DIY Fixes for your Upper Arms

At the clinic I see women of all ages who hate their upper arms – even girls in their 30’s complain about them. It’s just one of those areas women are sensitive about. Some claim they were born with chunky arms. For others, weight gain causes the extra blubber, and in some cases weight loss leaves saggy skin behind. Then there’s plain old age to blame for wobbly, crepey skin and cellulite.

There’s always the option of three-quarter-length sleeves, cardies and shrugs to cover up the problem. But if you’re not ready to give up on your arms yet, read on.



Tone up the wobble. If the problem isn’t too advanced, exercise can make a big difference to muscle definition in your arms, but you have to do it religiously. I’d say you need to squeeze it into your day at least three times a week. The following exercises are easy to do at home and you can build up to more repetitions as your strength increases.

-Bicep Curls, tricep dips and push ups are great exercises to do at home if you don’t fancy going to the gym.

Jennifer Aniston and Geri Halliwell are among the celebs rumored to keep their arms toned and sexy by using a Kettlebell. This exercise gadget looks like a cannonball with a handle and it gives arms (and the rest of the body for that matter) a really intense workout when you swing it in a variety of different moves.


Massage- Salon or clinic massage treatments are good for circulation and can help reduce the appearance of cellulite if you have them regularly.

Light Peels- If you’re willing to throw some money at the problem, a chemical peel using glycol acid will remove dead skin cells and improve the texture of the skin on your arms. It’ll even out skin tone, fade sun damage and leave your arms feeling super soft.

VelaShape- Now, lets get serious! VelaShape is a treatment that tightens and smootes the skin, and reduces cellulite, too. There is no downtime and it isn’t painful. It isn’t permanent and you’ll need a top-up programme with one treatment a month.

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