You’ve heard about lasers, microneedling and radio frequency. Now meet INTRAcel, the latest high tech skin tightening and facial rejuvenation system which combines all three of these successful techniques in one treatment .

Hailed as the future of non-invasive facelifts Intracel works by  injecting radiofrequency heat energy into the deepest layers of the skin via ultra fine needles, as thin a human hair, creating thousands of microscopic wounds. This is perceived by the body as damage which activates a wound heal response to regenerate the skin, boost collagen levels, which in turn leads to firmer lifted skin.

A course of three thirty minutes treatments a month apart will also thicken ageing, fine skin, diminish pores, soften wrinkles and acne scars and lift saggy jawlines. A topical anesthetic cream is applied before treatment and there is minimal downtime though skin may be red or puffy for a few days after treatment. Intracel costs  around £400 for an eye area, £700 for a full face or  around £2000for a course of three, full-face treatments – for more information go to <http://intraceluk.com/>intraceluk.com

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