Now that we are living longer healthier lives our middle ages should be something to celebrate. But according to a report last week at least half of menopausal women in UK experience uncomfortable and sometimes distressing symptoms for more than seven years and often longer. And if hot flushes, insomnia and mood wishes aren’t enough to put up with, a recent survey also reported that more than half of British women are unaware of the impact the menopause has on their looks. It’s bad enough feeling old and craggy but no woman wants to look it too, but fortunately there’s plenty you can do to counteract the changes taking place. Get it right and your mid life could be the best beauty decade ever.  As Dame Helen Mirren  says in her new ad for L’Oreal  Paris ‘The perfect age is now.” and she is 69 . Here are my tips on how to face the change and stay looking young




Problems: Rapidly declining levels of oestrogen and progesterone can   lead to accelerated skin ageing, skin becomes drier, thinner and saggier causing wrinkles, age spots   and flakiness.

Skin savers:

*Regular exfoliating, use products containing glycolic acid to help trigger new cell growth and aid collagen formation

*Rich creams /oils to hold moisture and support sagging  – look for key ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid, Niacin, Copper vitamins A, C and E , peptides and stem cells.

*Regular hydrating facials and weekly  masks will  give skin a boost

Hero Buys:

HSS StemCellution Serum £50

The celebs favourite  . A superior performer which tones and rejuvenates skin – also contains a high concentration of powerful ingredients including  peptides and antioxidants that will help stimulate collagen to plump up and firm skin 0800 804 8808

*Dr LevyIntense Stem Cell booster cream (£300 0207 436 4441) can reduce wrinkles by 26 per cent in 8 weeks

At the Clinic

*Collagen stimulating laser resurfacing facials will help thicken the skin and tackle fine lines and wrinkles a course of six, one a month, from £120 .

*Photo rejuvenation with IPL will help even out skin tone, erase age spots and gently rejuvenate the skin – from £60

*Chemical Peels  – one a month for six months can shave off the year, boosting collagen and evening out skin tone, from £90 each

*For facial sagging try   Sculptra injections which will stimulate collagen and improve thickness.  You may need a course  of 3 a month apart From £450 per treatment

Hero Treatment

*A soft suture thread lift will  restore a youthful fullness to the face  – it gives a very natural effect with little downtime and is ideal when you just have a little facial sagging. The technique uses a special long needle with a hook, which is inserted through a tiny incision just about the ear and hidden in the hairline which lifts sagging mid facial fad pads muscles and droopy skin back into place which are then secured using surgical sutures. results, depending on lifestyle, last up to five years. cost from £1500  (pic Gillian Taylforth had it recently)

Gillian Taylforth film stills, last 


Problems Your body stops making so much collagen, leaving skin papery thin  and dry especially on the arms and legs.  Fluctuating hormone levels also means storing more fat than burning it off especially around the middle, dubbed the men-o-pot.

Body Savers

*A body scrub twice a week will improve skin tone and radiance.

*Use mild fragrance fee soap. Hot water strips essential oils from your skin, so use warm water when bathing and keep it under ten minutes

* Always use a body lotion daily. The best ones have ingredient like glycerine that pull water into your skin.  Use when skin is still slightly damp, and it’ll work better.

Hero Buys

* Aneva Derma is a new nutritional skin drink which promises to slow down skin ageing from the inside out. It contains patented ingredients to boost skin hydration, volume and density – fro, £110 maneva.co.uk

*Ameliorate Skin Smoothing Shower Cream £15 cleanses without stripping the skin of its natural moisture and also treats those irritating little skin bumps you get on the backs of arms. www.victoriahealth.com

*Sabon Body Scrubs, £28 contain dead sea salts and natural oils and leave the skin beautifully soft and smelling gorgeous. From Sabon, Neal Street, London WC2H 9PR

*Hand Hyaluronic Concentrate  £27  contains pure  huyaluronic acid and Tremella Fuciformis which helps prevent skin ageing, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and smoothes fine lines,

At the clinic.

*Mesotherapy can help rejuvenate crinkly skin on the chest.  A series of injections containing active ingredients and peptides are injected just under the skin’s surface – for best results a course of three weekly sessions may be needed. From £450

*Treat spider veins with Lumecca  IPL system – you may need up to three to four to six treatments, two to four weeks apart with results lasting up to 18 months From £100 per treatment After treatment always use a sunscreen withSPF30

Hero Treatment

Reaction is a quick, safe procedure which uses both vacuum massage and radiofrequency (RF) to tighten and improve skin tone. It can be used on arms, legs and stomach. The massage improves blood circulation and lymphatic draining, while the heat produced by RF stimulates new collagen growth for better skin thickness and texture. You’ll need four to six 20-minute treatments for maximum effect and results should last for at least two to three years as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Around £200 per treatment or £1,000 for a course




What you eat can significantly improve the condition of your skin so include

*Plenty of healthy fats found in oily fish, nuts and seeds. *Whole grains, oats, brown rice and barley are a good source of Riboflavin (B2) and niacin (B3)will keep skin healthy

* Avocado contains Vitamin E which strengthens the collagen in the skin and also contains good fat, great for undernourished skins

*Hydrate from within by switching your daily coffee with green tea bursting with antioxidants called catechins, which slow aging and boost skin quality.Drink plenty of water, about 8 glasses a day, which can include herbal teas.

* Add a daily supplement, such as evening primrose oil or fish oils which   can help the skin’s barrier.

*Walking and exercise can lift your mood and keep middle age spread at bay!

*Levels of friendly bacterial in the gut drop causing sluggish digestion and bloating so try a daily probiotic drink or eating some live yogurt.

*Eat less calories and more nutritious foods including

antioxidants to increase collagen stimulation.  Try a menopause diet that includes fresh fruit and veg, calcium (milk, cheese and yoghurt) protein (meat, fish and beans)

and snack on nuts and seeds.


Wise Up

At last the big beauty brands have woken up to the mature skin market and come up with youth boosting products to give older skin the nourishing benefits it needs  – here’s a round up of  the latest ones to look out for

*Rajeunir comes from the French word to rejuvenate and their Super Serum acts as a day moisturiser, night cream, serum eye cream and primer in one  and contains seven natural ingredients £42 rajeunir.co.uk

*StratumC- a range formulated specifically for menopausal

skin, containing a combination of six peptides – try Stratum C Menopause Protect Cream £85 www.stratumc.com/home-uk

*Pure Anti-Ageing Super Active Moisturiser £11  includes essential oils and gives skin an intensive moisture boost from marks and spencer

*L’Oreal Age Perfect Cell Renew Day Cream with SPF 20 £19.99  helps stimulate cell renewal and restores moisture boots.com

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