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I have written about fillers many times in the past, mainly because advances in this area of cosmetic surgery have been huge…and a touch of one of the new fillers really can make a difference, with very little downtime.  Honestly, they can really help to restore youthful contours by plumping the cheeks and filling in hollows under the eyes for instance, so when a girlfriend of mine said she wanted some help but didn’t want to go down the full facelift route…yet….I said she needed fillers.  She gulped, because she is a true needle phobic and despite the fact that I said that in the hands of a good doctor she was unlikely to feel any pain, she said no.
So.. fast-forward a couple of months and she came back to say she would do it!  Reader, I booked her in and it all went well but I am going to let her tell you the story!
Lesley has been a friend for a long time and because she is so on the ball with the latest cosmetic techniques it has been fascinating listening to all the different procedures she works with.  I had been considering a face lift, but because I am such a coward when it comes to needles, I have been putting it off, and putting it off…so when the subject of fillers came up I was curious to know if it could work for me.  Like most women, as I age I have found the hollows under my eyes have become more pronounced and my cheeks have less volume…could fillers help?  Lesley said yes and said that the topical anaesthetics used were so good that after 15-20 minutes I would not feel a thing.  And the whole procedure would take about 40 minutes.  
I was terrified.  On one hand I wanted to try it out….but did I mention that I was needle phobic?  I said no, but after a couple of months I thought I was being a complete idiot and if other people could do it, why couldn’t I.  And if it hurt…I would scream.
So earlier this year, and completely unbeknownst to my husband, who hated the whole idea of fillers and botox,  I booked myself in. 
On the day itself, I arrived at the Clinic, had a ton of anaesthetic cream applied to my face and sat down with a cup of coffee and a magazine and allowed the cream to do its job.  And Dr. Khan was a delight.  He had clearly been prepped that I was a very, very nervous patient, and he took time to explain what would happen.  We chatted away for a while about all sorts of subjects before I realised that he had actually begun work and was quietly and efficiently injecting my face.  And I can honestly say that it did not hurt.  Yes, I winced a couple of times and gave a tiny gasp every now and again, but that was more due to pressure than actual pain….and therefore no screaming.  He decided to add in a touch of botox too and again, that didn’t hurt…he was so quick that I didn’t have time to register that this might be painful and to object.  
Once it was over, I looked in the mirror, expecting to see blood everywhere, but there was none.  A couple of pin pricks which soon cleaned up and a dash of mineral makeup covered those so they were unnoticeable.  And my face was fuller…not hugely so, but I looked subtly younger.
My girlfriends commented that I was looking particularly well…but of course, my husband didn’t notice a thing…which is irritating actually because I would have liked to point out that the new, improved me was down to the two things he hated…botox and fillers.  But on reflection I decided to say nothing …particularly because Dr. Khan mentioned that I could probably do with a couple of ‘threads’ to lift the cheeks a tad.  He explained that this would partly erase the dreaded corner of the mouth lines..marionette lines I think they are called because they look like the mouth on a puppet…and again it is not painful, but I might feel a little pressure.
I liked that idea and have booked myself in.  I am getting so brave in my old age!
So, one happy patient!  And I can report that she DID come back and have the threads inserted….and I heard no screaming!  Mind you, she was smiling a lot when she left and continues to smile every time I see her.  With reference to threads, my advice is to have a couple inserted and then let them ’settle’ in.  Assess the situation every few months and top up with another one or two as needed.
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