We always prefer the non-surgical route but there are times when only surgery will do the trick.

If you’ve got lots of loose skin, especially after losing a lot of weight or multiple pregnancies, the only way to correct the problem is trimming away the excess is known as an abdominoplasty or a tummy tuck.

The incision is positioned near the public bone so it can be hidden by underwear. There are many types of tummy tucks, from a mini-tummy tuck that just focuses on the lower tummy with a small incision, to a traditional tummy tuck that requires a larger scar across the front of the body (but below the bikini line). Some tummy tuck procedures can also address love handles or excess skin and fat on the upper abdomen. But these procedures are no walk in the park. They are expensive, will leave scarring and can be painful .You also have to factor in downtime of at least a month to six weeks for recovery. Cost from £5500.

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There ‘s no point spending your hard earned cash on treatments only to continue with bad habits. A hectic lifestyle, junk food, and a lack of time to commit to exercise will leave its mark on your middle.  Also be aware that belly fat is the most dangerous fat you can have on your body

* Many studies have shown a correlation between diet and a flat tum. Cut back on the two of the belly’s biggest enemies sugar and carbs. In one week you’ll sleep better, feel better and have increased energy. You’ll also see a change in your stomach, too.
*Include fat-free yogurt into your diet as studies show you are then more likely to lose weight around the   stomach because of the combination of calcium and protein. Yogurt also contains bacteria to keep your digestive system healthy.

*Flatter stomachs have also been linked to a high-fibre diet as it helps fill up the stomach, preventing constant snacking

*Potbellies won’t snap back into shape without regular strengthening exercises. A daily plank will strengthen and tighten the core. Rest on your elbows, feet on tiptoes and hold for 30 seconds,

*Bloating happens when your body holds on to too much water so include natural diuretics in your diet like cranberries, cabbage, watermelon, beets, artichokes, cucumber, brussel sprouts, lettuce, green tea, tomatoes, asparagus and carrots. Foods that are rich in potassium like bananas, dried plums and avocados also help reduce water retention and Probiotics can help with bloating

Did You Know?
Healthy hormone levels, low stress levels and a good amount of sleep every night will also help you get a flatter stomach.

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