The new lunchtime lifts

Looking for a lift this winter? You’re not alone because for most UK aesthetic clinics this is officially  ‘Facelift Season’, the time post Christmas and pre Spring when women and men want a facial tweak or a tuck so they look younger by summer or for the wedding season.

According to the latest figures, demand for facial rejuvenation procedures has shot up over the last few years, with surgical face lifting procedures up by 14per cent, while enquiries for non-invasive techniques have almost trebled.

Over the last year the biggest demand has been for Facial Thread lifts – the ultra subtle non surgical alternative to a surgical lift   – which saw a huge demand last year with enquiries up 1165per cent on the previous year and which are   predicted to be the main cosmetic trend this year.

In the old days, thread lifts  – sometimes called ribbon lifts – often received a bad press with patients complaining of bunched up skin, threads showing through the skin and with results lasting less than a year.  But the latest techniques have come on in leaps and bounds. Nowadays, the procedure is minimally invasive to the skin tissues and uses ultra fine needles with newly designed threads which contain polylactic acid that not help stimulate collagen production   but are biodegradable so that they absorbed naturally by the body over a period of time. The procedure is carried using local anaesthetic and takes less than an hour   and results are natural with a fresh, rested look to the face.

It’s important to remember though that a facelift can only tighten saggy skin and for even more dramatic results, the procedure is now often combined with other treatments to give the best possible results. A thread lift combined with laser for instance is a real dynamic duo and will not only restore your facial contours to how they used to be but will also address sun damage and soften lines and wrinkles.

Here’s a round up of the best treatments to get a younger face with and without surgery

The Silhouette Soft lift

A new, improved and much faster version of the old style thread lift which required an incision hidden in the hairline and couple of stitches.

How With this new procedure, which takes around 30/40 minutes, sutures are introduced into the skin through a miniscule needle hole in the cheek area, so small it is not visible after the procedures. The thread is now much finer but stronger with minute bio absorbable cones attached (rather than the old style barbs cones) which pull up the tissue.  These dissolve over two years. They are made of the same material as Sculptra so, as they dissolve, there is an increase in collagen and elastin as the polylactic acid stimulates collagen production so they also improve the structure and appearances of the skin .The sutures made in USA, are completely safe and entirely absorbable, no allergic reaction and suitable for all skin types –

Who for Thread lifts are best for those with a little loose skin or who have had a facelift, which is starting to drop and will give you back rosy apple cheeks as it restores volume in the cheek and gives a natural lift.  Immediate results, with no downtime, though there may be slight bruising or mild swelling for a couple of days. Results last up to two years It can be combined with Botox to smooth out fine lines around the eyes /brow. From £1950k with Botox plus £200

0207 436-4441

The Weekend Lift

An innovative new procedure, which tackles all the separate signs of ageing

How A combination treatment using   photo rejuvenation to erase sun damage and age spots, deep skin tightening using radio frequency to target slack skin and jowls, and injectables to erase lines and wrinkles. Immediate results with best results seen after four weeks when the final stage of the treatment using injectables is carried out.

Who ForAn ideal treatment before a special event like a wedding. Best for those with a little facial sagging, fine lines and dull skin. Also included in the package is targeted skincare for maintenance at home. Downtime is three days, so it is a good procedure to have on a Thursday/Friday, and then you can be back in action by Monday. Results last up to five years from £2000

0207 436 4441

The Cool Lift

A procedure, which combines laser treatment with a thread lift

How The laser is used first to rejuvenate skin tighten pores and erase fine line before suspension sutures are placed into the deep tissues to lift and restore volume. Carried out under local anaesthesia.

Who For Best for those with a little facial sagging and sun damage. Downtime around five days from £3000

The Liquid lift

Today, most surgeons and cosmetic doctors prefer to restore contours rather than eliminating every line because that is what makes your face look younger.

How Using a combination of dermal fillers to creating a younger plumper look as well as addressing concerns, like wrinkles and volume loss.Restoring volume also helps to improve the dimension of your facial features, as well as symmetry.

Who for Best for those with little facial sagging but who have lost volume in the cheeks, temples and under the eyes The procedure takes around 40 minutes with a natural subtle result with no downtime though there may be some redness for a day or so. Depending on type of filler used results can last up to 18 months. From £750

The French Lift

We’ve dubbed this the facelift of the future as it gives a very natural effect with little downtime and is ideal when you just have a little facial sagging.

How The technique is slightly different from the thread lift as it uses a brand new medical device, a specialized long needle with a hook, which is inserted through a tiny incision just about the ear and hidden in the hairline which lifts sagging mid facial fad pads muscles and droopy skin back into place which are then secured using surgical sutures.  The procedure   using local aesthetic will smooth and tighten, while scars are miniscule and hidden in the hairline.

Who for Best for those aged 30 to 50 with facial sagging – results, depending on lifestyle, last up to five years.  You can expect, slight bruising and swelling after the procedure for up to one week which is easily covered with mineral make up. From £4,500 0207 436 4441

Surgical FaceLift

New surgical techniques mean facelifts can now be carried out using local anaesthetic which means a speedier recovery time

How. During a surgical Face Lift, the skin is separated from the underlying tissues. The muscles and tissues are tightened and any excess is trimmed off. After the procedure, a twenty-four hour rest is required with around two weeks recovery time for swelling to subside. You will be wearing support garments for the face. The dissolvable stitching will disappear within six weeks.

Who For Best for those with heavy jowls and lots of excess skin Results can last up to ten years depending on lifestyle. From £7,000

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