How has time treated these Hollywood icons? Are they hotter now or then?


Julia Roberts

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America’s sweetheart stunned everyone in the rom-com Pretty Woman which catapulted her to superstardom.  Twenty-five years later and she’s still very much a Pretty Woman.  The 47 year old looks flawless and facially she has barely aged over the decades, with none of the usual sagging or loss of volume.  After three children, the Oscar winning star is also  in great shape,  and  judging by the recent photos of her on the beach she doesn’t look like she’s had any body work or fat removal treatments. Her megawatt smile looks totally naturally, too with no cosmetic veneers or implants.  Although she’s never owned up to any cosmetic surgery, she is not entirely against it, once declaring “Women don’t even give themselves a chance to see what they’ll look like as older persons. I want to have some idea of what I’ll look like before I start cleaning the slates.” Even so, we suspect that maintaining her youthful beauty isn’t just down to a great skincare and living a contented life – regular peels, laser facials along with Botox may well be helping her stave off the ageing process, too.


Uma Thurman

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Kill Bill star Uma, 44, was recently criticised for her weird look at the premiere for her new movie Slap. Critics claimed she had undergone eye surgery but she blamed her appearance on, well her lack of slap and not wearing  any  mascara or eyeliner!  Did she or didn’t she? Well, the jury’s out but there are no signs or any scars or bruising. Her eyes certainly do look different with no signs of any bags under the lower lid , which is usually achieved through a lower blepharoplasty but this can also be due to clever make up. The Hollywood star has  also kept her  naturally full pout. Many women in their forties find their lips getting thinner, though in Uma’s case this again  looks like great lip make up and not filler as there’s no tell tale sign or any ridge around the outline or Cupid’s bow. But that radiant complexion and her youthful features certainly hint at  a little professional help like regular facials, resurfacing treatment and  dermal fillers which will help maintain those killer cheekbones and glowing good looks.


Robin Wright

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At 49, Forrest Gump star, Robin Wright says she’s embracing getting older: “You couldn’t pay me enough money to go back to being 20. It’s much better being older.” She attributes her youthful skin to twice-yearly Sprinkles– the latest take on Botox, also sometimes called Microtox. It uses just a fraction of the amount of the toxin- about 60 per cent of the usual dose – tiny amounts are injected all over the brow rather than targeting specific areas. The result is a softer, more relaxed look and no frozen faces, which the sassy star shows off perfectly here. The mother of two, who was married to Sean Penn for over 20 years, regularly practices meditatation to unwind and enjoys Zumba classes so no wonder she is in great shape. With her short chic crop she ‘s natural ‘ageless’ beauty who we think looks better now than she did two decades ago.


Alicia Silverstone

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The teen queen of the Nineties shot to fame playing Cher in the cult classic Clueless and today, at 37, she still looks as fresh-faced. The mum of one switched to a vegan diet 16 years ago cutting out animal and dairy products, and also avoids medications like aspirin and antibiotics saying people get older because they are doing damage to their bodies. But, at 37 she has time on her side and though she doesn’t look like she’s had any procedures like Botox or peels, it’s important she maintains her flawless complexion by using a daily SPF. It’s what you do in your thirties that will show in your forties and fifties. Alicia is s a natural beauty, confident in her own skin and it’s good to see she hasn’t succumbed to the usual Hollywood pressure of having multiple procedures when you don’t need them, though we’re sure she indulges in facials – she probably mixes her own concoction.


Sandra Bullock

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Speed star Sandra has been one of the hottest women in Hollywood for over 20 years yet at 50 still manages to look twenty looks younger.  So how does she defy gravity? She says she loves using expensive anti ageing creams but judging by her flawless complexion we suspect she’s also having a bit of professional help with  regular laser sessions or chemical peels which boost collagen, smooth fines lines and keep the skin looking plump and dewy. Her forehead also looks line free, which is most probably down to Botox, but she looks very natural, as not every line has been erased. There’s no sign of any loss of volume so she may have  also had a little dermal filler  in the cheeks and around the mouth to erase any deeper lines. . To look as good as this at 50, you also need  to use excellent skincare containing peptides and antioxidants along with prescription strength vitamin A which is only available from a doctor and is excellent at slowing down skin ageing . But Sandra is proof that hitting middle age no longer means you have to look it. The age of your skin has very little to do with your birthdates. You can be old and have young skin, or young and have prematurely aged  skin – sun protection is crucial along with a healthy lifestyle, don’t smoke and only take alcohol in moderation.

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