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Are you suffering with big dark circles around your eyes and desperately wan’t to get rid of them… First, it’s important to know the cause of your dark circles. Poor circulation from lack of sleep, stress, caffeine, and/or alcohol is typically to blame, but this isn’t the only culprit. In some cases, hyper-pigmentation around the eye area is hereditary, a condition that’s especially common with darker skin tones. And if puffiness is present, circles could be due to water retention or allergies. Try this test – press a finger lightly under the eye. If the darkened skin momentarily brightens poor circulation, water retention, or allergies are to blame; if skin tone remains the same, it’s hyper-pigmented.

For hyper-pigmentation, there are a variety of laser treatments available. Before you go this route, however, you could try a topical treatment eye cream with pigment superiors such as Jan Marini Factor Age Intervention Dark Circle Eye Defense capsules, £69 and also use a good eye make up concealer like YSL Touché Éclat to brighten the area.  If you want to go the permanent route a laser procedure will immediately improve the skin tone – you’ll be red for up to a week but you can use mineral make up to cover up.  As for the hollows under your eyes… this may be due to loss of fat in the area, and this can easily be resolved by injecting filler in this area. Nothing makes people look more youthful than filling in volume, especially around the eyes. A dermal filler such Restylane, is expertly placed to lift and fill the hollows under your eyes. It can have a dramatic effect and there’s no downtime Results will last from six to nine months!

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