Fatigued Skin

A lack of sleep can make the skin look tired and grey. Everyone knows that 8 hours a night would be ideal, but over the festive period this might not be possible.  Sleep studies have shown that for every hour of sleep you miss in one night you should try and make up for it by sleeping for an extra half of what you missed on the following night.  For example, if you only managed 4 hours one night, the next night you should aim for the recommended eight hours plus the 2 hours extra to make up for the night before. 


You’ve heard it before, but it is important to always take your make up off before bed, however much you have had to drink as your skin will pay for it a day or two later if you don’t.  Even if you don’t manage your usual cleanse, tone and moisturise regime, leave a packet of cleansing wipes beside your bed to quickly sweep away your make up as you pull on your pj’s and fall into bed. Skin tone and luminosity are a key factor in a woman’s attractiveness and restoring a glow can make an incredible difference.


Fractora is an advanced Radio Frequency treatment that targets uneven skin tone to restore a tighter firmer younger looking complexion. During the 60-minute procedure a small hand piece is placed against the skin which emits radiofrequency energy. This heats the skin and stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen. Depending on skin condition, one to four treatments may be necessary.

Visible results can be seen immediately and will continue up to six months after treatment as new collagen is formed.

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