.

Grow a fringe! – it’s cheap and could be just what you need to revamp your look. Make sure your hairdresser cuts into the ends of your fringe to soften it. A blunt line is too harsh if you’re older.

Fill in the gaps- Benefit has a clever product called Dr. Feelgood, which is a colourless balm you smooth on with a sponge to fill in fine lines and get rid of shine. You can wear it over make-up or alone. It’s good for a temporary fix or smoothing a furrowed forehead after a late night.

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