EYES BRIGHT… Don’t Forget…

*The only permanent solution for lots of loose skin around the eyes is an eyelift – called Blepharoplasty. A simple and safe op often performed as a day case under local anaesthetic and scars are hidden in the natural crease line. Expect bruising and swelling for up to two- three weeks after the procedure and eyes may feel tight, dry and itchy for a week or so.  Results are permanent and can transform your looks, your life and the colour of your eye shadow! From £3000.
* When applying eye creams, tap a small amount around the orbital bone – never take it right under your bottom lashes. Remember, less is more. If you can’t afford to buy a separate eye cream then it’s not always necessary as long as your day cream is light and easily absorbed, but use sparingly and don’t slather around the eye area.
*Look for ingredients like Coenzyme Q10, retinol and peptides which will help to strengthen skin while products containing Vitamin K and Caffeine can help improve the look of dark circles.
* Shrink bags in a few minutes by wrapping an ice cube in cling film and gently rubbing over puffy skin.
*Tone down, or completely avoid, using shimmery eye shadows. They reflect the light, illuminating any imperfections.
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