Festival…beauty survival!

Festival season has well and truly begun – and as everyone’s headed over to Glastonbury today…they’ll be a number of girls fretting about their beauty routine, as let’s face it – limited supplies means no time or space for exfoliation, sadly!

So here a few festival “essentials” to keep your skin alive as you party on:

  • Sunscreen – By far the most important – spending all hours of the day outside means contact with the sun. So protect your skin from sun damage..as nobody wants to be walking around with peeling shoulders!
  • Facial Wipes – An absolute essential, you’ll rely on wipes to freshen up and cleanse your skin when it’s feeling a little grim.
  • BB cream – Nobody has time to go the whole way when applying make up, so to revive dull skin from a late night of partying – dab on some BB cream to even out skin tone, brighten the complexion and give you a little glow!
  • Dry shampoo – There’s nothing worse than 3-day unwashed hair. It makes you feel self conscious and dirty – so rather than scraping it back for a weekend, ┬ásimply spray a little dry shampoo to the roots, brush it out and you’re good to go!
  • Waterproof mascara – If you’re somebody that needs mascara to open up your eyes, make sure it’s waterproof. It’ll last longer and you don’t have to worry about panda eyes when it rains…which it most likely will so be prepared!



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