Do I really need to use a sunscreen if my foundation has an SPF and if so which should I put on first?

A foundation with an SPF is better than nothing but does not substitute for a good sunscreen and most won’t protect against UVA rays. Sunscreen should always go on first because the active ingredients need to get into the skin to work and then you should wait at least 10-15 minutes before applying make up. If you need to top up sun protection during the day and are wearing foundation, use a brush on mineral powder which blocks the sun’s damaging rays and won’t clog pores.  Try BareMinerals Natural Sunscreen SPF30 £25 from most department stores.
What’s the point of using sunscreen when it is cloudy?
Eighty per cent of the sun’s rays are able to pass through clouds, meaning our skin is just as at risk of UV damage on a cloudy day in Blighty as it is on a sun baked Spanish beach.
If I wear a moisturiser with an SPF15 and a foundation with a SPF30 does that add up to an SPF45
You cannot add up the SPF levels in different products. You will only get protection from the product with the highest SPF, meaning two layers of an SPF 15 sunscreen remains an SPF 15 and does not become an SPF 30.
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