A month ago, I had a facelift and eyelift (upper and lower). I was told to expect scars only in the eye folds, but I also have very visible red scars in the crow’s feet on either side of my eyes. Will they fade?
The scars from a Blepharoplasty are in the upper eyelid crease, sometimes with a short extension into the crow’s feet, (this is called an extended blepharoplasty) otherwise if the scar stopped at the corner of the lid you would be left with a little hooded pouch that would look very unnatural.
It is not unusual for eyelid scars to be noticeable at this early stage – the redness will settle down. Your surgeon may suggest that you massage the scar area to encourage the tissue to soften. You can also ask if you can wear camouflage makeup while the scar heals but do avoid direct sun exposure, which can cause scars to thicken.
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