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Nipped, tucked and wide awake? Yes it is possible.  Over the last few years the aesthetics industry has seen huge technological advances. But the biggest breakthrough is that most cosmetic procedures, from facelifts to body shaping – can now be carried out using local anaesthetic rather than full anesthesia.

Actress Sherrie Hewson unveiled the results of her ‘wide awake ‘ facelift l- known as a WAF lift – when she entered the Big Brother house last week.

The 64-year-old star had a facelift earlier this summer but plastic surgeons fought to save her life when she suffered a potentially fatal allergic reaction during the surgical procedure.

Sherrie had   reacted badly   to a general anaesthetic which was administered to her ahead of the scheduled surgical facelift in June.

She suffered convulsions and blacked out on the operating table, leaving surgeons with no choice but to cancel the operation

Too terrified to have another op, Sherrie  – who was concerned about facial sagging – opted instead for a brand new non-surgical procedure, called   The Luxeface Aswiss Lift, which offers a facelift without undergoing a general anaesthetic.

The procedure  – uses local anaesthetic   which is injected into the face numbing the area so although the patient is wide awake, they cannot feel anything only a tugging sensation as the surgeon works on the facial contours.

Although the thought of being completely awake during surgery seems terrifying to some people- Sherrie admitted she kept her eyes shut throughout – using local anaesthetic is fast becoming one of the safest techniques for some cosmetic surgery operations and is now regularly being used for neck lifts, eye surgery and body liposuction procedures. .

The biggest risks of any surgery come from a general anaesthetic  – complications can include chest infections, clotting problems, sore throats and feeling groggy for up to a month afterwards – so using local anaesthetic has huge benefits for patients and surgeons.

Recovery is far speedier. With a local anaesthetic you can send the patient home the same day, but with a general most surgeons will advise at least one overnight stay to monitor blood pressure and recovery.

Another advantage from using local anaesthetic is that a patient is not asleep so you can monitor their pain threshold, talk to them throughout the procedure and it is also easier to shape the face more naturally

The other biggest bonus is that any procedure using a local is much more cost effective, as there is no need to use an anaesthetist.

But being ‘wide-awake’ is not suitable for some patients or for some cosmetic procedures   like full, tummy tucks and body lifts .I f you thinking of having any procedure do have a full consultation with a certified surgeon or cosmetic doctor to determine if you are a good candidate for wide awake surgery.


Which Wide Awake Ops? 


*The Luxeface Aswiss Lift Ultra fine threads are injected into multiple areas of the cheeks and lower face, which   form a trellis effect to lift the skin up and hold it in place.  The threads leave no scars and here are immediate results but downtime is usually around 5 to 7 days as there my be some swelling and bruising. The procedure is best combined with Angel PRP and Dermaroller therapy to improve skin tone and boost collagen The Angel PRP (platelet-rich plasma) procedure involves drawing blood from the arm, separating out the platelets and then injecting them into the skin. Platelets release growth factors that help the body repair itself by stimulating cells to regenerate new tissue   The Dermaroller is a barrel-like hand roller with hundreds of very fine needles, thinner than your own hair, which is used to spike the skin, leaving tiny pinpricks. This is perceived by the body as damage which activates a wound heal response to regenerate the skin, boost collagen levels, which in turn thickens ageing, fine skin, and helps treat fine lines, scars, uneven skin tone. Theentire   procedure is takes around one hour. Results last up to three years From £3k 0207 436 4441


*The Wide Awake Boob Job Only suitable for women with small breasts looking for a small enhancement. A special cannula is introduced through a small cut along the crease below the breast to inject local anaesthetic. Once the area is numb, the implants can be inserted. Only a few surgeons are doing this procedure as most surgeons prefer to do the op in combination with IV sedation (which keeps the patient conscious but drowsy and not really aware of what’s going or using general Cost from £4000 www.phiclinic.com


*Blepharoplasty A relatively simple procedure to remove excess fat and skin from under the eyes through an incision below your lower lashes. The op can also be used to remove excess skin from the upper eyelids. Most surgeons can use local for this procedure but recovery takes up to two /three weeks mainly due to swelling and bruising. Cost from £4,000 0207 436 4441

*Double Chin UsingSkintite which is only slightly invasive and requires local anaesthetic. A 1 mm cannula is inserted just under the surface of the skin through a tiny incision then a very small radio frequency instrument heats up fat cells which burst allowing the fat to be gently sucked out. The laser also tightens the skin so there’s no sag. Recovery takes around a day From £2,000 0207 436 4441




The start of a new season is the perfect time to revive your skin so step forward the new booster serums designed to enhance your current skin skincare routine.

Different factors can alter skins needs throughout the year. Temporary changes such as lifestyle, mood, stress levels, hormones and even geographical location affect the way skin acts. The latest trend is to fix these imbalances with skin boosters which should be added to your current skin regime

Elizabeth Arden Superstart Skin Renewal Booster (£49 from most stores) is designed specifically for the upper surface layer of the skin with the theory that when your skin is healthy everything else you put on it will work more effectively. Elizabeth Arden actually put that notion to the test, and the results are quite impressive. They found that there was a dramatic improvement in smoothness, radiance, hydration and reduced irritation in women who added Superstart to their regular regime. In fact, 95% of the women who tested it out felt as if it boosted the effectiveness of their current skincare product

Meanwhile, Hylamide have introduced three new booster serums for dehydration, sensitivity and dullness. The Hylamide Glow Radiance Booster (£20 boots.com) is a fast acting serum that creates a radiant skin as subtle touch of tan.  It contains Keta-suga which develops a tan in just two days, as well as Glutathione, which evens out skin tone and pigmentation.

So where do boosters fit to your regime? Think of them as a first step to boost the effect of everything else you are using so massage on before any of your other actives—serums, moisturisers or treatments.

Oh baby…

Forget baby lotion the latest anti aging skin care inspiration uses an ingredient that simulates amniotic fluid. French skincare brand Biologique Recherché have just launched Creme Masque Vernix which uses a mix of fatty emollients that simulates vernix caseosa, the waxy protective layer on a newborn baby. Key ingredients include Niacinamide, found in yeast extract of vernix which has been shown to prevent skin from losing water and help stimulate microcirculation in the dermis along with Placenta and Carob Seed Extracts which work to rebalance and repair skin.  But giving your skin a rebirth doesn’t come cheap, the Masque costs £93   and is available from selected salons and spas nationwide

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